Sunday, 30 June 2013

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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hello hello hello! How have you all  been keeping?
Life has been pretty busy (when is it not, amiright?!) and the days just seem to be speading past at lightning speed. But its all good!
I have done zero outfit photos of late, mostly because Hubby has been working so so much and by the time he gets back i am literally in joggers of pj's with make up wiped off and my full chill mode is on.
So yesterday i grabbed the poor man as soon as he got in to just capture literally what i had on  (which was nothing special) whilst our salmon was cooking in the oven for tea.

Its a super casual outfit as i have been super casual on my days off lately, mostly jeans and shirts. Then these bad boys arrived from Asos and i fell in love!! I first spied these on the lovely Jemma and stalked her on IG and added them to my basket on Asos multiple times, then last week they were reduced and i finally gave in and bought them for myself. I was a bit wary of dungarees on my pear shape body, but i threw caution to the wind and just went for it. And can i just say, they are so damn comfy! Like, do not want to wear anything else ever again, comfy...
 This little guy came out for a nosey (note: i do normally out shoes on my children, i promise!;-) and decided he wanted to get in on the action, which is a regular occurrence.  After a few weeks of tantrums and strops and generally being hard work, he has been a little darling lately. We sit, we play, we cuddle, we read books. Its just the most heart warming, lovely time. I love having his company at the moment (but with a toddler, that could so change at any time!) He cracks me up! Even at 6.15 in the morning when hes stroking my face and saying in his cute little voice " Mummy, Neo hungey" i just can't resist scooping him up and squeezing him with cuddles,heehee.

 Speaking of the little guy, i visited his school this morning. You guys, how is this happening!! He starts full time school on September 4th!! I mean how can this be? How is my son old enough for school?!!! Who stole the last (nearly) 3 years?! No fair!!
I got a bit excited, the school is wonderful and i think he will love it too.. fingers crossed. He has a little uniform and everything, its the cutest!

 Anyway moving back to the outfit, have you guys tried dungarees? Do you love or loathe? I felt a bit like a country hick in this get up, but i totally dig that! And the bandanna was a pound from Ebay (the wonder that is) and is really helping with this annoying fringe (bangs) growing out period, which seems to be taking forever. I honestly thought it would be a lot quicker, knowing how fast my hair normally grows. Obviously by hair is a defiant biatch and does the opposite of what i actually want it would appear. Speaking of hair, i get really annoyed with it down at the moment, like it irritates me to the point where i want to cut it all off, do you ever feel like this my fellow long haired lovelies? Ever get irritated with it and want to chop it off?

So its very nearly the weekend folks, bring it on i say! Hope you have a fantastic one!!

Dungarees :Asos
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Tee: Matalan
Bandanna: Ebay
Shades: Dorothy Perkins

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lets talk Hen Doo's

Hen Do’s – and Hen Dont's
Wedding season is upon us which means that, as well as the romantic nuptials, attending hen party celebrations will be in your summer diary. If you’re the lucky lady in charge of planning a friend’s hen do, here are a few helpful tips:
Hen Do’s
Fancy Dress

Choosing a theme for a hen do is a great idea, and fancy dress can be lots of fun. Why not run with the popular super heroes trend? You can pick up Batgirl women’s fancy dress costumes, complete with cape, from George at ASDA, for £25. Wonderwoman and Supergirl are other options.
For something a little classier, be inspired by the new Hollywood release The Great Gatsby and go for a 20’s flapper girl theme.

A Weekend Celebration
Why restrict a hen do to just one night when you can enjoy a whole weekend of celebrations! Hiring a cottage or apartment can be a cost effective option for groups – take a look at Bath, Brighton or Edinburgh to get you started with some UK hen break destination ideas.
Afternoon Tea

The trend for afternoon tea is still going strong, so why not indulge in a rather civilised manner with a cake and champagne celebration? You’ll find afternoon tea venues is most UK towns and cities – or put up the bunting, pick up some cupcakes and French fancies, and hold your own!
Sunshine, Shopping and Sangria

If you have a decent budget, why not look a bit further afield for the ultimate girly sunshine break? Barcelona is an amazing hen do destination, with plenty of sunshine, shopping and sangria to keep you entertained.
Pre-Party Party
Not all members of a hen party will know each other so it can be a good idea to organise a mini get-together before the event to help break the ice. Even if it’s just a meet up to go over the hen do details over coffee or wine, it’ll help get the hen do off to a relaxed start.
Hen Don’ts
Romantic Restaurants
It’s nice to eat out during the hen celebrations but avoid romantic restaurants where you’ll be surrounded by gooey eyed couples and may feel ill at ease. Instead choose sociable food venues, like popular high street chains, tapas restaurants or Indian restaurants, where it won’t be all candlelight and love songs – and where you won’t look completely out of place in your fun women’s fancy dress costumes!
Mid-Week Celebrations
Ok so it might be cheaper to do most things if you avoid a weekend, but organising a mid-week celebration is a logistical nightmare. Stick to weekends only and you avoid having to work around the work/childcare/life commitments of 15 people!
Strip-Tease (aarrghh)
While some see a stripper as being an obligatory hen do component, others, in particular the bride to be, might consider a writhing, oiled up stranger as an unwanted party gatecrasher. Why not break with tradition and give this embarrassing, overrated hen do element a miss? Less spent on the stripper means more to spend on cocktails or spa treatments.
Too Much, Too Soon
If you decide to plan a hen do celebration that lasts more than one day, be sure to plan the proceedings so that it’s not too much, too soon. A heavy session on the first night is likely to lead to a group of hungover, unhappy hens the next day, so bear this in mind when planning the itinerary.

So go fourth and enjoy ladies! 
I'd love to hear your hen party plans! Do you have any great stories?

*this great idea for a post was sponsored
*all images via google

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Date Night thanks to Red Hot World Buffet

So, as a married couple who have kids and who work a lot (us that is not the kids), we often struggle with date nights. We are lucky to have my parents up the road (40mins away) who love to have Neo and he loves to be with them and have sleepovers.
When the lovely Hannah of Red Hot World Buffet's PR company contacted me asking if i would like to attend their Cardiff restaurant i jumped at the chance.
I've previously been to Red Hot World Buffet so knew i was in for a treat, i also knew the dress code was smart casual, and kinda wear what you like, which i like from a restaurant. It was a lovely evening so i donned one of my favourite floral dresses and jazzed it up with a belt and tan wedges.

We were seated promptly after arriving and drinks came soon after with an explanation to just help ourselves, as much as you like (heaven, right?!)
And so we dug in!

 They have The variety is fantastic, absolutely something for everyone.
Salads and sushis, Pizzas and pastas, Risotto made to order, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, British, and so much more.
 I just love me some sushi!
 Digging in to some of my favourites, I love Indian food!
 Bit of a mixture going on there on the ol' plate haha
 Hub's LOVED his food!
 And finally, there's aAmazing. Waffles on sticks, ice cream parlour with so many flavors, cakes, puddings and everything else desert like you can think of. Something for even the non desert lover i'd say!

I have to say, i have been to many buffet style restaurants, but Red Hot World Buffet is far superior to any i have previously attended. The food is hot and fresh, never luke warm and it hasn't been sat there for hours like in some other buffets. It is full of flavor and even though it is obviously cooked in vast quantities, it does not lack in taste.
The variety makes it a great option for parties as everyone is catered for, veggies to meat lovers.
There are also cocktails and offers of buy one get one free (yay) and a full bar for your choice of drinks.
We finished off with a scrummy cappuccino each and left feeling so full and happy we could hardly walk back to car,haha!
Have you ever been to Red Hot World Buffet? I highly recommend. If your in the UK the list of locations is on the website and they have lunch and evening sittings. And if you're not in the UK? Please come and stay at my house and i shall take you for a feast my friends!
Ok, so now im hungry... suddenly my sandwich for lunch seems extremely unappealing... bummer!

With thanks to Hannah at Smith and Smith PR for this yummy opportunity.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Black, White and Coral

Well the weather has turned back to typical British showery grey-ness, but thankfully we had a warm dry day before it turned all yucky. I was in work in the day in uniform, but after dinner Hubs and i went for a walk and i felt like wearing this lovely dress which i have had since winter. Its maiden voyage was nice :)

 This is a Joules dress and i absolutely adore it. It fits like a dream, is made and cut beautifully and it felt extremely comfy and flattering on. Best thing was it cost me £8.00 from ebay in the winter months. I squirreled it away and patiently waited to wear it in warm weather. I think it could look lovely with some tights also so some remixing options make it even more wonderful.

 Last night i simply paired it with some coral as i just love coral. Every Spring/summer for the past few years i have had a crush on Coral. its such a pretty colour isn't it! Normally i would add a necklace to the deep v neck dress, but i just wanted to keep it super simple (something i haven't really  done before) The dress just didn't feel like it needed anything else so i just added some cream floral earrings. I can't wait to wear this dress again! Funny thing, i've been planning on getting my hair cut this week, but sods law (is that a british phrase? ) i've been having really good hair days, like its saying to me 'please don't cut me!!! i can look nice!!' so yeh, to cut or not to cut. I was thinking about having a lot off this time as its just so damn long and thick. I've snapped 4 hair bands this week, its just such heavy hair!
I asked some of my Buddies on twitter what they thought of THIS HAIRCUT, what do you think? Go for it or not to go for it? I have to say i'm being a bit of a chicken and already reconsidering to something longer maybe like this, which i think would remove a lot of the weight.. what d'you think?

 So its back to work for me again tomorrow and Saturday, but thats ok, i quite enjoy it to be honest. Terrible twos are not being kind to us in this household lately, so the break from being mummy is actually very much appreciated from me (and probably Neo too haha!)
Is the weather still lovely where you are in the UK/World?
tell me, go on make me jealous! ;-)

Dress: Joules via Ebay
Cardigan: New look (old)
Shoes & Earrings: Primark (few months ago)
Lena B, Actually

Monday, 10 June 2013

Maxi dresses

Hello lovelies, please excuse my week absence yet again, its the weathers fault. I've just been out enjoying all this beautiful sunshine and warmth we've been having here in the UK. It's been a week of beautiful blue skies, sunbathing and playing in the sunshine :)

I have been wearing this dress a lot, especially in the evenings when it cools off a bit and i want something light an airy to wear. It's this dress from River Island that i treated myself to a few weeks ago and its so comfy. I'm really fancying this one now too.

 So apart from fun in the sun i have been prepping the allotment still ( i shall do some before and after photots once we're there) there's still so much work to do. The plot hasnt been properly worked on for years so we're literally trying to plough through years and years of growth to clear it back to soil. Its a good workout though i tell ya!
Then yesterday we also took a little trip to a small farm park that Neo loved!! It was so so so cute seeing him getting all excited over the animals, he was super happy. I'm vowing this year to do more fun things with him, he deserves it. And we're even considering a family camping trip. Have you ever been camping with little peeps? Any tips?

 Update on the weight, i'm now 8lbs down from the beginning and really happy with how its going. I'm 10lbs to go to target and i am already feeling a lot less bloated all the time and i can see small changes in my body. I will never be super skinny, its just not in my build, but once i hit target weight i know i will be so proud of myself. This is the first time i have actually stuck to a proper non faddy diet. Slimming World really works... i was shocked!
 Dress: River Island
Shoes & bag: Matalan
Sunnies& Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet: Avon (old)
 I believe our weather luck is changing this week... but hey a bit of rain is good for my allotment (plus im working a lot this week,haha!)
Have you had a lovely week? Any nice plans for this week?
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