Wednesday, 29 May 2013


 Well ain't life grand when your in an outfit you love. I felt so , well so very me in this outfit and i just love that feeling. Comfy, cool (as cool as i get anyway) and practical. I did start the day in tights but it got super warm and muggy and not long after we took these photos the heavens truly opened. It feels like we need a big ol' storm to clear this iffy weather we've been having! Bring on the warm sunshine i say!! Lord knows these milk bottle legs need some vitamin D ;-)

 (hello unwelcome sock lines...  you can tell i'd just been inside with my socks  on around  the house haha! True fact, im not a lover of being bare foot. My husband loves it.. me not so, slippers, socks or both majority of the time.. weirdo i know)

 This jacket was an absolute bargain, marked down in the New Look sale from £39.99 to £11! It's the perfect Spring coat and khaki was just what i was after. I do love a good bargain.
The dress is actually from March, i got it what feels like ages and ages ago, and havent really worn it much. I've actually lost a few pounds in the old weight department since buying this so i kinda wish i sized down, but never the less it is comfy and belt-able so its all good.
Speaking of weight, Slimming World is going well. SO far 2 weeks in and 6lb down and weigh in is tomorrow so fingers crossed for a couple more off. I'm already feeling a bit better, maybe its that i know that i'm finally doing something properly about it rather than just moaning at myself that i wasn't happy. It's funny really, it's taken Slimming World to make me realise that i had to completely change my lifestyle and how i eat. No pre-packed meals/jars etc, its been mostly cooking from scratch which also feels great. If you have any good Slimming World recipes i would love to hear!  Or slimming advice in general, i've still got a way to go yet so any help would be gratefully received.

Well, its been lovely but i shall love you and leave you. Half way through the week folks, woop woop! I am looking forward to a meal with a best friend tomorrow and a weekend off from work, yippeee.
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket & Hat: New Look
Belt & Boots: Matalan

Thursday, 23 May 2013

 Well another week has flown by in what has felt like a blink. We have been hunkered down over here all pretty poorly in one way or another. Its like the house of lurgies at the moment.. if it's not one thing its another! First Hubs, then Mia, and Neo now has the worst case of conjunctivitis which  is just horrendous. So its a house of poorly people right now. I hope we're getting all illness out of the way now for a nice healthy summer.

 So its messy hair and outfits thrown on to run errands here. Nothing too taxing. Maxi skirt, denim jacket, messy hair, sunglasses to hide the eye-bags and i am good to go.
I wanted a green maxi skirt last summer so when i saw this in Primark a couple of months ago i picked it up for a very small amount. Maxis are so versatile aren't they?!

 And i love this new Matalan necklace that adds that lovely pop of colour, i kinda want to put this with every outfit right now, its such a great statement.
 Too tired to even stand for outfit photos... lazy, lazy rachel :(  haha

 So bank holiday weekend's a coming.. are you looking forward to it? Any nice plans? lets all join hands and pray the weather Gods for sweet warm sunny days, yes? Amen!! 
Top: Next
Skirt & Shoes: Primark
Jacket & necklace: Matalan

Friday, 17 May 2013

Rachel The Hat : News

 Well hey there, how've you been?
I have had a blissful week off work where not a lot but a lot all at the same time has happened, no what i mean? So i thought i'd give you a little news update (no, there isnt a bun in the oven, pahaha)
The week has mostly been spent at home potty training Neo. He's taken to it SO well. I can't quite believe it. A couple of small accidents, but on the whole hes been spot on every time. He's completely shocked me, i thought he wasn't ready/that we would struggle 'training' him, but nope, as always (and happily so) that boy proves me wrong.. he's ace.

 Second: I have started Slimming World and im really enjoying planning my food. Granted im only 3 days in, but im already enjoying it. Both my mum and sister have done/are doing S/W so its perfect for me as i can ask them questions etc. Its my first time, so i'm still getting to grips with the b choices etc, but so far, so good.
I am however slightly impatient, 3 days in and i want to physically see the weight loss,haha!
Fingers crossed i stick to it and get to my goal weight. I don't speak about my weight much on here but in all honesty i have been really upset with where i am right now body wise, so finally my head is in the right place to do it!
Have you ever done Slimming World? Did it work for you?

 I'm halfway through Couch to 5K and absolutely loving it. I used to LOVE jogging, but life, kids etc got in the way and i haven't jogged/exercised/gotten off my lazy arse in over 6 years...yup! So i'm now 5 and a half weeks in and it feels soooo good. I love it, love it, love it!
 Have you done couch to 5 k or are you a regular jogger?
 Fourth and finally :
We have an allotment!! Im so excited about this.Its something ive wanted for years but they can be so hard to get and have 5 year long waiting lists a lot of the time. But in the small town we have just moved in to they had available plots so i am now the official renter of an allotment right up the road. I can not wait to start growing our own veggies and fruit. I'm even looking forward to the hard graft of turning it all over, as it needs some work before we can plant. Im hoping the exercise will help me too! Have you ever grown any veggies or fruits? any tips? I am a complete novice. Thankfully my poppa bear is severely green fingered so hes coming down to help out.. i cant wait!
Pretty boring outfit, but d'you know what, sometimes i like boring. The pretty lacey top is my favourite right now, and jeggings are my new best friend (why did no one tell me how amazingly comfy they are!!?!) For a week at home its just been the perfect casual outfit.
Cardi/Cami top/Jeggings: Matalan
Jewellery: Primark
Boots: New Look

But enough about me, how are you? Any news? I'd love to hear! (seriously i would... tell me all the goss with you, grab a cubba and lets chat, yes?)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lemon & Denim

 Looking at these photos, which were taken literally 24 hours ago, you would think that pleasant spring weather was upon us. Well i am here to tell you that today, today is like winter! 8 degrees celcius, pelting down with rain and gale force winds... i want to cry!!
 I'm sat at home staring out the window willing some dry weather our way. I think the April showers arrived a month late...boohoo!
But yesterday was nice enough to have a little walk at Aberkenfig Nature reserve, windy, but dry for a while.
 We then had some more moving and arranging of stuff to do.. yep still moving, so i threw on what i had worn the day before (i know pee-ew, stinky Rachel). Just a casual outfit, but one i kinda like right now, the jacket again, haha! I did warn you, i have a feeling it may feature heavily on the blog for the foreseeable.
Paul (hubs) looked pleasantly shocked when he saw me walk out the bedroom in this outfit, and commented on how nice i looked, then in the petrol station some random dude started chatting me up (this NEVER happens to me!) so for some reason i guess this outfit was pleasing to the male persuasion. Not a concept i'm overly familiar with, i'm not one to dress sexy, shall we say. So yes, lemon and denim is a nice kinda combo!

Coloured denim i think, is a saving grace for summer wear in the UK. Jeans like these lemon and coral and pastel varieties just perfect for these cool temperatures but at the same time feel spring fresh.

Jacket: Asos (old)
Jeans: Tesco (last summer)
Chambray shirt & bag: Next (last year) 
Boots: New Look

 Are you a coloured jeans fan? Whats your favourite colour right now?


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Flowers by the Tree

Hey you guys (said in my best Goonies impression)
I have missed blogging! Typical really as it is terrible weather with torrential rain which makes shooting pics difficult, thankfully yesterday was dry until the evening so we managed to snap a few in the back garden. But yeh, i am definitely glad to say i feel the blogging urges coming back. I've even started making lists of outfits again which is something i haven't done in a while and the creative juices are flowing again, it feels good! I think i just needed the dust to settle after all the upheaval of the past few months.

 I've had this dress since New Years day, i bought it in the Matalan sale and when i got it home and tried it on, me and hubs both said it just didn't sit right. fast forward 5 months and suddenly i really like it on! Its a great length, and so so pretty and super comfy.

I am also **possibly** growing out my fringe. I'm not sure about this yet, i've loved having it for the past 18 months, but i think with all the changes and the more easy going nature of how im feeling right now, im enjoying being fringe free, i have been letting my hair just dry naturally and going with it. Easy is the new styling for me.
And this jacket , well its been with me about 7 years. It has a hole in the sleeve, but i can't bear to get rid of it, plus its just the kinda of style i am loving right now, i guess country/boho/easy-to-wear style is how i would describe where i'm at right now.

Dress: Matalan
Jacket: Asos ( 7 years old)
Boots  & hat: Next
Amber necklace: Gift from hubby
Belt : Primark
Has your style changed much over the years? How would you describe your style? I'd love to know what you think your own style is.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Navy and Lace

Well i'm back with an outfit post, and it's an outfit i actually quite like.
I think the problem of sometimes going through a wardrobe transition, you can feel like you know what you want to look like and what to wear but you have a huge wardrobe already of things that have nothing wrong with them really, but yet they just don't feel like you any more. I've decided to try and make my wardrobe work with my growth and change and this is what i came up with for a little date day with the hubbster.
I donned a dress for the first time in a wee while to go on a little day date with hubby to see Iron Man 3 whilst all the kiddos were at nursery/school. It was a nice rarity to have some time together, Paul has been working so hard lately, 6 days a week, and with the move that took way longer than we anticipated, it was just lovely to have some down time together, oh and Iron Man 3... Awesome.. Robert Downey Jr... um, amazing!!

 I know this may seem like nothing different to my 'normal' blogging style, but i guess its more a feeling, like a place you want to be. Like i mentioned recently, i have been wearing lots of jeans lately and i've been really happy with that, but putting on a dress felt kinda nice too. I guess it made me realise that even though i want to look a certain way in my mind i dont have to rule everything out, thats just narrow mindedness on my behalf. I figure this probably sounds like babbling,haha! Babbling is all part of my processing process,lol!

If you're wondering what the heck i'm talking about in regards to where i want to go clothing wise, i have been dreaming of less colours and more pretty fabrics. 
Things like this tunic top,
I guess in a nutshell i am wearing less bright colours, which to me is a little different.

 I hope you stick around to see the changes, i am yet to get back in to a good blogging rythmn, but blogging a bit ad hoc has felt rather freeing and less pressure.. im all about the stress free life right now!

Have you ever been in a transitional phase with your style?

Dress: Tesco
Lacey tunic/vest: River Island (last year)
Boots: c/o Matalan
Necklace & Bag: Next

PS theres still time to vote for meeee in the matalan style project, all you have to do is comment on the matalan blog here saying rachel to win... SUPER THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Friday, 3 May 2013


Its the last few days of the Matalan Style Project that i was very happy to be part of this month, so i am on the scrounge for some votes from you lovely ladies.
Outfit: c/o Matalan

All you have to do is go HERE and leave a comment saying your vote is for me (Rachel The Hat)
Lord knows i would l-o-v-e to win as the boy needs new shorts and mama needs a new dress, hahaha, did you hear, a heatwave may be coming..fingers crossed!
Anyway, if you could help a girl out that would be simply marvellous! And d'you know what? I even have another outfit coming up real soon that i'm super happy to share with you all!
You guys ROCK!
Over and out xxxx

Also as its friday i had to share this with you for a giggle... British comedy at its best:

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