Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Matalan Style Project

Well helloooo lovelies. How have you been? I've not blogged since last Thursday and it already feels like an age. Moving is in full swing and i am absolutely shattered! More about that later. 
Today i have the absolute pleasure of being part of The Matalan Style Project.
Each month 4 bloggers are given a £50 budget to style an outfit to a certain theme, this month i was chosen with 3 other wonderful ladies and the theme was China Blue. I chose this dress and paired it with these boots and my own denim jacket (which also happened to be from matalan!) 
I am absolutely loving boots and dresses right now. This is something i would wear all summer. The dress actually surprised me when it arrived as it is an absolute dream on, with a comfy stretch waistband and a lovely flowy material.

 Oh my word it was soooo windy up here on the mountain and really cold. Can we just pretend for a moment that its actually Spring, please? And while we're pretending lets pretend that those milk bottle legs up there arent a shade of Casper white can we? Aww thanks;-)

This style project is actually a competition ,so if you would like to be so kind and put a vote my way (which would enable my shopping habit as the prize is a £50 Matalan voucher and i'm already eyeing up this little beauty) that would be simply wonderful. All you have to do is click HERE and scroll down to the comments and leave a comment voting Rachel The Hat. Simple...
Muchos Muchos Gracias!!!

 So we are currently smack bang in the middle of our upheval and mid move to our new house. Its going ok... ok because, well we have the keys and have started decorating, but not great because we still have so much to actually move. I'm getting a little antsy living amongst boxes and between 2 houses. This morning i couldn't find my jeans...anywhere.. So stressful i threw a small hissy fit and then proceeded to find them in a pile on the floor.. opsy.. So yes, i may be away again for a few more days whilst i sort this mess of moving out.  I can not wait to be back in to a normal routine again!

Wishing you a wonderful week! And i shall be back very soon i hope!
Oh and don't forget  Vote Rachel ;-)



  1. This dress is gorgeous, you look so summery - how is that possible!? I hate moving, so I totally feel for you. I always end up losing things, and it's always essential, like dog leads. I can't even imagine how crazy it is with the kiddos xo

  2. I voted... and I must say I'm happy to report your outfit is actually my favorite for real! =) I really want a dress & boots to wear together but I have yet to find the perfect combo. Good luck!!

  3. Oh wow, I adore that dress and how you styled it! Such a great print.

  4. love this look and just voted for you :) good luck with moving!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. Your dress is so pretty! I love wearing hi-low hems when it's windy just so I can watch the dress move~

    Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  6. That's such a gorgeous dress and I LOVE how you've styled it x

  7. Love this outfit!


  8. Always soooooooooooo lovely, my dear Rachel

  9. Such a lovely dress, I love how you have styled it!

    Maria xxx

  10. Vote cast! I think a hissy fit is often the perfect solution for most things. Others in the vicinity of me may not agree. You look great.

    Fur Earwig

  11. Your whole outfit is amazing! I would wear it all, just as you styled it. Especially that dress!


  12. You look amazing! What a beautiful dress!x

  13. Moving is such a stressful process. I hope it's over soon and you can get settled in quickly! Best of luck with the competition too. I don't see how anyone could beat your impeccable style! I started a new series and link up on my blog today and would for you to come check it out and join in on the fun! Happy Wednesday!

  14. You look beautiful lovely! And those boots are fab. You can pretend just by looking at those photos that it's summer in them but I can well imagine how cold it must have been!! xx

  15. Love this outfit, I have voted for you! =) Hope moving goes well xx

  16. Such a pretty dress!!! BTW, I am dropping in here via Pleated Poppy link up!
    Stay in touch!
    Have a wonderful day!
    PS. I am hosting an amazing giveaway on my blog, hope you would participate!
    Enter $40 giftcard giveaway by Lorraine Tyne

  17. This dress is so absolutely adorable! I'm also in full moving swing over here, and I know that it's hard to find the time to write for the blog...and even take photos, for that matter! Anyways, back to your outfit: I also adore these boots!

    Have a good day,

  18. This dress definitely looks super comfortable and extremely cute! I love the denim jacket and boots paired with it. Such a cool summery look and I really like the setting for these pictures.
    Good luck with your move!


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