Friday, 8 March 2013

The Cats Back

Thank goodness it's Friday.. Who's with me? Is it beer o'clock yet??
It's been a strange old week here, quite long and arduous. Neo has a terrible ear infection which has been just awful and has meant a trip to the Doc's and some medicine to get him right again. But yes, mama here is tired!
How's your week been?

So the Cats back in all her glory. I just love this kitty knit so very much.
And so is the lovely Next Biker jacket. Technically this is Biker Jacket part 4, but i am too tired (lazy) to write anything about it apart from... biker jackets with jeans.. an obvious option, but by no means not a good option!

 The spotty shirt is a new addition and it is just the perfect under garment to any top or dress. I see lots of remixes with it in its near future!

 Cat Sweater: Modcloth/Joy
Jacket: Next
Jeans: Matalan
Blouse: M&S

 So you guys, its the weekend,yay! Do you have anything planned? I'm working Saturday and then it's Mothers Day here on Sunday, which may mean for me, a lay-in, coffees and cakes with my mum, sis and kiddos and maybe a spot of shopping, yippee :-)



  1. I love the spotty blouse and the cat jumper is fab.

  2. I love the look of this outfit from head to toe. I'm also super excited that it's finally Friday! It's been too long of a week. Just some lounging around and family time planned.

  3. Love this layering! That spotty shirt will look awesome with everything. Hope Neo gets better soon =) xx

  4. Great outfit! Everything fits so well!

  5. Oh how I love when you re-style this sweater. Makes me want to take mine out for another spin!

  6. That cat jumper is officially the best way for my eyes to start the weekend. Love it!

  7. That sweater is SMAZING on you - I loveee it with this polka dot blouse. So cute!

  8. That sweater is AWESOME, and I love the dotted blouse underneath it! Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day with your family! :)

  9. cute sweater - so fun! i can't wait til beer o clock either :)

  10. that sweater with the leather jacket is awesome!!! Love it!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  11. I WANT your sweater! How cute is that?! Especially with the polka dots :) What a perfect casual friday outfit! And those jeans seriously look dang GOOD on you girl!
    Have an awesome weekend!!

  12. That is such an adorable sweater! And you sure know how to work it!!!
    So happy to have you on #fallingforfriday

    Happy Friday!
    just love // kelly

  13. I really like how you layered the polka dot shirt under the sweater. Super cute! Have a great weekend :) xx

  14. That jumper is so cool! :) xo

  15. Great outfit - love the jacket and boots :) x

  16. Sounds like a busy week! Hope you have a nice Mother's Day tomorrow :) LOVE this outfit too, the blouse is perfection!

    Maria xxx

  17. What a cute top, I love it!

  18. Your polka dot top is wonderful. I wish I had one like it because I'm sure it would be worn so many different ways. I'm also loving your jacket and cat sweater. This is such a cute casual outfit. I would wear it in an instant!

  19. Oh wow i just want it all! you have a fabulous wardrobe, i am in awe!



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