Saturday, 30 March 2013

Colourful Casual

 Please excuse my long pauses between posts lately guys, i have been bogged down with the joyous task of packing and organising this dreaded move. I hope to resume normal programming as soon as we are settled, but just to forewarn, there may even be some severe internet-less times ahead for me (eek) so if it is a little quite round here bear with me and know that i am truly missing you all ;-)

It's been very casual on the clothes front to, i mean what do you wear to pack boxes and get filthy dirty and run tedious errands? Well it's mostly been boyfriend jeans and tees or leggings and huge oversized sweaters which i will save you the site of as it ain't too pretty let me tell you. When it comes to big things like moving i am so impatient, i just want to click my fingers and have it all done already. But, i know this is going to be a long drawn out process and i have to really put my patient hat on... i think lost that hat years ago....:(

 I have tried to stay organised and kept out a few outfits, just incase and my uniform of course, for work. I have to say it's quite nice opening my wardrobe and seeing such a minimal amount there, making it so easy to decide what to wear, cos really there's no decisions to be made..  Are you ever tempted to get rid of A LOT of what you own, to simplify? I have to say with this move, i have been very tempted. And then it scares the crap out of me and i just keep it all instead, lol.  So far i have 10 huge bags of clothes that are coming with me to the new house, and then there's the summer clothes still to come as they are in storage still at the moment. I think one day i would love to live with a capsule style wardrobe, with a handful of key pieces that work well with each other, no stressing of what to wear of a morning, simple style, get ready and go. Paul and i have talked about when we retire living on a Barge on the water :) being such small living quarters would definitely mean i would have to down size. But for now i shall continue with my ridiculous amount of clothes and see where that takes me, i know right #thirdworldproblems  can you say spoilt brat?!

 The problem I guess for me is shopping is like a hobby, a fun pass time. But what do you do when you don't have enough room or the need for anything else?  Answers on a postcard p-p-p-please!

Green Trench: Red Herring Via EBAY
Shirt: M&S
Flares: River Island
Boots: New Look
Bag: Primark
Hat: Matalan
So on that thought i guess i better continue packing and maybe consider a little more carefully what i intend on taking to the new (much smaller i might add) house... 
Oh and if you celebrate it... Happy Easter!

If you don't, Happy Chocolate Egg Eating Day!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

As Chic As It Gets

Hello lovelies, and how is this week treating you so far? All well i hope! I am finding I have alone time on  my hands for the first time in years. Its c-razy.. You may be thinking, what is this crazy hat wearing lady talking about, well, i have literally been flying by the seat of my pants, moment to moment for as long as i can remember now really. Always on the go, always pretty stressed and always super busy. Things are calming down this week for me and i can't even tell you how nice it is to have free time, a concept i had long since forgotten!

 I was literally wandering round the house this morning not knowing what to do.. overwhelmed with the possibilities of things i could do with my wonderful free time. And so, feeling quite uneasy, i made myself a cup of tea and browsed pintrest and instagram for waaaay to long and killed an appropriate amount of time before i had to go pick up my beautiful son. Time wasted yes, but with that came a realisation that maybe just maybe i have time to start a new project.. something for me.. Again the mind is whirling with the endless possibilities but i am excited!:-)

 Well i felt decidedly chic in this ensemble.. I'm not normally chic, never have been really. I was always the cute one of the sweet one, which i was totally fine with. But today, i felt like a laaddyy :) This stripy fine knit dress is just wonderful on, and with my (miracle invention)  fleece lined tights, i was toasty warm and good to go.
The dress is a recent Ebay thrift for less than a fiver! Do you shop Ebay? I have to say i am a definite fan! This is an Oasis dress and for £4.20 it is in great condition and i love it even more for its bargainous price.

Hat: Tesco
Dress: Oasis via Ebay
Bag, tights & jewellery: Primark
Pumps: Next

So tell me, do you get a lot of free time and what do you do with it when you do?

3 Years ago today i was doing this....
I was starting my happily ever after.....
3 years on and i could not be happier.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Same Old, Same Old (and winner announcement)

Rather than moaning about the snow and the fact that winter is lingering a little more than is welcome, i though i should just embrace it and go with it. Coats and tights are my thing, i should be rejoicing in the fact i get to wear my faves a little (or a lot) more. Funny though isn't it as Spring or Summer never seem to linger around for extra time do they. Mother Nature, you are a strange old gal...

 So same old same old really.... hat, coat, dress, tights. My standard uniform. No point trying to re-invent the wheel right? Do what makes you happy and bright colours and dresses obviously are it for me. I often think to myself, "should i try something different, bigger, bolder, darker more fashionable" Just really for the sake of it. I think blogging makes me feel like i shouldn't post the same outfit type every post just in-case it bores you my poor readers. But really this is me.. same old same old. I hope you guys don't mind. I won't be wearing what's fresh off the catwalk, never have, never will. I may change as i grow older but even then i hope i stay true to myself whether that be wearing lots of colours or ultimately ending up in black. Who knows..  umm deep thoughts for a sunday afternoon... moving swiftly on :)

I love this Orla Kiely scarf, i put it with all my coats and i just adore it! And well this mustard dress is probably up there in my top 5 favourites. It's great for re-mixing which makes it a definite staple for me.

And in other news, moving date has been put back another week. ARRGGHHHH!! Moving is stressy! I just want it over already. and then i need a holiday, lol!! But in the words of my darling hubby, 
"it will all be over soon. Enjoy the journey as you will never travel the same road twice"... He's a wise one i tell ya! We'll have been married for 3 years on wednesday.... that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :):):)
Enough rambles from me.. how was your weekend? 
Did you wear anything nice?

Dress: Yumi
Coat: Marks & Spencer
Scarf: Orla Kiely for Uniqlo
Hat: & tights & bag: Matalan
Shoes: Poetic Licence
 If you would like the chance to win a $30 Modcloth voucher pop on over to Delightfully Tacky where i have the honour of hosting a giveaway!!

 And finally the winner  of the Lotta From Stockholm Clogs is:
Jessi from Haircut and general attitude!
Well done lovely! i shall email you shortly
Thank you all for entering.

Also, apologies but i have had to put on crappy word verification as i am being spammed crazy amounts lately. Anyone else having this problem?
I hope this doesn't put you off commenting as i absolutely love to hear from you. Hopefully it should deter those spammy spamersons and i'll be able to take it off again shortly.

Friday, 22 March 2013

(Another) Casual Friday

 I'm becoming quite accustomed to having Casual Fridays here on the blog:) i guess by the end of the working week i am often in a jeans kinda place.  As a girl who lives in dresses and skirts 95% of the time, i quite enjoy these days.

 What i'm not happy about is the freezing cold, wet windy weather we're having right now. I know, i know, I'm British, i should be totally used to this... but c'mon! Its seriously freezing. I have packed away my big knit jumpers and i wish i hadn't now... it's that cold!Least i get few more weeks out of my beloved tights- i hate not wearing tights...:(

 So this weekend for me is going to be filled with boxes and packing. We are edging closer to the big move and i just want it done already. I want to be in the new house and settling in. It's been set back by another week so i am literally on tenterhooks now and filled with anxiety/excitement..
 Jeans & Bag: Next
Sweater: Ichi
Coat: Matalan
Boots: New Look

 Don't think there's really a lot to say about this outfit really is there? Comfy jeans, colourful sweater, bright scarf, duffel coat, fave boots and a walk in the woods. Simples :-)

 How are you spending your weekend?
If anyone would enjoy organising me and helping pack a gazillion boxes then by all means come on over... i make a nice cuppa tea;)
Oh and it's the last day to enter the Lotta From Stockholm Shoe Giveaway, make sure you're in!! Winner will be announced tomorrow.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Little Mouse with Clogs On...(giveaway continues)

Just wanted to do a quick reminder that there is only 3 days left to enter the
 Lotta From Stockholm Shoe Giveaway... 
Be sure to enter here!!
I thought i'd just share a few of my previous outfits all featuring Lotta from Stockholm Clogs:

I love to wear mine with trousers, skirts and dresses, autumn, winter spring and summer!
How would you wear yours?
I have to say they are by far my favourite shoes all year round
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Normal programming should resume with a Friday Post.. i have been working my little socks off lately!
See you all then!

Ps anyone else remember this from when they were a kid ..... 'I saw a mouse, where? There on the stair, a little mouse with clogs on!' Pahahahaha

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dress with a View

 So i'm back in a cemetery again.. this time we were in the local town of Old Llantrisant and the views are just phenomenal at the church here. It really is a wonderful spot. Crazy really, i often crave holidays to gorgeous European destinations to see views just like this, when in actuality i have some pretty spectacular ones right on my door step!

I guess being back in the travel industry has re-sparked my love for travelling. Each day i work in the travel agents i price up holidays and imagine what it would be like to go. Top of my Travel bucket list are Sorrento, Rome and Venice in Italy and Dubrovnik in Croatia. And even though now my not be the ideal time for us to travel ( cos' of moving house, Paul starting a new job, generally starting afresh) i totally can't wait for the day we can jump on a plane and see the world some more.

But for now these views aren't to bad ....

When i was last in travel 7 years ago, i was quite a lucky girl and got to see some amazing places. I've visited Barcelona and many parts of Spain, Paris and other parts of France, Cuba, New York, Dominican Republic to name just a few, and each and everyone i loved.
The nice thing about going away, i always look forward to coming home, sleeping in your own bed in your own home.. it's still the best place to be :)

 Do you love to travel? 
Where is your most favourite place?
Dress: c/o next (last year)
Cardigan: Tesco
Hat: Next
Scarf: Warehouse
Shoes: Minnetonka
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