Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I don't think it's a secret here on the old blog that i am a huge Joules fan. 
I find there country style clothes fun, chic, colourful and practical making them completely wearable.
I've shown my love for Joules by wearing my favourite dresses herehere and again here, in my eyes they can do no wrong with there quintessentially British style.
So when i had the opportunity to review some of their products i hadn't ever purchased before, well i jumped for joy and replied with a big "yes please!!!"

and Ipad Case

The quality of Joules pieces is another reason i return time and time again. I would certainly love to add  one of their lovely Ladies Tweed Jacket to my ever growing blazer collection. Such a timeless piece that never dates yet looks fantastic with age. Great with jeans and over dresses or skirts. Do you own a Tweed blazer? Would you invest in a tweed piece?

How cute is the little fox print Ipad case?! I kinda want to just use it as a really cute clutch!
Cup of Tea anyone?  Why yes, this is my beautiful new mug, i gotta tell ya, it makes a cracking cuppa!
And being the country bumpkin i am, living in Wales in the UK means rain and lots of it which means a definite countryside must have is the classic wax jacket, especially with the unpredictable or predictable as it may seem, april showers that will sure to be showering our little heads soon.

 Do you own any Joules pieces?



Sunday, 24 February 2013

Back to the Present

 With my head mostly in the past like in my last post, i thought it was time i brought myself to the present and dabbled with a couple of new pieces.

 I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing over some sneaker-wedges for a while now. Are they fugly or fabulous? What will i wear them with? Are they actually comfy? So when some lovely Tesco clubcard vouchers dropped through my door and they just so happened to have these grey sneaker-wedges on the shelves whilst doing my food shopping i decided to take the plunge and give this trend a go...

 And the verdict? Well, i kinda love them. They're comfy and kinda funky and easy to do the running around and chores in. They kinda made me feel a wee bit sporty and want to do star jumps and squats, but i refrained, you know, just in-case i pulled something... :-/
So what do you think of sneaker-wedges? Love or Loathe? (and dont worry i wont be defended if they aren't your cup of tea, i do believe they aren't for everyone)

 I also picked up this rather lovely orange knit, khaki skinnies and yellow bag. It was a good shopping day (not so much on the food front, it'll be beans on toast allll week,haha!) Thanks Tesco, every little does help! I am really in to orange right now, i've just picked up recently a bright orange dress too. Who'd have thought it... orange! I mean it's not a colour i normally gravitate towards (normal being red, navy or mustard!) but its fast becoming a current favourite.
 So i'm trying to think of ways to re mix these bad-boys to make it a worthy investment (£19 is a bargain investment even without vouchers dont you think!). Anyone have any ideas? I already i have a dress lined up for them next but feel i need some sneaker-wedge type inspiration. Anyone tried this or have you pinned any styles? I would love to see!

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Friday, 22 February 2013

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: The lovely Tiff Ima

Hey Lovelies,
I have the greatest pleasure to introduce you to my wonderful sponsor Tiff Ima of Style Honestly.
This lovely lady has fantastic style and is a truly great gal, but enough from me, I'll hand the show over!

Tiff Ima the Hat

Okay, so it doesn't have quite the same ring for me, but the name  "Rachel the Hat" intrigued me and brought me to Rachel's page. I fell in love because we have a common obsession: hats. I knew I wanted to work with Rachel and was happy to sponsor her this month. Not to mention that Rachel has been great the whole way, offering advice and help, and taking a general interest in me as a sponsor. Sponsor her if when you get a chance!
So if you didn't know already, my name is Tiff Ima and I run a little blog called Style Honestly. My objective is to just be honest with my style and encourage others to do the same. Women have this crazy tendency to try and bend to the whims of others and change parts of themselves, only to be left empty and lost. This spills over to how we dress too, since our style is a true expression of who we are. It happened to me time and time again and now, I fight it with every fiber of my being. I love who I am and refuse to let anyone change me.
Blogging is a creative outlet for me because my life is otherwise mundane and predictable. I started Style Honestly as a way to share myself with the blogging community and provide my insight on style and be an encouragement to other women.

In addition to providing insight and encouragement, you have to know that I am obsessed with finding deals. For me, I can't justify spending tons of money on clothes, since I don't have much extra money (accursed students loans!). I love to shop thrift stores and clearance racks and take advantage of retail rewards programs. I find great joy in walking out of a store with a $15 pair of Franco Sarto shoes or a $7 dress from H&M  (worn in this post!)
In a nutshell, I'm just a crazy girl who loves clothes. I would love it if you all stopped by to see me!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


On the weekend Paul and i went for a drive and a coffee.We drove through some of my favourite local villages and countryside. Sometimes i forget to just how beautiful where i live is, when you stick to the motorways you miss all the beauty of the countryside.
We drove through one of my favourite villages of Pendoylan, its beauty is recognised with awards for best kept village and such. It is really a wonderful place and has the most beautiful church with a small cemetery that had headstones from 1912 and even earlier.

 Cemeteries don't scare me, i find them absolutely fascinating... reading the headstones is such an eye opener, the love is almost tangible. Husbands and wives, sons and daughters, soldiers and babies. The headstones capture in a mere sentence a lifetime of feelings. Its tiny glimpses into lives gone by, i always find it pretty moving and humbling.
 I also have a huge penchant for really old churches, the old stone work and dainty glass windows fascinate me. If walls could talk, i bet this church could tell some stories!  I guess my love for historic places ties hand in hand with my love for all things vintage, which is strange as i never did pay much attention in history class. These days i spend more time looking backwards to the past for inspiration than i do looking forward.

This outfit is a little inspired by the fact that i've been watching and reading all of the Call The Midwife series which i mentioned the other day. Based in the 1950's some of the clothes are staggeringly stunning, eben the pinny's and house coats they wore fascinate me. Nurse Jenny Lee caught my eye when she tied her scarf around her shoulders in such a lady-like manner. Simply put, it looked beautiful! Sometimes a little bit of old fashioned beauty can be a good thing. I'm not sure my car print dress mixed with my stripes would have gone down well in the '50's but, thats the wonderful thing about the era we live in right now, we get to mix and match to our hearts content!

Do cemeteries freak you out are fascinate you?
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Matalan
Cardi: Topshop

pleated poppy

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shopping destinations- New York

When TravelSupermarket contacted me about the chance to produce my own personal infographic, I jumped at the chance. Not only was the infographic about shopping – which  you all know I love – it combined shopping with travel! I was asked to choose my favourite of all of the shopping destinations around the world, for me there was only one choice, the Big Apple itself!  Having been on a trip to New York before I knew what shops I would head to first – check out the infographic to see if you agree with my must-sees and if this inspires you to visit the city that never sleeps yourself make sure you visit TravelSupermarket for cheap flights to New York.


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