Friday, 25 January 2013

Little bit '70's

Happy weekend everyone!!
I had these photos sat on the old desktop for a couple of weeks. Pre snow on ground- which is still outstaying its welcome. 
Just a very simple outfit post, but sometimes thats a good thing, right?
 Flared Jeans, polo neck, coat, hat, comfy wedges, done!

I fell in love with this jacket when i saw it in Look magazine (obviously the powers of advertising works on me...:-/) but i just couldn't justify £55 on another coat. I kept my beady eye on it and when it came to the sale it went down to a bargainous  £15 odd quid.. and so i added yet another coat to the collection. Someday maybe it will be a collection i can leave to my step daughter... coats and shoes,my legacy,ha!

Little bit of the 70's vibe makes me a happy gal.
Wishing you the best weekend lovelies! 

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  1. Aw what a cute little doggy you have! He is yours right? I love the flared leg jeans and that pretty red beanie, simple but really cute too! And your jacket has a fur collar - that always makes it better!
    Happy Friday to you!

  2. Your dog is so cute, just standing there waiting for you to be done taking pictures! :-)
    Beanies suit you so incredibly well!


  3. Love the 70's vibe! Glad you liked my blog dear I would love it if you were a follower! :)

  4. So cute and casual and fun! I love these flared jeans on you and that plaid jacket is definitely awesome. I really like the hat you paired with this too.

  5. You look fab in hats - I can never quite pull it off lol!

    Hope you are well hun, hugs, Stel xx

  6. I have some skinny flares but I hardly wear them now but I love them. You look great x

  7. I love the way you recreated the 70s! :)

    You've got such a colorful, lovely style! Following you on GFC! :)


  8. Have I seen you in jeans before? You look fab xx

  9. I love a red beret fashion moment! I shy away from jeans but I am digging those.


  10. You look amazing! I love the 70's vibe, you pull it off so well!! And I feel your pain, adverting holds its mysterious power over me as well haha


  11. Love the colors, as always! Mustard is such a great color to go with red. You look awesome!


  12. I love the colors in this, and that red hat? Adorable!


  13. This is such a cute weekend outfit. Love the red hat, you really pull it off! :)

    My latest post ** Hello Goodbye **

    Lots of love, M

  14. You look fab. Maybe a hint of Baycity Rollers ;-D xx

  15. Rachel I love that 70s vibe. You do retro so well.

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  16. I love your jeans and the beanie is so cute!

  17. I love the red hat! :) Makes the outfit look brighter!

  18. I love a 70s feel :) you wear it so well too. I am very affected by advertising too, Mr Bertie says I am 'an advertisers dream' especially if they advertise it in a cute way. I have wanted to buy dog food before because of a cute advert and we don't even have a dog!! I think clothes and shoes will be my legacy too :)

    Janine xx
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