Monday, 7 January 2013

Hello Jigsaw

I was recently contacted and asked if i would like to have a look at the Jigsaw site and in particular  these ladies dresses, you girls know me, i love a nice dress, so i wandered over (virtually of course) and perused their website.
Jigsaw has been around since 1972, it's a brand i grew up thinking was for the richer older lady, as a kid i would see the posh ladies in their finest Jigsaw pieces and i would think they looked so chic. Having looked through the site myself i was surprised by how many wonderful pieces there are and not just for the older lady. So i started putting together a few outfits

Outfit one
Ponte Contrast dress (in blackberry)

outfit two
Cable Sweater Dress

Outfit three
Tweed Knit sweater dress

Outfit Four

Merino Silk Collar Dress

Stunning right?
I absolutely can't even decide which is even my favourite. I think it may be the classic black dress with peter pan collar (outfit four). Looking through Jigsaws website has only reiterated to me even more that i want 2013 to be the year where i buy investment classic pieces. These are going on my list!!

Which is your Favourite outfit and have you ever bought from Jigsaw before?

* this is a collaboration post but all thoughts and shopping lists are genuinely my own much to the dismay of my bank...;-)


  1. All of those dresses are amazing! The first one especially.

    1. that first one is super special isn't it! Now i need some kind for special occasion for me to justify buying it,heehee. I think i'd feel liek Audrey Hepburn in it!xx

  2. My favorite is outfit three. I love the color of the sweater dress. And anything with boots its a winner in my book.

    1. me too! i love boots, infact i literally have to remind myself to not wear the same pair lol. I have to say i am far more a comfort girl than a heels girl and those brown boots look divine! xx

  3. Oooh oooooh oooh (I am excited can you tell lol) outfit 3 for me all the way, it is like you jumped into my head, saw what I like in an outfit, jumped back out and put this together for me!

    I have never bought from Jigsaw but I really should start investing in some quality pieces like this.

    Janine xx

  4. I love the cable sweater dress!


  5. I was just about to say I like the black dress with the Peter Pan collar SO much. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous dress!

  6. That first dress is gorgeous...such a lovely deep color! I'd probably go for the last one though. So classic.

  7. Very simple but elegant and regal indeed.

  8. The fourth is my favorite,too.

  9. That pink dress is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  10. Gorgeous outfits but I love outfit 3 best :) I adore Jigsaw! I could never afford to shop there now but I got a stunning merino winter coat there several years ago and am still wearing it now, I agree it's a good idea to invest in some classic pieces that never go out of style. Happy New Year to you! hx

  11. I love the first outfit, it looks very 1950s all it needs is a layered petticoat!

  12. What fun! Loving all of these outfits you put together ;)
    xo TJ

  13. I'm in love with out fit 4! I think your blog is delightful.


  14. I love every dress above, you have fabulous taste and I just adore your hats! Amazing!

    Txx xx


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