Wednesday, 28 November 2012


 Good day to you lovelies! Happy Mid week to you all! The weeks are flying by and life feels like one giant blur right now! Can you believe we are a mere few days away from December?! How the heck did that happen! I do have a love for December, for the obvious reason (yay Christmas) but it's also my birthday right at the beginning and then my step sons 5 days before Christmas. So we have a very fun month coming up. I love that Christmas brings fun but i also love that it brings rest. For me i love those few days after Christmas when all you do is veg out and at most venture out for a cold brisk walk to feed the hungry duckies! Blissful!!

 Paul and I took these photos last friday. We were out running some errands and Neo fell asleep in the car, so we parked up right next to this little spot by the river and the Church in Old Llantrisant. Its next to a normally quiet road but it was just my luck that as i jumped out to take photos tons of cars appeared. The looks and stares i got were hilarious! Anyone would think i was out there naked (not a pretty sight i assure you!) everyone was rubber necking, which was a smidge awkward! Do you ever get on-lookers looking for a bit too long when you take blog photos?

Hat: Next (last year)
Cardi and Shoes: Ebay
Dress: New Look
Bag: Chelsea Girl at River Island
 Scarf: I forget... :-/

 Oh and note to self: don't be daft enough to sit casually on a wall that is blatantly soaking wet and leaves you with a soggy bum!

I love this location it has a river, beautiful trees, a really old church and a small cemetery. 
Doesnt get much better in my eyes. The history must be incredible to this old place. I must google it and find out more! Its funny, when i was in school history lessons bored me, but as an adult i just love to find out about historical places and events. I'm really into the 40's right now... anyone have any film suggestions for me?

Have a great week ladies and i'll be back to see you all real soon!
Also keep your eyes peeled i have a great giveaway coming up over at Veronika's next week! Will keep you posted!!
Best wishes

pleated poppy

Monday, 26 November 2012

Lands' End Coat

Image by the talented Natalie Lines
 Lands' End are launching their Autumn/ Winter campaign and i had the pleasure, alongside some other fabulous bloggers, of trying one of their beautifully made Cire Down Coats from the Ladies Coats section.

 I have to say this is one of the best coats i have ever worn. The first thing i noticed was the quality and how well made it is. There are pockets on pockets with fleecy lining, a removable hood and removable fur, belt and double zip and popper fastening to keep that cold out.
I thought i'd give it the best possible test run and take it up to the highest point in Llantrisant, where the wind was howling and the temperature was 5 degrees Celsius. And d'you know what? I was toasty warm... seriously, really warm! I have never actually owned a coat that has kept the cold out so well. Most of my coats have previously been "fashion" type jackets which means i usually moan within 10 minutes of being outside. But The Cire Down felt so great on and looked as good as any fashion type coat i own.

 The Down coat is proven to be one of the warmest coats on the market, with its thermodynamic properties it can with stand severe cold which in my eyes makes it the perfect winter coat. I hate being cold so this solves all my problems as it enables me to still wear all my favourite dresses through winter, which makes this dress wearing gal, very happy!

This coat is so warm it didn't need a scarf or a hat as the hood is the largest snuggliest i have ever had the pleasure of covering my head with. I felt like the warmest Eskimo with it on!
I've worn mine here with a simple dress and a pop of colour with the tights, which is one of my favourite go-to combos.
The wonderful thing with this coat is its versatility. I will quite happily be wearing my skinny jeans with blouses or funky knitwear underneath. Pops of colour look great and add interest to the colour palette, so any coloured jean/trouser would look fabulous. Ankle booties, tights and skirts are also another go-to for me and thankfully this coat will keep me warm whilst wearing them. It also has a sports luxe feel so i think  it would look amazing with a pair of wedge hi top trainers that are everywhere this winter.

This is probably one of my favourite spots, as i've mentioned a few times before. Hardly anyone travels the 10minutes from the town up to this point, but in my eyes it's so worth it for the views and the peace. Every time i come here the view is different, whether it be due to the weather or the changing ever evolving roads. You can see all the cars scurrying around like ants travelling from one destination to another, always in a rush to where they need to be. Its nice to  stop and stare for a while.

Have you or do you own a Down Coat? I would definetly buy one in future, but I've just read up that these coats last years and years and have serious longevity when looked after, which makes it even more of a great investment piece in my eyes!
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*The lovely people at Lands' End kindly sent me this coat to review and commissioned me to contribute to their Lands' End outerwear guide and i was super happy to help*

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Friday, 23 November 2012

New Specs.. recently contacted me to see if i would like to review a set of their specs.  So off i popped over to their website where i had a lovely look around their website at all the choices available. After being ever so indecisive and wanting to pick 6 pairs of glasses from their aptly named retro/nerdy section i settled on these:

 The whole outfit was inspired by the retro cats eye shape glasses. That and I've been watching a lot of old films lately, I'm just loving the 40's and 50's right now and the lady like way the women dressed back then. Don't get me wrong i love a good jeans day but back then ladies really made an effort everyday.. i mean that's dedication! Some days i roll out of bed and throw on the cleanest least creased jeans i can find and call it an outfit, lol!  But on the days where i can find the time i just love making that little bit of extra effort and it makes me feel so glam!

 Dress & cardi: Very old
Shoes: Hush puppies
Black lined tights: River Island
  ....   Buy Glasses ....

 The glasses arrived in 2 days all the way from America, here to the UK. I was very impressed, and for prescription glasses they came to my precise requirements. With the help of their on-line mirror (below) it makes for ordering glasses a much better experience!!

Have you ever ordered eyeglasses on line? I would highly recommend!

*i was gifted these glasses for review and they most definitely get a thumbs up from me! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rainbow Legs

Hi Guys
Sorry about the absence over here lately, i feel like i'm stretched sooooo thin lately that i am sure to snap soon! But we're all the same aren't we. So much to do so little time! So i thought i'd share with you this post i did for Kym recently and totally forgot to tell you about.. Its a great mix of some of my favourite outfits over the last few months.
I'll be back as soon as this torrential rain stops and i can find a spare 5 minutes to strike a pose,heehee!

So, Winter! The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of autumn and winter is tights. That may seem a little weird, most people probably think of cosy knits and scarves and coats but for me, it's tights.
I mean I really love tights! I feel naked without them, and as much as I like warmer bare naked legged summers, I have to admit I am more in love with dressing for winter! I know some would call that CRAAZZYY! But i just love the layers and cuddliness (just making up words right there!)
Tights for me are so practical, they make remixing my rather large collection of dresses so fun!
Here's a peek in to some I've been wearing of late:

 Great with other jewel colours

Fairly normal, run of the mill, basic but very handy

Some may say tan overload i say, orange you glad you've seen these tights (hardy haha)

i have many a plan for purple tights, they go so well with many a colour

black can be another normal easy peasy colour, but i like to jazz it up a bit with these  bad boys!

or as my family call it Smurf. This day i was known as Smurf legs

This rust shade is soo re-mixable, its the kind of colour that goes with blacks, browns and navys!

My favourite, although i like to call it WINE, sounds classier right?!

Last but by no means least, another current favourite, that jaundice look is so in right now....i joke!

So are you a coloured tights fan? I am looking to add some pinks and reds to my collection and then i think my rainbow is complete. I know some people are wary of trying colours on their legs, but i say go for it! A great way to ease yourself in to colour is to try a pair with knee high boots, add a knee length skirt/dress and that way you will just get a glimpse of great colour when you move. I would love to see your coloured tights, if you have blogs with them, leave a link below and i'd love to check them out!!

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