Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bowler Hats and Bikes

Well Hello there Ladies!
Thanks for the lovely comments on last weeks post, we are remaining positive and trying to keep our heads up and trundling on.
I haven't been wearing solely pj's and eating nutella (although a fair bit of comfort eating has been happening). 
I decided that i need to put on my happy clothes to cheer one's self up. As we all know that if you feel like you look half decent then its certainly a step in the right direction of feeling ok!

 Please excuse my teeny tiny eyes. With large amounts of stress (and tears) i had managed to give myself some kinda burst blood vessel on my eye!! red bloodshot eyes are soooo not attractive. So i gave my peepers a rest from make up to aid recovery.

 Dress: A Beautiful Mess (from their last collection)
Cardi: F&F (spring '12)
Shoes: Hush Puppies via Very (last year)
Bowler Hat: New Look (old)
Blouse: Peacocks (last winter)
Hubby's beast of a bike out of its 6 year hibernation.

Its amazing when you cant shop what you find amongst what you already have.  This outfit is entirely made up from things i have had for a long while. I always feel a certain sense of accomplishment when i pull something together like this. It reminds me that i do not have to constantly shop (as much as i love to as a hobby, haha!) it reminds me that i have A LOT of really cool stuff. It reminds me i am lucky :-)

Do you get a kick out of remixing old stuff like me? Or are you a newbie favourer?

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

We Are Family...

Hi folks
I am currently in the middle of one of the worst weeks....ever.
Running a business in a recession is the hardest thing i have ever had to do. This all might sound a bit random -sorry.

In these tough times its family that keep you going...

Colourful bunch arent we 

"cccccoooooooooowwwwwwwwws, mooooooooooo"

We are family :)

All i feel like doing right now is wrapping myself in my duvet and hiding from the world. I dont feel like wearing pretty dresses and nice shoes. I want to wear pj's and eat Nutella out of the jar.
The next few weeks may be very hard.
I'm going to try and continue getting up and at least getting dressed each day.
And if you dont see me within a week....send for help, the tracksuit brigade may have gotten me;)

Take care lovelies and really hope to be back with positive news and happy dresses soon.
Ps send good thoughts for my little business wont you... the more the better. Some good thoughts right now, could go a long way.

PPS these photos were taken about 3 weeks ago when we didn't have torrential rain and i was still relatively sane :-/

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Three Easy to Wear Autumn Fashion Trends with John Lewis

Greetings Ladies, 
Autumn is upon us, wouldn't you agree! It's fantastic. Shall we take a look at some autumnal trends? Yes? Excellent!

If you feel head-to-toe leather, PVC cover-ups and psychedelic prints are a bit much for a trip to the local shops, here are three easy ways to inject on-trend autumn style into your everyday outfits. Over to the John Lewis trend spotter for some top tips…
Belt up

Burberry Prorsum defined waists in on heritage skirt and jumper outfits with cute tan bow bands at the autumn/winter catwalk shows. And elsewhere Clements Ribeiro and Scandinavian label Acne were among the top name fashion houses to cinch in jumpers and coats with chunky belts. Choose a smaller size belt than that you’d use to hook through your jean loops, so it fits neatly around your waist with no trailing length, and pair with everything from daring dresses to cosy cardigans. Leopard spots and multiple-strap styles are hot right now, and offer an easy way to buy into the animal print and biker trends.
Image R - L: Burberry Prorsum and John Lewis
Faux fur

Full-on fur was featured on gilets, snoods and jackets at autumn/winter fashion weeks, and was also used as trim by many well-known designers. There are a wide range of faux fur coats and jackets on the high street, but if you feel that such a cover-up is a bit much for the day, look to accessories to help inject the look into your outfit. Stoles, gloves, bags and boots all boast faux fur details this season, and can help add a touch of glamour if you’re taking your look from day to night.
Image R - L: Christopher Kane and John Lewis
Bowling bags

There’s one key handbag style that all the top fashion brands have bought into this season – the bowling bag. This Fifties-inspired handheld bag has become the new must-have piece for fans of Burberry, Mulberry, Marni – the list goes on – and more affordable versions have also become readily available. The wide design of the bowling style means that it makes for fairly roomy bags, but make sure that your choice can comfortably house your everyday essentials so it can join you everywhere. And look out for patent, animal print and fabric details to hit on those all-important trends.
Image R - L: Rochas and Somerset by Alice Temperley for John Lewis
All catwalk images courtesy of

So what do you think ladies? 

What trends will you be partaking in this Autumn?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of John Lewis and the lovely people compensated me for this fabulous piece... Kind huh!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo

Well hey there Ladies!
How you been? 
We are are surviving on coffee and sugar rushes over here. Neo has had a cold and has been waking up 3-4 times a night for the past 5 nights.  Add a dog with serious night time issues in to that equation and that's me right now...The only word that comes to mind right now is SLEEP!
I would literally give my right arm for a full nights sleep with the added bonus of a lie in... oh the joys! If anyone would like to offer up their babysitting services that would be greeeat! He's cute, doesnt really answer back (much), and can tell you he's done a poop.  Jobs yours if you want it;)

Dress:  Orla Kiely for Uniqlo
Shoes: Seychelles: Modcloth (last year)
Tights: Tesco
Hat and belt: New Look: Last Year

When i found out that Orla Kiely was doing a collaboration range with Uniqlo, i knew i would be wanting a piece (or two, or three!) I didn't realise until the day i clicked on to Uniqlo how actually wonderful they would be. She has kept her signature 60's style and enviable trademark prints in each item.
Being a hard working mum/lady with a small budget i have never been able to purchase an actual Orla Kiely dress from her wonderful collections. Heck, in all honesty i'm too stingy and £200 is a lot of money for me to part with for 1 item. So when collaborations  like this happen, i love how it opens  up the designer doors to even the  tightest   thriftiest people. Coming in at just under £20, these dresses are AWESOME.
Being super dooper tired, you know when you just wanna throw something comfy on but still look half decent? Well this dress was just that and lovely and comfy to boot. And also an added bonus, they are some of my favourite Autumnal colours. Pretty much perfection in this tired girls eyes. 
Please excuse the dust on my hat... how awful! Rachel The Hat needs to invest in a hat box!!
Ok lovely ladies, have yourselves a lovely week! xxx

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vintage Treasures with Asos Market Place

Ladies, if you've been following Rachel The Hat for wee while, you will know my love for Vintage and Retro. My favourite era has always been the 1960s. I fear i was born too late.

It’s thanks to the sixties icons such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy that the catwalks for this autumn/winter are being filled with 1960's vintage inspired clothes.
From short skirts to pant suits and tailored uniforms to tweed. Of course the shift dress is making appearances all over the place with geometric and floral prints to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s little black dress. 
Twiggy appeared on the scene at just 15 years old and bought the coal eyeliner and long eyelashes look with her. She is most well known for her extreme mod look which includes the sleeveless shift dress with collars and neck ties, military style suits and dresses as well as the male tuxedo for women. 
Picture submitted by circusbambam99 on fanpop

Audrey Hepburn’s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s made her a sixties style icon. The high fashion clothes and sophisticated style of her character is the look people relate to when thinking of the actress. It is said that the little black dress in the film is that most famous and iconic dress of the twentieth century. 
photo by Heather Feemster

The Chanel suit was a staple item in every high fashion women’s wardrobe, but it was Jacqueline Kennedy that bought colour to it. The pink double breasted Chanel suit became the most iconic item of the 1960’s and an emblem for her husband’s assassination.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Wearing a Pink Chanel Suit - U.S.Government 1963

 Its thanks to wonderful sites like Asos Market Place , that these styles live on and people like you and I can still buy these one of a kind historical pieces. 
When i buy a vintage piece, i just love dreaming up the history of where it has been, who wore it and wonder what it saw. If only dresses could talk! Just imagine the wonderful stories...

Here's a few of my finds that i would love to add to my collection:

I could literally be here all day showing you my Favourites. There are hundreds of beautiful pieces, dresses, classic vintage bags, blouses. Its a whole emporium of vintage goodness.
Where do you buy your vintage? I have to say i was surprised at how well priced many of the items are, which makes adding to my vintage collecting even easier (just don't tell my Husband ;-)...!)

So my Dears, that wraps up my 60's love, from me to you. 
Do you have a favourite era? 

Ps: I was compensated for writing this, but you know me, i LOVE vintage and am on board with any one else who digs it too!Now lets all sit and chat about the good old days, yes?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Stripy Flamingoes

Howdy Ladies!

Paul and i took a 10 minute drive to the top of the mountain(thats not reeaallyy a mountain) after work in our little town. It truly is a beautiful spot with stunning views across the district. It was like the perfect autumnal day too, the sun was setting after a day of glorious weather and it was actually quite chilly! Autumn has most definitely arrived here!

Dress: Modcloth: Sale!
Booties: Very: 2 years ago
Jacket: Asos: at least 3-4 years ago (it has a whole in the arm, but i cant bare to throw it away)
Stripes under Dress: Dorothy Perkins: Old

I've been so good at finally getting round to wearing things in my wardrobe, that i just couldn't help but treat myself when Modcloth had their sale about a month ago. This dress was $14 which is about £8, which in my books is a complete bargain!

And with the chillier weather, the layers are back. Oh yes indeedy! Stripes met flamingos. They seemed to get on well :-)

I'm also trying hard not to hit the 120 denier tights straight away, i figure i'm really going to need the extra warmth come the cold hard winter, so easing my way in with a 60d pair. 

Ahaha! what a bizarre conversation im having with myself about tights!

I'm hoping to remix this dress through winter. I see mustard in its not so distant future, with knee boots and socks, scarf and duffel coats. Welcome to the family flamingos, you'll fit right in.

It was the most amazing sky we had both seen in a really long time. And after that idyllic setting we went and got a bucket of chicken... classy aren't we... A couple that shares chicken together, stays together ;-)
Dont worry i havent forgotten the pinky promise of a giveaway. Its-a-coming!

Take care xxx

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