Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunny Dress, Happy gal

Well helloo You lovely lovely lot!
I really wanna just kick off by saying a HUGE thank you for all who spent a minute leaving a comment on Monday's Post. You ladies really know how to make a girl smile and feel better. Seriously, each and every comment made me so much happier, just knowing that i'm not the only one with "silly" issues that stop me from being happy in my own skin and in any outfit. And they are silly issues, we are all beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. I love reading blogs from all women, i've figured i need to stop beating myself up so much. There's no point hiding. So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
And what else helps? A lovely new frock of course (and the arms are back out, but I decided to just not worry, and i was a damn site happier with it too!)

Wild flowers growing next to my office matched my dress

If i could give each and everyone of you a bunch of flowers i would...  So, These are for you!!

Dress & Blazer: Next
Belt & Pumps: Peacocks
Broach: Vintage
Bracelets & Ring: (buy one get one free) New Look
Sunglasses: Very
Bag: Kate Spade via Ebay: £14

This is a very happy sunny dress. Worn on what looks like the last of our sunny hot weather, it made me smile lots. It's striking colour and daisy print makes for easy wearing. I look forward to wearing this with my red Converse and a red cardigan to go for walks in the park with the family.
So as i mentioned, the clouds are rolling in and the heat is dispersing. I have so enjoyed this stint of lovely weather, i hope it comes back soon. This evening on date night, hubs and i went to Penarth pier and walked along the sea front at sunset. It was so beautiful.
I have had some lovely outings lately,which i hope to share with you all soon.
Anyway, half way through the week folks, to my US readers, yay for a short week for you, and to my UK readers, woohoo to the long weekend coming up!
Take it steady Beautiful Ladies!

Ps, funny story, i picked these flowers and thought to myself "aww how pretty, i will put them in a glass on my desk, gentled held them to my nose to smell their delicate scent and Oh My Goodness! They stunk!!! And of wee wee no less... Eugh!!! Needless to say they didn't make it to my desk. Hee hee!!

  pleated poppy


Monday, 28 May 2012


Yup thats right, i'm starting this week off with a bit of a ramble for you all. 
Hubby took these photos last night for me and i yo yo'd back and fourth as to whether or not to post them. Don't get me wrong the outfit in itself is nice enough, but some demons keep creeping in and whispering in  my ear "Flying somewhere today Rachel??!!" Yup thats right, i have major Bingo Wings issues. 
I've mentioned before that, after i had Neo my WHOLE body changed. I carry weight in different places and find it hard to loose yet very easy to gain  (and honestly, most of the time can't be arsed!) Through the winter i can hide my hang up's behind cosy knits and lots of layers. But, come summer, my insecurities have no place to go but out in the open. I'm not gunna lie, this post very nearly didnt make it. I just kept focusing in on the those flabby arms. 
But Heck, i cant hide all summer right? I'm a lady, we all are here, and as much as i cant perhaps embrace those arms, i should at least stop stressing about it. 
Anyone with me??  (not so much on the bingo wings, but more the lets just be who we are!) 
Yes i wear spanx occasionally, yes i have a mum tum, and no i wont ever be wafer skinny again. But, i'm happy, i'm healthy and therefore should focus on that.
I've never thought of myself as a "fashion" blogger, I've never classed myself as fashionable. It's more of a  personal style blog with tidbits from day to day life. I need to stop comparing myself to others and complaining to myself. I hope to find time to work out in future, but real life at the moment is hectic. 

Acceptance of myself is the best way forward.

Dress: Primark
Belt & Shoes: Peacocks
Kate Spade bag: EBay £14!

And if you weren't looking at these arms before, i'm sure you will be after that rant!! :)
So tell me, do you have insecurities or are you happy with who you are? 

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sun is shining, life is sweet

Well helloo!

Sorry i didn't stop by yesterday with my normal Friday blog post but we were on project garden clear up. And it went WELL!! We filled a skip with crap and cleared that garden from top to bottom. There's still a long way to go until it's where we want it to be, but we're getting there. So yesterday consisted of comfy but very unflattering shorts and a vest top. We were boiling hot running back an fourth and clearing. Both of us burnt a little (first burn of the year!!) But yep it's been that hot. It's been amazing, since the weathers been so gorgeous we've just been living outside with the kids. We eat out there and play out there as much as we can. Only downfall is, since we're all outside so much my house hasn't be tidied all week and kinda looks like a bombs hit it (nothing particularly new there), and i have No inclination to start tidying when the weathers just so good! It's like a wanna lap up every minute of this beautiful weather, partly in fear that next week it will depart the UK and move on its way.
So today, we went and hung out with my Bro-in-law and nieces at his house(my sister was doing an amazing job at a craft fair! poor thing missed all the sun and fun), and crashed his pool and ate his food. It was so good!!

Dress,Hat, Necklace & Bag: Matalan
Shoes: Blowfish
Waistcoat: Next
All other Jewellery: Various & i forget
When the weather gets hot, i seem to use jewellery and accessories more, where as in winter i use layers i guess and not a lot of jewellery. Simple cool dresses are how i plan on spending my summer. Ones that (hopefully) keep my Dignity intact (ie my panties covered)  It's amazing how much running around after a toddler can challenge your wardrobe. Today i've been in and out of the paddling pool and running round lots keeping Neo safe and spraying him every 15mins with factor 50 suntan lotion. I may be a little over cautious but hey, he's not burning on my watch!!
Does anyone else struggle with make-up in summer? Firstly i kinda don't wanna wear any, secondly when i do, it seems to just melt off of my face within minutes. Bloggers in hot countries, how do you do it?
Having not worn mascara for about a week, meant my eyelashes looked amazing today for once. One perk i guess!! 
And finally, this bag. I heart it lots. I saw it online and really liked it but waited for it to arrive in store so i could check it out first. Well needless to say, this bag makes my arm happy to carry it around!
Ok ok, enough blabbering on about nonsense, go enjoy the rest of your weekends. 
Have a cold one for me!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bare legs

Morning/Afternoon/Evening To you all!
I'm feeling rather chipper as the sun is out and its just a wonderfully sunny day.
I'm in the office and as i type the boys are all working hard (apparently i'm not it seems as i'm blogging?!) on re arraging our whole office and making it work better for us all. I'm excited. Me and hub's had date night last night and we discussed how we wanted to take things forward in the business and our home life. The sunshine is making us super pro active! And it feels good. We want our office to be some where we go to  and feel inspired. We want our home to be some where we feel happy and relaxed. So we are working on this!!
And did i mention, the sun is out? wooohoooo, hahaha :)

Dress & Pink pumps (that i love but you can hardly see): Peacocks
Cardi: Clothing at tesco
Bag: Matalan
Broach: Vintage
Jewellery: Random (and mostly very cheap!)

I just love the print on this dress. Its so retro funky and just on the knee which is the perfect length for me. Wierdly i love this outfit, but don't love the photos, they just don't "pop"like i was hoping them too. But hey ho, if you saw me in real life you had a treat for the eyes with this dress :)
This marks the first bare legs occasion of the year. Which is pretty significant if you ask any Brit!
Me and hubs, as mentioned, had date night which was just lovely. We had our usual meal which was delish, and i had my first beer in 4 months. I had two (wonderfully yummy) Corona's and felt tipsy! I'm such a light weight hee hee! Then what we normally do is watch a film in the cinema. The plan was the new Johnny Depp movie, but we missed the times, so we went for a drive. And d'you know what, i'm glad we did. We drove to the Gower in Swansea and walked along the beach for ages whilst the sun set. It was beautiful. Being next to the water is my most favourite place. As kids we were always by the sea as we grew up at Barry Island. So being back by the sea felt so calming. Really great for the soul.
I'm learning to let go of the stressy stuff that was oh so overwhelming, and roll with the changes. Take the highs with the lows and just not let things get to me. This is far easier said than done, but having had the past 3 weeks carrying so much stress, i'm tired and in need of change. And now is the time.
Maybe its the sunshine, that current bun is sure capable of some magnificent stuff!

Anyway ladies, thats deep enough for a Wednesday afternoon.
Tonight we're having burgers and veggie burgers with the kids... yum yum get in my tum!
Have yourselves a wonderful day/night


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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Next Olympic 2012 Scarf

Hi lovelies..
I'm back with a slightly different post today. As the whole world is probably aware, the UK is hosting the Olympics. The whole of Blighty is going Olympics crazy.
I remember watching the Olympics every 4 years as a child with my family. We were all quite sporty and whilst other girls were picking The Spice Girls as their roles models i was picking Sally Gunnell ( The great women's British hurdler)
I loved seeing all the colours of each countries kits and flags. I loved the atmosphere that you could almost feel through the TV. I was a young sprinter and aspired to one day run at the Olympics. As i got older my competitive streak lessened and i found myself running less. But my love for the Olympics never died.
So when Next contacted me and asked if i would like to participate in the 2012 Next Olympic Scarf campaign i jumped at the chance.
All profits from the sale  will be donated to the British Olympic Association! 
So i had a think on how to style this scarf
I was sent the Paralympic scarf:

And this is how i styled it:

 La lala la la, casually posing with my Olympics scarf.... as you do!




And then... we started messing about... i blame Hubs!!


 And finally, 

I'm a huge scarf collector. I love how a scarf can change an outfit.
What's your favourite way to wear a scarf? Got any more ideas for me to remix mine up with for the Olympics?

PS Yes red, white and blue is back, but i blame Next the Olympics and Great Britain!!! They made me!


Monday, 21 May 2012


'Ello all!
Monday blues anyone? I've had a lovely weekend at the in-laws and we're all back home now ready to start the week all over again. And you want the good news? The weather man said its gunna be sunny and warm, maybe even HOT!! Yup thats right, after being cold since probably last September there is the possibility of some warm weather and with warm weather comes some summery clothes! I'm not counting my chickens just yet though, but fingers crossed. (enough about the weather already? yes? ok.)
So I mentioned that i've started pinning inspiration outfits after my Red, white & blue rut (which FYI there's a R,W & B post coming right up tomorrow, but in my defence Next made me, all will become clear soon) When i see someone, anyone, from magazines, celebs to fellow bloggers who inspire me, i pin it here. Then from time to time if in need of some inspiration i look here and BOOM.. inspired! Or more like copy cat, but hey there are some terrific ladies out there who are just begging for me to copy them ;)
Todays outfit is from the lovely Michelle of Locked Out Fashion.
 Ain't she lovely!!

I saw this and thought, my my my! I love red and mint. How lovely! I didnt have a red skirt (which if anyone has a link for one please inform me as i've been looking for a red skirt for ages!!) and my version is kinda reversed!

Whole outfit: Matalan
Apart from the shoes which are old :)

I don't own many blazers (actually just one other that's kept for really formal events which i avoid at all costs) So this red blazer is new for me. I like it!! i like it a lot. I envisage lots of wear for it in it's future!
I also like how this outfit turned out thanks to the lovely inspiration. I was comfy and felt well put together in a smart casual type of way.
And finally, as pinky promised

(yay again, thanks Stel!)

I now need to answer 10 questions and pass on the award to 5 blogs who brighten my day...

1) Favourite Colour Green, but to wear its Red (and white an blue ha !)

2) Favourite Number : 3 My lucky number. I was born on the 3rd and my childhood home was no.3

3) Favourite Animal  Ummm i think im a cat kinda person (which Hubs has just said we may be able to get a kitty soon... yay!!)

4) Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink ~ All time fav is full fat coke! But im on a diet, so have switched to diet (which is poo) apart from that a caramel Latte

5) Facebook or Twitter  i have both but prefer Twitter these days

6) What is my Passion ~Family and blogging of course! and clothes (yeh that sounded shallow!)

7) Receiving or Giving ~ Um is it bad if i say both? Marks for honesty?

8) Favourite Pattern - i love anything retro 60's/70's funky retro, floral. I like lots of patterns, heck the more the better!

9) Favourite Day of the Week ~ Um Sunday and possibly (dare i say it) Monday, Fresh start and all that

10) Favourite Flowers ~ Sunflowers. Had them for me wedding and they always remind me of that

I now pass the award on to 5 blogs that brighten my day 
(ok i want to share it with all of you... seriously i do!!)
But in the honor of the award i'm gunna pass it to 5 blogs who i love and would love you to check out!
1. This girl CRACKS ME UP! and she dresses puurrddyy!
2. Locked Out Fashion for being a fabulous inspiration
3.Notdressedaslamb Catherine is a HUGE source of constant inspiration in the pattern mixing department
4. Shades Of Monet Because Marisa is a vintage dream and lovely gal!
5.Deliciously Yours Laura is just darling! 

Ok folks hope you enjoy your weeks and i'll be back super super soon!!


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