Monday, 30 April 2012

Polka dots, Pinks & Purples

Well Hello lovelies,

That felt like a weird unintentional 4 day absence from blogging. Weather and life kept getting in my way ;)
 So have you all had super nice weekends? Back to the grindstone now is it?

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Old
Shoes: Asda
Cardi: Clothing at Tesco

So i've had this dress about 3-4 weeks and today was it's first outing. I was kinda thinking i'd keep if for a lovely sunny day, and wear it with wedges or converse and a little straw hat. But if i waited for nice weather i could literally wait an eternity! So i've made it fit the weather as best i can. And d'you know what this dress made this girlie rather twirly! it is such a fun, comfy dress i look forward to wearing it many, many times. D'you know my only personal dislike? The attached tie belt. I have a love hate thing for attached tie belts. i can see why they're there but when you tie them up behind you they dig in your back( like when i'm driving!) So i tied it at the front... i attempted a cute bow but apparently i'm incapable of doing cute bows, it just looked sad and pathetic, so i did it round twice and tied a knot. And my second problem is, i like to add my own belt. Like a bright yellow would have been lovely!
But besides that its still in my top ten dresses ;)

This is also my first time with french maid braids on the blog. They're something i've done but never showed on here. For me, if my hair is wet and i have no time, this is the most ideal and practical style! Quick and easy and it gets it out of the way too which i kinda love (you know, when you got kids with sticky hands...!)

Anyway lovelies, i'm off , but have yourselves the best week!

Take care

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ditsy flowers & Cherries

Hey lovelies, Hope all's well! I am sooo glad to be over with work for a few days, PHEW its been hard work lately... seriously my lil ol' brain is frazzled (as is my hair it seems!)

I can't concentrate! 

'Cos this lil guy wanted to come out and be in mama's pictures, we had tears and a little red face!

But mama doesnt mind!!

"see daddy i just wanted to be with her"

annndd finish!

Dress: Modcloth
Cardi: Clothing at Tesco
Shoes: Lotta from Stockhom Clogs
Bag: Primark

So these pictures were quickly snapped between stupid heavy showers and at the end of a really long day. Neo was so tired he was stood on the doorstep crying his eyes out, he's a mamas boy that one.  And apparently a grumpy one tonight!
This dress is a beauty, its by Trollied Dolly and is so lovely on. Paul bought it for me for my birthday in December and it was tight, i then put on a few pounds and i could not do the damn thing up! Since i've been healthy eating and watching my calories lately i've managed to comfortably get in to this dress... and i love it. Structured, retro and just plain lovely. I didn't realise until earlier that its actual ditsy flowers and cherries which to me is ridiculously cute!

So technically in my mind it's now the weekend.. do you have any nice plans?  We have Mia's athletics competition, our little runner is about to run her little legs as fast as they can go, we also have my nieces 2nd birthday party and i also plan on trying to visit a local car boot sale, weather permitting! so ye, busy bee's over here! 
Take it easy lovelies and i'll see you real soon 


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Faking it

"Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins."
Mae West

That's right! Today it was  hiding my shins and the fact that i had a pair of leggings underneath there. You see, as the weathers so bad i thought i might try and fake Spring and see how that went. It rained, i was cold. I bought slippers to wear in work.

helloo sneaky leggings

Maxi Skirt: Dorothy Perkins about 18 months ago
Top: George at Asda (£3!)
Mellow Yellow Jacket: Next(which is sooo comfy, its such a soft stretchy denim)
Poka dot shoes: Peacocks last year (£5)

Surprisingly the denim jacket kept me really warm. I don't know why thats surprising as denim keeps my legs warm on a regular basis so i don't know why i thought it would be different for my arms?! Anywho, i've wanted to wear this jacket for about 3 weeks but perpetual rain has been getting right in my way. Between the huge downpours today there were moments of sunshine. I gotta say i looked slightly out of place in my spring outfit today whilst it was raining like nobody's business! 
Do you dress for weather or do you think, screw it, i'll wear what i wanna and then suffer the consequences? 
Hubby took these pics after a long day at the office and i felt like an ice cube:( Now im sat in joggers a hoody and ski socks... so cosy!!

Before i go, i was just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a badge/button swap? I have some space down the left hand side there and thought if anyone wanted to play swapsies we could?
Let me know if you fancy it...either leave a comment below or get in touch 
rachelturone at gmail dot com..

Take it steady you lovely lot!

pleated poppy

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stripes & Denim

Hey all, How's your weekend been? Good? Been very rainy here but we have had a nice chilled one anyway, with visits from my sis and nieces and a bit of shopping. Nothing too strenuous.
I don't normally blog on weekends, for the only reason of its normally manic here as we're always a full house, but i miss you guys! So here i am!
I've been feeling really inspired lately, after my White, Red & Blue rut i did a little magazine reading, a lot of blog reading and a lot of dressing up in my own wardrobe. And from then i feel like i have loads and loads of outfits i wanna share with you all. Nothing ground breaking, it's not like i'm re inventing anything over here, but you know when you put outfits together and you feel good, well that's where i am right now... which is nice!! Are you feeling inspired? Do you have any inspiration tips?

Dress: Red Velvet, Elsie and the Beautiful Mess ladies make such great dresses, im a proud owner of 2!
Shirt: Next
Everything else is oldie-old-old!

Can i just say how lovely this dress is from  Elsie and the Beautiful Mess ladies, they make such great dresses, im a proud owner of 2( first one here, which feels like forever ago and now i really wanna remix that one.) This one is called "The Bike Ride Dress" and d'you know what its soo comfy, and if i rode a bike i would totally wear this (but alas i live amidst hills the size of mountains and biking it would be way too strenuous!) But as a mama(and quite a tall gal) it was a great length, i could bend down, pick up my son AND keep my modesty intact! Result! And it is a soft stretchy material... Just fab!
I have a number of ideas to wear this with other items in my wardrobe. I immediately thought red, but thought i'd try this out first for a casual laid back Sunday and i kinda love it, it was so comfy! Red is definitely an option i will be mixing with though and i imagine more colours over the summer with nice sandals (if we ever get a summer boohoo!)
So yes me likey the dress...I seem to be a bit dress crazy lately (again) i just find them so easy and comfy.. i may or may not have purchased a few more recently so sorry in advance for the abundance of dresses coming 'atcha.

Well then lovelies, its been nice having a Sunday chat, hope the rest of your weekend wherever you are is awesome!
Take Care

Ps Thanks so much to Lizzie of Vanity Frills for this:

How lovely!! i'm reknowned for being terrible at passing these on and infact terrible at remembering them(i have serious goldfish span memory) but WILL remember to do this tomorrow!

Links: Monday mingle over at  the lovely Momtrends

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Friday, 20 April 2012

From Sun legs to Smurf Legs

Happy Friday lovelies
Wooo am i glad its here. I have a  few nice things to do this weekend, whether they pan out, who knows, but i'm glad i'm work free for a few days at least.
Well weather update... its still cold! And rainy. So as i mentioned i'm trying to accommodate some of my pretty dresses in to weather appropriate wear. Layers are the only way!!

Bird dress: Newlook and originally worn here
Jumper &Boots: Next sale
Charm necklace: old

So this is Smurf legs (or if you follow me on instagram/twitter smug legs.. stupid typo!)  Strangely people starred less at the smurf legs then they did at the yellow legs. I've had these tights a while but this is there first outing. And the boots, well.. they are what i wear alll the time lately. I had seen them for £80 and waited and waited which is unlike me as im so impatient, and then they went in the sale. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!! my luck is never that good! so at half the price i was buzzing!!
Oh and yes my hair and fringe (bangs) are in desperate need of a cut, split ends galore over here. I'm booked in for tomorrow and she's gunna have to work some magic i tell you as it is dire up there!!
Yes i have absolutely nothing of any interest to say hence the babbling!
I'm off out for a meal and a catch up with my gorgeous friend tonight who i have not seen since december! I cant wait!

Here's to a awesome weekend for all!!
Take care

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunshine c/o My Legs!

Happy half way through the week lovelies. 
How's your week going so far? Mines not as bad as i first anticipated. Works been manageable (so far), had date night with hubs and bought some amazing new make up. I'm not very good at make up at all! however this new stuff is pretty amazing, will tell you more about that soon. Have you been to anything nice?  
Something i'm not happy about.. the weather! ( i know i talk way too much about the weather and i actually study the form and regularly check weather updates on multiple sites.. i'm a weather geek!) Its so cold! And windy and wet. Luckily after work yesterday i managed to snap these pics just outside our warehouse shutter, which incidental made quite a  nice contrasting back drop.


it was too cold to take my coat off so thought id just be a flasher  impersonated instead ;)

Can anyone tell me how to make a fringe look good in the wind!!?

My prize from the lovely  Amy at The Cameras Lying

Dress & Bag: Primark
Coat: & Bright yellow tights: Matalan
Red Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Necklace from Amy, which i won (woohoo!)

Let me tell you i had some funny looks towards a. These tights and b. me wearing the tights. I kinda like them. I did feel rather conspicuous all day, but i mostly sit with my legs under my desk anyway. Just a few trips to the printer and warehouse and people in my work are kinda used to it now.
I like playing with colours. Needless to say i step out of the bedroom in the mornings an hubby looks me over and either rolls his eyes or grins holding back laughter.  He has to be seen with me and never moans at least ;-) (today i'm wearing smurf blue tights!)
The dress would look just as nice with black tights, its so easy to wear and was only £13.00. Bargain!!
In other more exciting news! I found out through Twitter yesterday i have been nominated for

MAD Blog Awards 2012

To be nominated someone has to obviously put you forward. So if it was any of you lovelies, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The fact that i've been just thought of amazes me and fills me with such happiness. HUMONGOUS THANK YOU!
I'm not really sure what happens next, i think the list gets whittled down to finalists and then the winner. But honestly just to be put forward is amazing. (thank you again)

And finally i was wondering if i could ask you lovely ladies a favour. I dont like asking as you turning up here on a regular basis to come see lil ol' me is plenty but, I've entered a competition where i have to gain facebook likes on my picture
The prizes are shopping vouchers and would love to be in the running. Possibly impossible to win at the moment as the current ladies in the running have 300+ likes but, if you could spare30 seconds of your time to go an like this link for me i would love you forever. If i win there will be a definite give- away from the prize vouchers too! So if you could pass it round and get your mum, dad, nan and dog to like it, it would be much appreciated
I feel like i'm on a one woman mission today! What my mission is, who knows but i'm on one!!
And here's a big cheesy grin and thumbs up from this lil man....
"You guys get a thumbs up from me!!"

Well have a Fab Wednesday and i will see probably Friday if not sooner!!

Momma Go Round pleated poppy
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