Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Most days...

 This is exactly how you will find me; dress+ cardi + tight & socks + boots. 
Not a lot to say on that really other than this is definitely my comfort zone. It's strange really, as a "style blogger" and i use that term loosely, i often feel the need to mix it up and make things different for the sake of being different. When in actual fact, this is my favourite kind of outfit and i would happily wear this 90% of the time. No bells or ribbons, nothing extreme. Just a dress and cardi combo. And being my go to type outfit, it makes me happy. I know my style better than ever as i am growing older, i know i love to dress Pretty and Practical! Simple :)
This Joules dress seriously makes me smile, I have been in a good mood all day wearing this. The bright and beautiful red floral print  on this dress makes it such a cheery little number and the comfort of its light lovely fabric makes it so easy to wear. Plus, stretchy waistband...need i say more? 
Do you have a comfort zone when it comes to dressing? 

Joules Dress: actual dress
Cardi: Gift from Paul and kids for my Birthday
Boots: Next

The weather has been atrocious here, constant rain makes it real hard to take photos.  This is the first dry day in a while and the forecast is rain again for the rest of the week! Oh to have a white Christmas, wouldn't that be amazing!! 
I'm super busy trying to get everything ready this week, tying up loose ends and just trying to go with the flow (easier said than done sometimes.. :-/ ) 
This afternoon i have my step daughters Christmas play which i can't wait to see! My christmassy mood is now in full swing!! Bring on the turkey and pressies!!

 Have Yourself a very lovely day!!!

pleated poppy


  1. Exactly my go-to look for comfort and happiness :)

  2. Ahh pretty. My comfort outfit is jeans and wolly jumper. Booooring! Hx

  3. So pretty! That dress is gorgeous on you :)

  4. What colour is that lipstick? I have been looking for a bright red with a slight orange undertone but have been failing miserably...

    Jem x


  5. My comfort zone alters with the season, but it tends to be a couple of dresses along with whatever cardigan and tights I pull out of the drawer first. It's easy, but I still feel put together. This dress is gorgeous, the colour looks fantastic on you xo

  6. Those socks+boots+cardigan = adorable and best combination :)

  7. Rachel, I'm just loving the cheerful florals against the rustic backdrop! I can see why this dress makes you so happy. My go-to is very similar, tough I tend to fall back on black n white with gold accessories. Happy Christmas to you and your family!!! ~Sarah

  8. What a cheerful vibrant look...and I heart those boots!

  9. My comfort zone is same as yours, dress, tights, cardigan and knee boots

    Janine xx

  10. i love this look! cozy and as always colorful :)

    C's Evolution of Style

    1. Yes i'm definitly a skirts and dresses kind of girl, when im on doubt out they come :D
      You look great!

      Sal x

  11. See I think this is totally a bells and riboons outfit! I'm sat here in a sweatshirt and sweatpants lol :)

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  12. Hey we're wearing similar dresses today! Love the bold pretty floral. It looks super cute with the boots and socks and that cardi looks so cozy and warm! This is totally my go-to outfit too, and I do wear it 90% of the time haha!
    The weather is awful here as well...lots of snow and today the wind is bitter and biting cold! Ugh.

  13. lovely bl0g.

  14. I'm the same really chicken.. love the dress/cardi/tights/boots combo, it's my staple. Your dress is gorgeous :) xx

  15. Dresses with cardigans are definitely a go-to outfit for me too. They're so easy and tend to be quite comfy too. I really love your pretty red floral dress. There's just something about a favorite dress that makes a girl feel so good all day! You look wonderful in yours and the stretchy waistband is definitely a plus with all kinds of holiday treats around.

  16. That oversized cardi looks SO cozy! Lately I've been wearing a lot of sweaters with a button down underneath, boots, and a scarf. :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  17. Aw I really love this combination. Over sized cardis and dresses are so great. And I HATE bad weather - makes it a huge feat to get decent photos

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway

  18. Your family member sure know how to shop for you! The amazing dress from your sister and this beautiful cardi from Paul are both so perfectly you! Looking beautiful in the chilly weather, as per usual :)
    How was the Christmas play??


  19. This is such a great combo! And love love love the print of that dress...you look so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. This is a great combo - this style is you, you look radiant if it makes happy stick with it!

    Ariane xxx

  21. This is exactly like me lately too! Sweater, dress/skirt, tights, socks, boots...haha. I really love how cozy and absolutely darling this outfit is Rachel! You always mix and match colors so brilliantly :) xoxo Marisa

  22. Love your dress so fun and bright and I totally agree better to stick with what you know works for you.


  23. You look gorgeous, I wish I looked as good in my comfort zone!

    Maria xxx

  24. I just love big cardigans with dresses, it's my weekend go-to outfit!

    Okay I'm going to get back to work now as i have stalked you enough!




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