Monday, 31 December 2012

No-Mans Land

I always feel like the time between Christmas and New Year is kinda like a
 No-mans land. A waiting game almost, where you eagerly await that fresh start with renewed enthusiasm, where you ponder all your previous years doings and think this next year will be the best yet. I guess its the given time for reflection, the week between festivities. But for me, it normally consists of wearing lots of pyjamas and not a scrap of make-up, eating all the leftover Christmas/party food/sweets/choccies/biscuits till i feel sick and generally being a lazy bum.

I guess its my true time off from life once a year. Are you active this time of year or like me? Give yourself a bit of a mental retreat from life?

I've been thinking about 2012, as we all do around now, and it has been an oddball of a year. We've had ups and downs and ins and outs. Toughie months and plane sailing. There's been tears and stress and laughter and relief. It's been a bit of a strange one, not good and not bad. Maybe just so.
I guess i want to make more special memories in 2013. I want my son to grow up with wonderful memories of his childhood and it is down to me to instil that. 
I guess going fourth i'm going to make 2013 count... Be productive.  Do more. Be Happy
And obviously lose 12lbs, re decorate my house and win the lottery.. d'uh. ;-)

Dress: Louche via ebay
Top underneath: tesco
Shoes: Seychelles Via Modcloth

Has 2012 been good to you? What are your resolutions?
I would love to hear about you!

Ps since these photos were taken i cut all my hair off... in a mad urgent whim i decided it had to be done... jury's still out on if im happy about it! Pics to come soon (ie when i get my lazy arse out of pj's and get myself dressed well enough to blog.)

Also i'd like to throw this out there.. weather Gods, if you're listening PLEASE PLEASE PPPPLEASE stop raining over here... I'm going out of my mind!! seriously! i may as well just invest in a wetsuit and flippers and call it an outfit, its driving me c-razy!!
ok nuff said...

Stay safe tonight folks.. see you on the other side!
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Thursday, 27 December 2012

2012- The Recap

Well hello!! I hope you've all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas! Its been pretty sweet here! All over and done with for another year, kinda crazy really how fast it all seems to go which has led me on to this post...

Another year nearly over already, boy doesn't time fly when you're having fun!
I've been looking back through the last year of outfits on this blog and have found myself glad that i blog. It serves as a fantastic diary to look back at and see what i was doing and what i was wearing and generally what i was feeling like on that given day/week/month.
From looking back i can see how my style has developed and yet stayed very true to the very depths of me. Outfits that i conjure up in my mind have translated on to this here very blog and that encourages me to carry on and keep going. 
Here's a few from favourites from the past 12 months!!


These are some of  my favourites, do you have favourites from your own wardrobe?

My findings retrospectively:
I like red and mustard a lot!
I buy way too many clothes and bags and shoes :[ ...Rachel needs to stop shopping
I need more hats (can never have to many if you ask me)
I like dresses
Tights are my security blanket, i just love 'em

I'm going to be thinking over the next few days about what i've accomplished in 2012 and what i'd like to aim for in 2013. I think its good to re-evaluate and see where you are and where you wanna be. I'm rubbish at setting strict New years Resolutions.. i always fall off the wagon by the second week in Jan, haha!

And of course you! I can't forget to mention you lovely lot!
 I could not ask for a more amazing bunch of beautiful souls to encourage me on a daily basis to keep publishing myself on here. The wonderful comments you write warm my heart on a daily basis and have given me confidence in ways i didn't think possible. Thank you, each and everyone of you, for coming back time and time again to read my ramblings and comment with love and respect. Without you this blog would just be some crazy lady posting random photos of her self in quirky outfits. 
Thank you for making me less of a crazy lady
Much Love 

Friday, 21 December 2012


Polkadotty-navajo, its a thing isn't it? It is now! 
Can you BELIEVE its 4 sleeps tell the big fat man in the red suit makes an apperance?!! Arrrgghh! Where the heck has this year gone? I've read a few blogs lately, reflecting on their past year and it's really got me thinking about 2012 for me too. I think i'll be doing a full reflection post coming up soon ladies. I'm still in utter disbelief that the year is nearly over. Have you had a good year?

 I bought this blouse on ebay for 99p a month or so ago. Man, i love Ebay. This blouse is in the most perfect condition and is so pretty on. I've been wearing it with jeans and jackets as well as skirts, it was a really great piece to add to my wardrobe, and at the price it feels even better!
And the cardigan is another gift from Hubby for my birthday 2 years ago. That man knows me well, he knows i'm like a little old lady who loves her cardi's! This one is like a coatigan. It doesn't get worn as much i'd like, its really thick and warm and you can't wear a coat with it, so it had to be a dry day, which fyi is a rarity in these parts lately. 
Oh and the Minnetonkas which i have been so desperately after but too tight to pay full price are also an awesome Ebay find. I tell ya, i am an ebaying demon! These came and are like brand new for less than a third of the price... yay for a good bargain!

 I didn't realise how short this skirt was until i was out doing the very last of my shopping this morning and with arms laden with lots of last minute Christmas supplies i dropped 3 rolls of wrapping paper. I had to bend over and get them as discreetly as possible, but i wouldn't be surprised if half of Tesco saw tomorrows washing...eek :/
 Cardi: Gift from Paul 2 years ago
Skirt: Matalan
Shoes: Minnetonka : Ebay
Blouse: Ebay: Originally New Look
 The Minnetonkas are so super comfy. They are a bloggers dream aren't they?! I see them on so many bloggers and have loved them from a far. And now i have them they are every bit as comfy as i'd hoped. funny isn't the power of the blogger. I find we really do rub off on each other don't we. I kinda like it, like it's a secret gang,haha! 
Anyway gang, I will be popping back in hopefully before now and the big day, so i shall see you all real soon!!

Ps Tomorrow i shall be dressing up as the Indian from this well known group, with headress and all, and raising money for Breast Cancer.... should be fun!!! Wish me luck! Off to go practice my YMCA actions ;-)
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