Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rusty (and Winner announcement)

 Hi Folks

I spent the most wonderful day wandering the streets of Cwmbran with my wonderful Mum and niece, Lillie and Neo. We did a little shopping, sipped coffees, ate cake and walked for miles. It was lovely. I did also have to negotiate a toddler tantrum from my darling son, in the middle of a quiet hall that had a lovely local craft fair going on. It's the first time he has ever performed in public like that and i had no naughty spot to put him on. I did that thing where you excuse yourself and your screaming child and then had the knowing glances from other women/mothers. Oh my.... terrible twos are FUN..ahem , no no they're really not!!!! I mean is this a test for parents? How long to keep your cool. If we make it to his third birthday i think i'll be the one deserving of the presents and a huge slab of cake.heehee!!
But anyway, he did soon stop creating and calmness was restored thank goodness! Jeez kids, they don't half know how to push your buttons sometimes.
 Dress & Boots: Next
Cardi: Tesco last year

We planned on taking these photos before our outing but i was too lazy to go back to the car, but i bloody should have! I was so shattered and dishevelled afterwards and the beautiful sun had already started to set (at half 3 i might add!!)
Hubby is away working again this week, so i asked my dear lovely mum to snap some for me. Bless her, these were the only ones out of a fair few, that i could use,  Shall we just say, blurry wonky shots are the new abstract artistic blogging format for photos...yes? Thanks! ;-).... (love you really mum)

This is my lazy day dress. The day when i don't really want to think about what to wear. Needless to say, it gets A LOT of wear. the rust like colours are some of my favourites, and if I'd have been a good blogger and taken lots of nice photos, you would have seen that i matched the beautiful trees with the last of their leaves and the ground that seems to be covered in a layer of orange.
 I have to be honest, im going through a real lazy phase lately. Not really sure why. My schedule is all over the place at the moment,week after week i'm kind of flying by the seat of my panties. Literally hoping each day pans out ok from one day to the next.
 When i do stop and have a rest bite, i normally cant be arsed to think about clothes, which isn't too great for a supposed style blogger, haha. But bare with me. I'm sure i'll pull through. If you see me in tracksuits feel free to intervene.

 Well i will love you and leave you. 

Wishing you all a fabulous week ladies!!

and if you havent but wouldnt mind, you can still vote for me to be crowned style blogger of south wales here... which would be prreeetty cool!!
ok bye


Thank you too all who entered the Max C London Giveaway! I have another giveaway in the pipe line so stay tunned!
The winner is:

Number 32

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  1. I love this outfit! As always.
    Don't worry, your crap photos are better than my good ones! xx

  2. You are more lovely in every post, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love the pic with your boy, ahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Glad you had a good day! And dont worry, no one noticed Neos tantrum :)

    Thanks for coming to see me x x

    p.s. you spelt LILLIE wrong :-S

  4. This is an awesome look!! I am your newest follower!

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)



  5. Great cardigan and the way you styled it is perfect!

  6. You do look gorgeous, whatever the daily stressors may be! And the pic of you and your little boy is really precious. Thanks for linking up to Viisble Monday - I voted for you, go girl!

  7. Love the dress and the boots are to die for. I can totally relate those terrible twos. They carried on over into the threes for my daughter. Thankfully, she's starting to return to her sweet self now that she's approaching age 4. Hopefully, this stage will pass soon for you though.

  8. I love your lazy day dress, so pretty! You look like Fall perfection! Also, just voted for you, hope you win! Thanks for visiting me today as well :)


  9. i adore the boots you are wearing here! fall is such a wonderful season for clothing, i love this look!

    lindsey louise

  10. Aw I love your lazy dress. The colors in the plaid would pair nicely with so many different things I'm sure. I love your horse cardigan with it. The two patterns are so cute together. Also, I don't know how I wasn't officially following your blog before now... I always enjoy your instagram posts! So now I'm officially following.

  11. Rachel this layered look is just wonderful - so autumnal and pretty! I love all the burnt orangey reds and browns... plus your hair seems to be getting more lush with every post - how do you do it???

    Have a great week hun :))

    Catherine x

    1. Forgot to say I already voted for you of course!! Good luck! x

  12. I LOVE your cardigan!!!! So cute!

  13. Awww look at that little one with you. SO cute. And, adore your whole outfit, particularly the boots with socks, one of my favorites.

  14. This outfit is marvelous. I love so many things: the colors, the layers, the mixed's all fabulous!

  15. So cute!!! I found you via the Modern Modest Beauty linkup! Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  16. I absolutely love this outfit on you! Love the combo of patterns, and it looks so cozy...

  17. Such a lovely cozy fall outfit. Love the photo with your little one.


  18. Hi! Linking up from Watch What I'm Wearing, and I'm crazy about this outfit! Love your blog and your style, and I'm a new follower! I'd love you to check out my blog too :)

  19. you're the queen of pattern mixing! love that cardigan so much :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  20. Such a pretty look!Love your curly hair!

  21. Hi there!

    Stopping in from the Yolo link up! That cardi... so cute :)
    Glad to have found your blog, and I'm excited to read along.
    Hope to keep in touch!

    -Krystal newest GFC follower

  22. Ahrgh, I'd be a nightmare coping with screaming child! Your lazy days outfit is more like my dressing up!x

  23. I have lazy day dresses too that get a lot of wear out of! You still look lovely though :)

  24. Well, Rach, even for a lazy arse, you still look purty! I'm really loving your boots-with-socks, tights, & dress-vibe and my, my, what a fabulous hair day you had!!

    Big hugs to Neo and his little temper tantrums (he reminds me of quite a few republicans here in the US who've been behaving in much the same way since Obama's gotten reelected :))


  25. I have felt lazy lately too, even though I have been super busy! I really love that horse print sweater...Thanks for linking up :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  26. It makes you lazy trying not to be lazy don't you think! I happen to think you look lovely, and I love your cardigan!

    Yes, terrible two's indeed. I'm not even a mother and I hear you- you all deserve a medal!

    Sarah XxX

  27. I love your whimsical sweater!!! So cute!!
    Nikki at

  28. Can that sweater print and dress plaid work any better together? Perfect. Wow ... I want to learn how to do this. One impressive mommy, you. Thanks for the lesson, young lady!

  29. Your hair looks AMAZING!! XX

  30. You have a great collection of boots! I like the black wedges.

    <3 Melissa

  31. adorably cute and cozy look! Love that cardigan.
    Ah, terrible two's... my lil guy turned 3 in October and I wish I could say the tantrums are whisked away, but they are not. Actually my man is very well behaved, but they all have their moments...and yes we deserve limitless cake for putting up with it:)
    All the best.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Great pictures, love the pic of you and your little one. Those boots are gorgeous.

  34. Love the print cardi! Thanks so much for swinging by Monday Mingle this week!

    ps. here's my latest series called "what to wear" I drop an outfit bomb every saturday!


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