Tuesday, 13 November 2012

EBEW: Boots!!

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I kinda forgot all about Everybody Everywhere, but when i did remeber and saw that it was BOOTS i thought, hells yeh! I'm sure i can scrape something together for that, 'cos you know what, i Love boots.
I own a fair few pairs and they are on somewhat on rotation in my foot wear department.
I just find them so comfy and practical and funky and easy.
I struggled to find a favourite so i thought i'd share with you a selection of some i've worn over the past couple of months:

Grey Ankle Booties

Black Wedge

 Black wedge again but with zipper

Tan Ankle Lace Up
 what i call my cowgirl ankle tan 

 Mid calf studded (but very uncomfy )

Black comfy old trusty knee highs

And then my all time favourite: The tan knee high flat with tassels
These boots my friends were most definitely made for walking! 

Ok so now i want to go boot shopping and add more. Its also made me want to remix some of those dresses and skirts up there! Ooo that was fun! Here's to many more booted days!


  1. ADORE the tan knee highs and also the black wedge with the zip! i have trouble finding boots, i had a big(ish) calf and they make me feel self conscious. but i adore ankle boots so these black ones are a winner!

  2. Wow, you're certainly a boot lover. You've got some lovely pairs here though, I particularly like the tan ankle cowboy boots and the black studded calf ones. I have a few pairs of boots, but still seem to stick to wearing the same pair over and again, I think because it's my only flat pair. x

  3. I LOVE the black wedges you're wearing with that gorgeous red dress, I really wanted to invest in some this year but my stupid skinny ankles mean they don't suit me :( Have got some beautiful brown heel boots from Office though for this winter, I think they might definitely be made for walking.. Hx

  4. Yep youve got the boot thing on lock lol. I think i have maybe 3 pairs.
    BTW, Rach I believe you live in the most beautiful place in the world! Am I right?

  5. So many great boots! It already looks like you have one of each kind, but one can never have too many boots!

  6. Third one <3 I just can't resist that gorgeous print :)

  7. I thought I had a lot of boots ;) I seriously love them, I really like your tan flat ones - they are fab!

    Speak soon with hopefully some exciting news!

    Take care hun, Stel xx

  8. You sure do have a lot of boots and I. LOVE. THEM. ALL!


  9. I love all of these boots, such a staple for autumn/winter!

    Maria xxx

  10. I love boots and you've just reminded me most of my pairs are still at my mums, I must go collect them over the weekend xxx

  11. i love how you compiled looks of your boots, that last pair is the best!

    C's Evolution of Style

  12. So to sum up... you're fabulous! Pretty much every look is a 10, but I do love the last look. Feels like an Anthropologie spread!!! ~Sarah

  13. cute, cute outfits and i LOVE the tights!!! Found you via EBEW (http://2brokelagirls.blogspot.com)

  14. I'm loving your "cowgirl" ankle boots. I've never worn ankle boots, fearing they'll make me look all chunky legged.. but maybe I should try a pair!! xx

  15. Whee! All of your boots are amazing, apparently. (: Send 'em all to me?


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