Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Max C London Giveaway!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, and as promised i have a wonderful giveaway for you!

 The Lovely people at Max C London sent me a dress of my choice. I choose this starry little number with our Bonfire night coming up i thought it would be perfect! I know most people are all about Halloween but for me bonfire night is my personal favourite. And i know this is only a British thing, but for my international readers just think Bon fires, lots of fireworks,sparklers, marshmallows toasted, Hotdogs and that amazing smell of cooked onions, all out on a cold starry November night. Its truly one of my favourites! When i was a kid my mum would always take my sis and I to the local firework display each year , she'd buy us candy floss and we would huddle together in the cold and oohh and ahhh over the beautiful fireworks.  Such great memories!

 This starry dress has such a great explosion of beautiful colours it is great for remixing. I've worn as many colours as i could pick out of it here, reds, purples and teal. I can also picture some tans and contrasting some mustard with it also. Lately i just want to stick mustard with everything,ha!

Can you believe these photos were taken at 3.30 and it was already feeling dark and grey. By the time i drive home from work it is pitch black. There's something about getting home when its that dark that makes me just want to snuggle up under the blankets, eat minestrone soup with chunky bread and knit!

So lovelies:
 As well as donating this rather wonderful dress my way 
Max C London have also very generously given readers of Rachel The Hat a fabulous £25 voucher to spend on anything they please from their website!

 All you have to do to enter is:

*Be a follower of Rachel The Hat  by GFC or Bloglovin
and then pop on over to Max C London and tell us what your favourite item is
*Like Max C London on Facebook

Additional entries for you eager beavers:)
*Like Rachel The Hat's new facebook page
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*Follow Max C London on Instagram (user name MAXCLONDON)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry below so they can be counted up as individual entries.
Open to all, give-away will run till Saturday November 10th, 5 entires per person gives you a wonderful chance!

Here's a few things i also fancy from Max C London's site:

That moustache cardigan is calling me!!! and those pretty collared dresses.. wowie!!

Good luck!!

</>pleated poppy

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

On a grey day...

I always like to inject a bit of colour...

The temperatures have taken a plumet and its a lot a colder here compared to the mild autumn we'd been having. I dont mind the cold as long as its dry )my god, i sound like an old lady!) But today was not.. wet soaking fun! So we stayed in and had a DVD day. I introduced Neo to The Lion King and sang all the songs, each and every word. It used to be one of my favourites. I have seen the show live in New York and a small production of it in Disney too. I hope to take Neo one day. Would be lovely to have that mother son moment with him.
 I was inspired to mix these colours from seeing Sandy Al A Mode's post. Blogging is such a great inspiration, you ladies are all wonderful and totally keep me in fresh ideas to mix up my wardrobe.
Wine (that sounds far better than oxblood, yuck!), orange, purple and raspberry. It may not be for everyone but i just loved the cheery colourfulness of this outfit. Plus i was snuggly warm in my big thick sweater which is about 4 years old. My collection of knitwear has grown over the years and now i have so many i literally have no where to put them. A pile of knitwear is currently on my bedroom floor waiting to be homed. I'm thinking under-bed storage...stat!
I also very nearly got rid of these shoes a couple of weeks ago. Kinda glad i didn't now!
And the skirt here is actually a dress of which i have many a plan for! It's a little light weight (helloo Marilyn Monroe moments a leetle too often!), super stretchy, super comfy and also a bargain at £13.00.

Sweater: French Connection (at least 4 years ago)
Dress worn as skirt: New Look
Shoes: Next (last year)
 Stay tuned this week ladies i have some big news, an amazing GIVE -AWAY(this Wednesday) and something new and super fun towards the weekend! So excited!!!
Have a wonderful week!

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Friday, 26 October 2012

A Good Hair Day

Well helloo and happy weekend to you!
I am most happy to see this weekend. Weather forecast is sunny but really really cold, i'm hoping to bundle us up in some winter woolies and go walking amongst some of those beautiful leaves before they make a quick exist. I fear winter may be approaching faster than i'd like! But at least with winter comes, my birthday (omg 28! eek!), by step son's birthday, Christmas and hubbys birthday. So at least through those cold hard months we have a few things to look forward to!

I picked this dress up recently in New Look for about £13.00. I am really cautious when adding pieces to my wardrobe these days. This is a colour i don't own much of at all and i can see great potential for remixing, which makes it extra great value for money. This kind of ensemble is as rock as it gets over here! haha! And, this normally floral loving peter pan collar wearing twirly girly does like to branch out occasionally

I got given a free sample from the lovely people at Aussie Hair Uk of their 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. I'm no stranger to Aussie hair care, its a hair brand i actually really love and use regularly. This conditioner is superb, my hair felt amazing afterwards. I've been contemplating a massive chop to the old mop, but this conditioner has convinced me to keep the length. My hair felt and looked in the best condition and i just cant argue with that.
What are your hair secrets, are there any products you would recommend? If you get chance to use the Aussie range do try it, not only does it make your hair super shiny and soft but it also smells 
uh-maze-ing! Seriously, i kept sniffing my hair like a complete wierdo all day,aha!

Dress, Scarf & Tights : New Look
Boots & Bag: Very Both about 4 years ago
Belt: Vintage (was hubby's from the 80's!)

 So lovelies, have yourself a super weekend. I have a WONDERFUL give-away coming up next week! Can't wait to share it with you... ! xxx


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Country Bumpkin

Over the years I have lived in cities and large towns and small towns nestled amongst the countryside. I have been a little gypsy over the years and moved about a fair bit which makes me realise how much i love being surrounded by fields and trees and beautiful views.  I guess i am a country bumpkin at heart. Paul and I long to live in a field in a beautiful detached house with spectacular views and a few sheep wandering round. With a tree swing for the kids and wellies by the back door, this is our dream.
But for now, we just have to travel a few minutes up the road for those views and sheep;)

These were taken on Sunday just gone. We went to the top of the town with the kiddos and the dog and took in the views and fresh air which is just so good for the soul. 
The dog was in her element and the kids really really enjoyed it and asked if we could go exploring again next weekend. I cant wait. We have so many beautiful places around us i just want to show you them all.

 Dress: Joules c/o: John Lewis
Tweed Jacket & Tights: Matalan
Boots & Bag: Next
Scarf: Peacocks

Dog photo bomb!! and  captured her best side heehee!

 I can i just take a moment to express my love for this dress? Yes ? Thanks! Ok, i LOVE this dress. I actually wore it three days on the trot when i first got it a couple of weeks ago (i know pee-ewww stinky Rachel, haaha!) Its just so comfy and easy going. And it has pockets which makes it perfection.
It has a really vintage-y type print of an old fashioned horse and riders on it which is so quaint. I have heard of Joules over the years but assumed it was for the rich country folk, but when i received vouchers from John Lewis this was the dress that caught my eye. Since then i have been constantly perusing the Joules website. They have some lovely stuff, lots of bright colours , comfy practical stuff and and pretty dresses too, which is great for a girl who loves long walks but still likes her dresses :-)
Just love this place

Old McNeo looks like a Farmer ;)
Photo Bomb from Talyn, he was so funny, he kept calling himself  Talyn the Hat and jumping in the picture

 I fear you may see these boots A LOT over winter. Brace yourselves! 
Also i have wanted a Tweed blazer for a while now. I just love how they can look smart with jeans and be remixed with dresses too. This matalan tweed blazer is the one! I swear it is sooo wonderful i have tried on a few over the past few months but didn't like how they sat, the colour of the tweed or the price tag. This one is spot on. It's been worn every day since i got it!

D'you know what though it was real windy up there, Fringes (bangs) and wind do not mix! My hair was all over the place. Vanity eh! I ended up just letting it go crazy in the wind there. Very refreshing!
When we got back i looked like i'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. I also ended up having to pick Neo up as we walked to the top of the hill, his lil legs, bless him, just couldn't make it!
I cant wait for our next walk! I think i should have been a Park Ranger or Farmer as i just Love being outdoors.
Are you and outdoorsy person or happier in doors?

pleated poppy
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