Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Wonderful Son

2 Years ago today i gave birth to my son. At exactly 17.58 the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me happened.
My son was passed to me and love rushed through my body, a feeling like no other i had ever experienced.
Today, two years on that love is even stronger then i ever thought physically possible.
I'm so proud to be Neo's Mummy.
I feel so lucky every day to have him as my son.
And, even though we have officially hit terrible two's territory, I am proud of how head strong and courageous, like his daddy, he is.
Today, i have only cried once ;)
I was cooking his favourite meal (spaghetti, he loves to slurp it up) in the kitchen, he ran out to me and into my arms. I picked him and cuddled in to him and stayed that way, swaying back and fourth to the music on the radio.
The song just so happened to be one of my favourites.
Tears streamed down my face.
Music is an amazing thing, it can really hit you on such a  personal level. This song may be a love song to many.
To me, this afternoon, the lyrics resonated deep within me. Whilst holding my son i wanted that moment to last forever....
(and now im crying again, someone pass me a tissue....)

Happy birthday Light of my Life. Thank you for being my son, Neo
Love you to infinity and beyond


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bare Naked Leggies

Hey ladies!!!
Thanks for all your well wishes, they really helped! I'm feeling so much better!
I've been working, working, working, and the Bank Holiday Monday has really thrown me out... is it the weekend yet? oh please, please, please let it be!

I first put this together and kindly asked the people of Instagram and twitter  if it was tooo much?
Yay or Nay to the outfit?
But the lovely people spoke and the answer was a resounding YAY! I was pleased as deep down in its complete kookiness i love it.
I mean its got everything on my my what i love to wear list;
Heart prints: CHECK
Lots of colour: CHECK
Comfy Shoes: CHECK
Dress: CHECK
Cardigan: CHECK
So i thought i'd give it a whirl.

Dress: Primark, March of this year
Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: Monsoon (old)
All other bits and pieces are fairly old

Another remix done! The first post with this dress was here and its the dress that made it to Print for the article in Bust magazine. They currently have it up on their website of you'd like to go check it out!
I can picture me remixing this again around christmas time with some green tights and a red cardi! Christmas?! i hear you shriek, haha! yeee it's just around the corner don't ya know!!;-)

Well in 24 hours my son turns two! I'm off to go an think about that and hug him extra tight...
Jeez! Where have the past two years gone, I remember him being in my tummy like it was yesterday, some one pass me a tissue.... i'm such a cry baby!

Love to you all xo
PS: Im having a giveaway over at Selective Potential for a $50 Modcloth Voucher. Be sure to go join in!!
pleated poppy

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Seeing Green

Hi lovelies, hope the weekend treated you well. Mine, not so much.
You know when you're poorly and all you want to do is curl up and go to sleep (between bathroom excursions) well that was me, but i couldn't do that. We had the in laws coming down and i wanted the house to look like we don't live in squalor at least some of the time, so in good old British style i plodded on! Cramps and all. Until today, when I quite literally collapsed in bed for 5 hours. So if none of this makes sense, i sorry. My brains still not quite with it ...

Green Trench: Ebay complete bargain for £3!! (and i switched the buttons out to these vintage gold ones)
Dress: Yumi  via Oasis
Shoes: Lotta

Man oh man those skies look ominous! The heavens opened and pretty much haven't stopped raining since Saturday. As much as i was looking forward to autumn i think i forget what autumn here is actually like. WET! and that's just no fun.
I wore this on Sunday for the in-laws impending arrival, trying my best to look like the good house wife who looks after their son ;) 
I'm still on a remix-athon at the moment and loving it! This dress is getting its second outing on the ol' blog-a-roo.  Oh how i love its cute collar and pretty pockets. I'm going to try remix this darling dress again for some winter wear. 

Ok so my brain hurts from all the words, 

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Easy Like Friday Morning...

EBEW - Back To School

UPDATE: adding this to this months EBEW as it is my favourite preppy look! Hope you like it!!

Hellooo lovelies, welcome to friday! And for us Brits a long Bank holiday weekend, aint that grand!

Shirt: Clothing at Tesco
Blazer: Matalan
Jeans & Brogues: Next
Bag (my laptop case) : Vintage, gifted from hubby
Specs: c/o Firmoo

Remember i mentioned the other day that i was actually in work doing really boring stuff. Well this was what i wore on that boring day, and i was going to say that its quite a boring outfit, for me. No brooches, bangles or bells;) just simple preppy style. I've been wearing this a lot lately. In-fact i've been living in these jeans and this blazer on and off all week. yesterday we had an appointment at the vets (Holly has a bady eye,bless her) and i swapped out the shirt for a simple red and white Breton top.
I think i've been craving me some simplicity. Life around us lately is pretty stressy and crazy so i think i've gone super simple with my clothing. And i've enjoyed it, a lot!
These brogues are now well and truly worn in and feel like slippers, i really wanna wear them with some cute dresses and tights to see if i can work that re mix... any suggestions for what to wear with Brogues?
Do you ever crave simplicity in your outfits?
As much as i enjoyed this, i've also been planning some major colour mixing ensembles, coming to a blog post real soon!
Right ladies, i'm off , got a humongous amount of work to do today, with the possibility of the in laws coming this weekend, some new business ventures to look in to and a huge mess to clean. On top of that i have the mother of all mother headaches... nice! Wish me luck...

Love to you all

Ps one week countdown till this fella is 2!! eeeeee
Footnote: this photo is from a few weeks ago, his hair is longer and crazier right now. we judge age my hair craziness I was going to take a photo  and put it here, but he was picking his nose and really, no one wants to see that, not even his mama;) xox

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Air Meets Sea

Hey lovelies, keeping well i trust?
I've been working working working my little  big tooshi off! I could do with a nice break, a holiday to Spain or something, you know, feel some sun, warm through to me ol' bones. But alas, it can not be!
So i decided on my week off, to dress like a holiday.. (i'm going somewhere with this i promise) no i didn't roll around in sand and drape seaweed all over myself and walk around in a bikini all day, but donned my nautical belt and BA vintage bag and hit the shops!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Matalan
Tee: Peacocks
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Davina for Next

I think my new bed spread actually inspired this whole look. is that weird? to be inspired by a bed spread? But just look at it, cute little beach huts!! aren't they lovely?!

I got this bag a few weeks ago on ebay from a Vintage seller, i really love it! its huge inside and i can carry even more junk around with me now. I think the ex Travel Agent in me was attracted to it. Reminded me of booking holidays and taking holidays... ah the good old days (pre kids of course! ;-)
I love any retro travel pieces and think this may be a new collection for me!
And yes i do look preggers in the last photo and no i am most definitely not. It was the huge bowl of lasagne i had just eaten whilst out at the shops! Note to self: take outfit photos before consuming copious amounts of carb based dishes! duh!!
like i mentioned, these were taken a couple of weeks ago whilst i was off from work. I assure you i am not eating lasagne and shopping like a good un' today. i am bored sat in a room with no windows looking at a screen with lots of crappy numbers on...oh the joys!!! Roll on the weekend i say!!

Best wishes all!!

Ps i'm super close to 400 followers and 50,000 views. this is unbelievably awesome!! I'm thinking giveaway to celebrate? What d'ya think lovelies? xx

oh and  this was This dress worn Last time

</> pleated poppy
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Monday, 20 August 2012

Kissy Kissy

Hello lovelies, and how are we? Good, yes?
Well Mondays rolled round once again as quick as ever!
I managed to get out this weekend to Hobbycraft to stock up on some bits that i need for some crafty plans. Last night i went to bed and crafty goodness was whirling round and round in that lil brain of mine and i'm feeling totally inspired right now! I just want to get my teeth in to a good productive project or two. I'm looking forward to autumn coming by and picking up where i left off last year on the crochet and knitting front too, for some reason these seem like winter sports to me. Summer i just cant seem to pick up those needles. Strange...
I've never been a crafty gal so im really enjoying these new skills im picking up along the way and new hobbies to entertain my over active mind. Only problem is, finding time. I dont even know where im supposed to pluck that from?! Answers on a postcard...please!?!

Lips top: Old originally Dorothy Perkins but i got it from Ebay about 3 years ago
Jeans: F&F Tesco
Shoes: Lotta
Cardi: Super old from Topshop
Bag and belt: Matalan
Necklace: Vintage
Glasses c/o: Firmoo

So again this is mostly old. The jeans are from the new range of jeans in at Tesco right now. Obnoxiously pink jeans were missing from my ever growing coloured jeans collections, so added they were and me likey.(ive also added mustard...prepare to see them a lot, I likey them too!)
The top originally had a floppy wierd bow that just didnt sit right. i bought it ages ago on ebay for pennies and then didnt like it, squirreled it away for 2 years, dug it out by complete fluke the other day whilst sorting stuff out and now love it, plus the stupid floppy bow fell off as i was trying it on. This is why i hate getting rid of clothes. Im fickle!
exhibit b to my fickleness: This cardi. This cardi was bought when i was 18 (eeeek nearly 10 years ago:/ ....) its a size 10 and i used to wear it a fair bit. I then got bored of it and gave it to my mum about 3 years ago. She then got some wear out of it and then forgot about it. For some reason i thought to myself the other day, "oh how i miss that thin striped cardi" random, i know. So i text mummy dearest and what d'you know shes a squirreler too and had it at the back of her wardrobe.
Dont get me wrong i can't do it up but it was perfect for a bit of pattern mixing!

This is why im a hoarder hoarderson!! But a happy one!

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