Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Where do you wear your shoes?

I apparently wear mine on my dress! Well as a shoe loving girl a dress with shoes on couldn't get more perfect!
When i first received this dress from Oasap i wanted to wear a pair of orange and blue shoes to match the ones on the dress. But i didn't have any. So, I've realised, when i don't have something that matches exactly i just tend to throw every other colour at it and hope for the best. I mean the more colours the better right? When an artist is painting he doesn't say i can only use this one colour (or he might depending on the artist i s'pose but that kinda steps on my point!) so the more colours the better in my books!

Dress: c/o Oasap
Bag & super old shoes: River Island
Various bits of jewellery from all over the place ;)

So it's BOILING here! 26 degrees c to be precise! and LOVELY  it is too. I've realised when it's this hot i can't obviously do layers so i try an add cute little accessories here and there. a hair band, bangle and ring is as much as im gunna be able to make any outfit "interesting" and even this all felt like too many clothes. When its hot, do you keep it simple or what do you do to add interest?

PS this also happened... eeeeeekkkk! i made it to print! Bust magazine's fall edition :)

pleated poppy 



  1. I love this outfit and I have major hair envy! such a pretty lady :)

    Jo. x

  2. I LOVE this dress. The shoes, the floaty skirt, the belt. You look beautiful

    *runs to check out the OASAP website immediately*


  3. Congratulations on being in print :) Love the dress...what's not to love about a dress with shoes on it?!

  4. That shoe print is amazing! I find it really difficult to put together outfits for my blog during summer, another sun dress with my same trainers just doesn't seem worth photographing xo

  5. Congrats dear, it's really nice that your blog is in magazine :)
    And, I love your shoes in this outfit!

  6. Congrats on being in the mag - woohoo you!

    Love the look, colour always looks good on you :)

    Hugs, Stel xx

  7. Congrats for making it to print! :D Also, I don't know how a girl can go wrong with a dress with shoes on it, that's pretty awesome :)
    Faye x

  8. Wow! I love this outfit! The colors you used are so eye catching and the shoes!!!! they are so perfect ;) I just found your blog today, new follower :)

  9. Came to your blog via Two Birds. LOVE this outfit! I keep it simple, but I am so miserable in the heat.


  10. Monochromatic outfit is so out of season. Mix and matching of colors is the new trend. So, job well done with the ensemble.

  11. yay!! congrats on the print! why woulnd't they feature you?? (ps, we did on our blog today, too!) i love this dress on you, and i love all the colors you threw together!

  12. Rachel, you are stunning! I found you via the Transatlantic Blonde and am very happily following along now. I love your quirky vintage style, and congrats on the feature!

  13. I love how you mixed colors
    btw I love hats too
    very chic!

  14. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm BUSTing with excitement for you! :) This is an amazing thing, Rachel!! Is the issue already out? I must find a copy... This is absolutely brilliant. I'm really so stinking thrilled for you!!

    Anyhoo. Your outfit is pretty awesome, too. I love your pops of fun colors in all of the accessories. But I feel you on the heat. I mean, you've been reading my blog; I'm practically a self-proclaimed nudist at this point. haha. When it gets really hot I like to wear very few items of clothing, but I try to pair unexpected pieces together to add interest. Because sometimes it's even too hot for a ring. ^_^


  15. Congratulations on being in the magazine! That is so exciting. :) I love this outfit by the way; so cute and fun!


  16. Well done you getting into print, that's fab! I love the dress, the shoe print is cool and I love your orange nail varnish. xx

  17. I tend to agree with you - the more colors in an outfit, the better! That shirt is just the cutest thing ever - I love the ruffly sleeves.

    And congrats on getting featured in that magazine! You should frame that page :)

  18. Just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! : )

  19. I love the colorful accessories!

    -Mary @

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