Sunday, 8 July 2012

GUEST POST: The Lovely Sian

Hi there everyone! I'm Sian from Rebel Angel and I'm guest posting for the lovely Rachel today! I was super excited when she asked me to guest post for her as I adore her blog and colourful outfits, I just hope I can reach her outfit standards on here =) You can get a little of my usual style from this post – this is almost my typical type of outfit: pretty dress, cardigan, tights....but the shoes are something altogether different. I'm not exactly a 'trainers' type of girl – I of course owned the Converse typical of my generation and wore them with my skinny jeans, but my heart just wasn't in it, and I was glad when kitten heels came in to fashion so I could wear baby pink ones with bows on!
But I spotted these shoes when out shopping with my sister recently and just had to have them. I've seen a few bloggers sporting trainer-esque shoes with dresses and shorts recently and loved the change, so I had to try it out myself. Then how can you go wrong with the little extra height these provide?! Plus, they're super comfortable =D

ardigan: Zara (sale)
Dress: Zara (sale)
Shoes: River Island
Of course, when you're wearing shoes with that Creeper platform style you have to do that typical blogger pose – it's mandatory XD
Anyway, the dress is very typical me – lace, pretty shape, low back. It's also something I bought on that same day out shopping when I noticed that Zara had a sale on, and the cardigan is from Zara's sale nearly two years ago now!
I hope you've enjoyed my post and seeing a little bit of what goes on over at my . Don't forget to pop over and say hi, I don't bite!! Here's my Blog



  1. Your shoes are amazinggggg. I love them so much! They look great with your dress!
    xx Eva

  2. aaaah those legs of yours, you have the sickest body!! and I LOVE flatforms Sian, you look great in them!

  3. I shouldn't like this outfit: I don't like creepers, I don't like sneakers with dresses, etc,etc. But I LOVE this outfit. I want to copy it right away!


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