Monday, 30 July 2012

Chilled in Chinos

Pretty much spent my weekend as the title says, chilled out in chino's. i am really liking teal and tomato.. who'd have thought those two would go.
I find when i wear lots of dresses i do look forward to some trouser time. This weekend was spent at the park, dog walking and shopping. 
I had a horrible feeling this weekend that i may be getting old, reasons being:
I bought the new Newton faulkner album and have been listening to it non stop. My 9 year old step daughter sings all the songs word perfect. I sing along and get all the words wrong! i remember my parents doing that and thinking," Gaaawd they just don't get it"... yup i'm now that parent!
Secondly, a new supermarket (Sainsburys) opened just down the road and i was so excited!  Thats really sad isnt it!? Whats even worse was i really REALLY enjoyed my little jolly there and couldn't stop talking about how lovely the new Sainsburys is. 
So this weekend has made me conclude
a. I'm officially old
b. My life is quite pathetic.

Least im old and happy;)

Chinos: Topshop sale
Light knit: Next
Wedges: New Look
Bag: Matalan
Glasses: c/o Firmoo

Couple of weeks ago Antonio of Firmoo ( the world's most popular online eyeglasses store where all fabulous four eyed people shop daarrling!)  contacted me and asked if i would like a new pair of specs. As an avid contact lens wearer i thought, heck yeh, i'll give it a go. And d'you know what? I LOVE them. They are wonderfully comfy and they arrived within 5 days with my prescription to a tee! They have some great styles and currently they are doing Free Glasses! If you are blind as a bat like me  and always a bit frugal with your well earnt cash or would just like to look realllllyy coool in some new specs  but dont want to spend loads , then go check them out! I'm already eyeing up this pink pair and i really need some prescription sunnies too, which i've been putting off... but no more!

So have you had a lovely weekend? Tell me the good stuff so i can live vicariously through you!! ;)

* i was given these totally groovy glasses but obviously i totally dig them and opinions are all my own, honest, Guides honour! 
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MONDAY MINGLE is over at the glowingly gorgeous Glamamom this week!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Lovin'

Well what a beautiful week we've had here in Wales. Forecast is showers from tomorrow onwards, so back to normal. But, honestly, it's been wonderful. Apart from working, its felt like we were on holidays. I spent some great time with the step kiddos yesterday. We went to the park, walked Holly the dog and then went to Pizza Hut. 'Twas grand!
And today i have beach plans... making the best of the last sunny day. 'Cos who knows when the old current bun will be back like this!

this kept happening when i asked Hubby to get the shoes shot! That girl.. she wants to be a style blogger!

Dress: £7 on sale River Island
Hat: very
scarf on bag: Vintage
Bag: sale-Peacocks £5
I love my new addition of clogs. Only problem is the peep toe part is rubbing my big toe. I got ouchies 
:( any one have suggestions for making wearing in shoes easier?
I got this dress on super sale recently. i can  see it with boots and tights and a cardi for the inevitable cooler days. It was so light and breezy though, perfect for the 26 degrees c temps! And d'you know what else? the dress has pockets. I've found my perfect dress. Great length, comfy, easy breezy and the all important pockets! And £7! What a catch!
Right then you lovely ladies. Have yourselves wonderful weekends? Will you be watching the Olympics? Britians gone Olympic's kinda cool!
Talk Soon!!
pleated poppy

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Where do you wear your shoes?

I apparently wear mine on my dress! Well as a shoe loving girl a dress with shoes on couldn't get more perfect!
When i first received this dress from Oasap i wanted to wear a pair of orange and blue shoes to match the ones on the dress. But i didn't have any. So, I've realised, when i don't have something that matches exactly i just tend to throw every other colour at it and hope for the best. I mean the more colours the better right? When an artist is painting he doesn't say i can only use this one colour (or he might depending on the artist i s'pose but that kinda steps on my point!) so the more colours the better in my books!

Dress: c/o Oasap
Bag & super old shoes: River Island
Various bits of jewellery from all over the place ;)

So it's BOILING here! 26 degrees c to be precise! and LOVELY  it is too. I've realised when it's this hot i can't obviously do layers so i try an add cute little accessories here and there. a hair band, bangle and ring is as much as im gunna be able to make any outfit "interesting" and even this all felt like too many clothes. When its hot, do you keep it simple or what do you do to add interest?

PS this also happened... eeeeeekkkk! i made it to print! Bust magazine's fall edition :)

pleated poppy 


Monday, 23 July 2012


Happy Monday folks!
Looking in to by crystal ball i for-see a great week ahead of us. With big fat sunshine forecast and temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius. I predict smiles all round, summer dresses, long walks and happy days. Just call me Mystic Meg!

Dress: Falmer @ Matalan
Tan Wedges: New Look
Clutch: about 10 years old from Warehouse
Jewellery: Lola rose and various
Nail Polish: Barry M
Holly The Dog: all her own style

So we have a part time dog. Mia and Talyn (my step kiddos) have Holly the Dog at their mums house. When there's no one home we have started having her over our house. Neo is in love. He absolutely adores her.
She's a gentle old girl,  and turns out a bit of a poser. She loved the camera when i was taking these outfit pics! I mean not that im a poser, standing in front of a sheet in my garden having photos taken, right?!
I wore this outfit for a lovely trip to Margam Park. But alas the photos just didn't turn out well. It was middle of the day, the sun was too bright and Neo and Holly were running circles round us. Outfit photos weren't happening! Shame really as the park setting was beautiful. But alas it did not happen. So i rigged up a vintage throw on my washing line instead.  Do you ever go to lovely places but just cant get good shots?

Right then lovelies.... see you all in a couple. I'm off to enjoy this sunshine before it makes an exit!
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Friday, 20 July 2012

Flared Friday

Folks, it's friday! The sun is shining! Need i say more????

Jacket: Next
Scarf: Matalan
Flares:  Very
Bag: Primark
Sunnies: River Island

I fancied a laid back outfit, a casual friday type outfit. I mean its nothing special, white tee, blazer and jeans. But some times simple is suitable. Some times easy outfits are my happy outfits.And stick a floral scarf on and it adds a certain something. Simples i tell ya!
Now go, eat, drink  & be merry cos its the weekend friends!
Have yourselves a wonderful one!xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Love or Loathe....

Do you like or dislike them. I find, in the UK if you want to wear dresses with our crappidy-crap weather, leggings help. It enables me to still wear dresses even when its chucking down with rain and autumnal temperatures.  It also means i can wear cutie dresses whilst keeping my dignity in tact, as i am one hellova clumsy gal. Take last Wednesday, i was rushing through Marks & Spencers to get my lunch and slipped head over heals, straight slap bang on to my arse. It just so happened to be extra busy with sales shoppers too and 3 little old ladies helped pick me up off the floor. Oh the shame! Bless them, they kept asking if i was alright as if i were one of their fellow OAP buddies, but in truth it was more my dignity that had been dented, rather than my backside (my bum has LOTS of cushioning;)

Bow Trench and "hold you in" leggings : Next
Dress: Sale River Island
Wedge Shoe& bag: New Look
Belt: Peacocks

Forecast for the following few days: DRY!!!! WOHHOOOO! please pray to the weatherman that this is true! I'm feeling like i need to invest in flippers at the rate we're having rain :(
Also update on the sewing: i have been practicing and i have got the bug. all i can think of right now is what to sew next. I've made one rather dashing apron and one pretty make up case, which was supposed to be an ipad case but my measurements were wrong, so now its a beautiful make up holder, which works out better anyways!!! ;) Are you a sewer/ crafter? Any tips or projects you suggest for a complete novice?

pleated poppy
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