Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Under My Umbrella

Why hello there

Are you keeping well?
Its rain and more rain over here which is DE-PRESSING! So i've decided instead of moaning to you all i've decided to make a short list of things i'm grateful for this week so far!
 1. I've finally kicked my cold up the arse and on it's way, RESULT! Waking up being able to breathe is nice:)
2. My Son is finally speaking lots! I've waited and waited for the quiet little mumbler to start saying words and we are finally there. Him shouting "DAAADDDDEEEYYYY" at random men, ie the bin man, the man in tesco car park and any other general males walking about, can be slightly embarrasing, but hey i'll take it!
3. Amazing beef and ale pie last night with hubs. NOM, NOM and NOM! it was the best, to the point where i sang that pie's praises to anyone that would listen last night.
4. Vintage ebay deals... oh yes i am a bidding/ebaying demon! I have sold some stuff on ebay and therefore funded a whole vintage array of goodies. Can not wait for Mr Posty to deliver my goodies!
5. This pretty dress, which cost nothing as i returned something.

this was after a twirl with my twirly umbrella

Dress: Tokyo Dolls from New Look
Cardi: George at Asda
Umbrella: Matalan
Pink Pumps: Peacocks
Brooch: Vintage
Yellow Nail Polish: Barry M

So apparently my go to combo is dress, cardi, belt and flat pretty shoes. I wear this a lot don't I! I started thinking maybe i should do something different , you know, mix it up, go a little crazy. But really, this is my fav. This is my happy (outfit) place. Girly dresses belted with cardi's.
I seem to be having complete tights/hold ups/pantyhose issues of late. These were tights, and i went to the toilet went to pull them up and my hand went through them. I proceeded to do the exact same thing later on that day on the other side. Between that and hold ups loosing their holding up powers i give in and should just embrace (cold) bare legs!

Ok lovely's, what ya been up to anything nice? Tell me, is the weather glorious where you are or are you suffering the rain like me!?

Take Care

pleated poppy


  1. Seeing you in this pretty dress in the rain cool my soul and my doy in this tremendous heat. I also try to keep calm, but in extreme hot conditions for this time of the year.
    I couldn´t stop laughing at your son calling daddy at random men, hehehhehehe.
    I am adding you to my pinterest look this second.

  2. no my doy, I meant my body, ahhhhhhhhhhhh the heattttttttttttt

  3. I love that brooch you have on. It goes perfectly with the shoes and the umbrella.
    Penniless Socialite

  4. LMAO at Neo! Lillie does that too but her "birdies" some how comes out as "Daddies" which is just odd and embarrassing when there's another man walking past :)

    Dont stop your girly dress/belt/cardi combo, I love it and must do that more! My go to is jean/tshirt/trainers and I hate it, feel like such a rag bag!! *slinks off quietly to get changed*


    Much love sis x x x x

  5. You look so cute, happy and colorful even on rain :)

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!!! Rachel you look like a ray of sunshine in all this awful wet weather... I especially love that umbrella - so kitsch and gorgeous!

    Catherine x

  7. This is a really great look! I love the use of color throughout, even the umbrella is bright! I love it!


  8. I am in love with the color of the print on your dress. So on trend and fabulous!

  9. I love this outfit, and the bright umbrella is just a perfect way to make dreary days a little bit happier!

  10. I love it when kids find their voice!

    Gorgeous outfit x

  11. I say if it aint broke dont fix it! I love your style combo :) Awww was so happy when my kids started talking...then they didnt stop lol

  12. It's been raining here in Dundee too for about two weeks, I have ridiculous sunshine withdrawals! Your outfit is lovely, it's always good to wear bright pretty colours on a rainy day. :)
    Faye x

  13. What a lovely outfit! I love the bright umbrella and shoes! Rain rain rain in Manchester, should be a nice day tomorrow though!

  14. You are one stylish lady! Thanks so much for posting. I am definitly adding your button to my favorites.



  15. Love that pretty dress and gorgeous umbrella! I am a big fan of the cardi, dress and flats look :)

    I am looking forward to a day where it doesn't rain!

  16. Bloomin' blogger ate my comment.. grrr.. I will try to recreate it!

    I am so fed up with all this rain. At least you look stylish in it though! Love the dress, the colour looks gorgeous on you. I adore how you put outfits together.

    Fab :)


  17. Oh goodness these photos are gorgeous!! Love the umbrella! You are too cute. Its been really hot here lately so that looks almost welcoming! I love warm weather though. And I always tend to wear dresses and cardigans. Its just effortlessly pretty


  18. You have such a beautiful blog and style! These photos of your colorful outfit beating the gloomy day make me smile :)
    Such a lovely combination of green and purple. The print on your dress is amazing!
    Count me as your newest follower ♥

    Enter my Blaque Muse Giveaway!
    Trendy Teal

  19. I love seeing your colourful outfits, especially with all this rain (Booo!) and your talk of beef and ale pie is not going down well with my weightwatchers plan right now... Want some!!!! Xxx

  20. We're suffering the rain too unfortunately. And the muggy-ness. And the thunder and lightening - we had our first absolute CRACKER of a thunder storm last week and one of the nearby underpasses flooded right up to the ceiling!
    Dress and cardi combos never get dull - you cs always chop and change the dress/cardi/accessories and it looks like a completely new outfit! I love this dress, it's so pretty! Xo

  21. Im totally on board with your dress, cardi and flats attire, you are a great inspiration to me!! :) just pure bliss seeing you in this lovely combo of purple,pink and green. :) I do hope the sky clears up, seems like you are enjoying the joys of a typical scandinavian summer.;)

  22. i love your way of's free because i returned something! that is so how i am. i love your dress. happy to hear you are feeling better!!

  23. Hi Rachel, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Love the style of your blog. I need that pink frilly umbrella... so cute.

  24. These colors are FAN-tastic. I mean, could you have chosen a prettier, happier outfit for a rainy day?! I think not.
    I think it's pretty awesome that you're changing to a positive attitude during the rain. It seems that in Wales you get so much, why bother wasting your good mood on it, right?
    But what's even better is your (somewhat insane) rationalization about your "free" dress. You are hilarious and I love you for it! :)


  25. you look adorable with that umbrella! i wish we got some rain here, it's 100 degrees!

  26. I love this colourful combination :D

    Sal x

  27. Aw, this is so adorable! :)

  28. oh your blog is absolutely delightful! let's follow each other!

  29. I've only just stumbled upon your blog and I love your bright uses of colour! You look fab :-)

    Lucy x


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