Saturday, 16 June 2012

Let's Escape This City and Live on a Farm (and giveaway winner)

Helloo lovelies and welcome to the weekend. 
Wowzers! It's been a long old week.I'm so happy it's the weekend
Even though day wise it doesnt make a whole lot of difference when you have kiddo's but hey, I'm gunna not think about work at least for a few days which definitely brings a smile to this face.

It really is a good job i took these photos last Sunday. Holy cow it's like monsoon season here! I live on a town which is quite literally built on a hill, so there's streams of rivers running down the streets and lots of getting very wet! Oh rain, rain PLEASE go away!

Blazer and Tee : Next
Jeans: Clothing at Tesco
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bag: Matalan

When i first bought this blazer i knew it would get a lot of wear... an investment piece if you will, but its like the yellow jeans and the blazer were MFEO (made for each other, we used to write that on our school books when we were kids; Rachel hearts......., MFEO & SWALK! ha !) But seriously, they are. Plus this tshirt is one of my fav's  "lets escape this city and live on a farm" Paul and i dreamt about doing just that for years. And still do. One day..
And the shoes? Oh the shoes. I'm a huge Irregular Choice fan, they seriously create the most fun shoes around. These have added to my ever growing collection (i have 6 pairs so far!)  These are beautiful, funky and fun... i'm in shoe love!!

Anyway are you having the most wonderful weekend? What have you been up to? We went to my niece's 6th birthday party today on a farm.  We didn't let the rain spoil our fun. And it was really good, Seeing Neo's face light up at new things and mimicking all the animals is probably one of the best things...ever.

And finally, thank you all for entering my blogaversary giveaway. I was seriously overwhelmed by all your lovely comments. You guys are really what makes blogging for me. You (yes you) are AMAZING!!
So using the generator i picked a winner and a runner up as i have a second prize to give too!!
The winner is

...and no surprise that I follow you on twitter, too.

and  the second surprise prize is

Follow you on twitter too :)

Girls i will be in touch with you both shortly. Congrats!

Everyone else, do stick around for my second year of blogging. There will be lots more giveaways, outfits and general chatter! 




  1. I love your shoes so much, I have two pairs of Irregular Choice so I'm pretty jealous of your collection, you should post pictures of them all!
    Faye x

    1. IC are the best arent they! i will have to blog my shoe collection, come round for a cuppa tea and a shoe show lol! :)x

  2. I love those shoes, they're gorgeous!
    Congratulations to the winners :) x

  3. The shoooooooes. So pretty :)
    I was looking at a similar blazer today! I lie how you've styled it!
    What's swalk?? Xo

    1. ooo buy the blazer, i have 5 other ideas in mind for it already! its definetly a remixer!
      swalk= sealed with a loving kiss hahaha

  4. you look fab i have those shoes too i love irregular choice so much that i feel like I'm cheating if i buy any others! xx

    1. i agree!! but sometimes my bank doesnt let me buy them lol! having said that ive gotten a couple of pairs from ebay in the past and they were bargains and great condition! i heart IC LOTS :)xx

  5. Yay! I feel so lucky :)

    That bag is so lovely, fab for matalan!

  6. Aaaah the sun! Seeing these photos makes me miss it even more! You look lovely, them shoes are super cool!

  7. I hope we could get the rain you don´t want, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Madly in love with your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Amazing shoes, really interesting! Love that blazer and bag too :)

  9. I LOVE this outfit, the shoes are the perfect finishing touch!

  10. Luuuuuve the shoes, Irregular Choice never lets you down :)

  11. Been looking to bring a little sunshine into my wardrobe and those trousers look perfect! Must invest in a pair :o)

    x x x x

  12. Rachel, I love the mixing of patterns in this outfit!!! THat striped blazer is a beaut'! And I feel the same way about Irregular Choice! THey have amazingly quirky shoes. I have these same heels (they're called Oz) but in a different color scheme. I loved yours too when I saw them in the store. Shoe twins! :)


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