Friday, 29 June 2012


Yep yesterdays outfit was a doggy extravaganza. I've had this top a wee while now and wear him quite often but never capture it for the old blog!

excuse my hand this reminds me of "take my strong hand..." Anyone name that film? yes its particularly bad!

 Blazer: Matalan
Jeans: Tesco Clothing
Dalmatians Top: Primark
Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

I really was hankering after a jeans day, i mean, i wear A LOT of dresses and skirts and love it, but then some times i look forward to a nice easy going jeans day. You know, a not going to expose myself with that surprise gust of wind, move freely and not particularly lady like, sit with legs apart kinda day! And it was good.
The background colour of the top is what i'd call Champagne. I love that colour, my first mobile phone and camera when i was a teenager was champagne colour. Dont really know what made me think of that, other than i have a penchant for the colour.  And seeing as im waffling on i will take that as  my cue to wish you all a wonderful, lovely, happy, stressfree, delightful weekend! That's what i'm gunna *try* and have!!

Lots of Love xxxx

Ps there's a nominate button up there on the left hand side for those Cosmo awards. I know a lot of bloggers are talking about it (i'm always late on the uptake arent i!), but if you would like to vote for Rachel The Hat, well that would be grand! voting closes on the 30th i believe.

xxxxxx pleated poppy

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Under My Umbrella

Why hello there

Are you keeping well?
Its rain and more rain over here which is DE-PRESSING! So i've decided instead of moaning to you all i've decided to make a short list of things i'm grateful for this week so far!
 1. I've finally kicked my cold up the arse and on it's way, RESULT! Waking up being able to breathe is nice:)
2. My Son is finally speaking lots! I've waited and waited for the quiet little mumbler to start saying words and we are finally there. Him shouting "DAAADDDDEEEYYYY" at random men, ie the bin man, the man in tesco car park and any other general males walking about, can be slightly embarrasing, but hey i'll take it!
3. Amazing beef and ale pie last night with hubs. NOM, NOM and NOM! it was the best, to the point where i sang that pie's praises to anyone that would listen last night.
4. Vintage ebay deals... oh yes i am a bidding/ebaying demon! I have sold some stuff on ebay and therefore funded a whole vintage array of goodies. Can not wait for Mr Posty to deliver my goodies!
5. This pretty dress, which cost nothing as i returned something.

this was after a twirl with my twirly umbrella

Dress: Tokyo Dolls from New Look
Cardi: George at Asda
Umbrella: Matalan
Pink Pumps: Peacocks
Brooch: Vintage
Yellow Nail Polish: Barry M

So apparently my go to combo is dress, cardi, belt and flat pretty shoes. I wear this a lot don't I! I started thinking maybe i should do something different , you know, mix it up, go a little crazy. But really, this is my fav. This is my happy (outfit) place. Girly dresses belted with cardi's.
I seem to be having complete tights/hold ups/pantyhose issues of late. These were tights, and i went to the toilet went to pull them up and my hand went through them. I proceeded to do the exact same thing later on that day on the other side. Between that and hold ups loosing their holding up powers i give in and should just embrace (cold) bare legs!

Ok lovely's, what ya been up to anything nice? Tell me, is the weather glorious where you are or are you suffering the rain like me!?

Take Care

pleated poppy

Monday, 25 June 2012

Anchors Aweigh

 Monday already ay! Those weekends don't half fly by don't they!
Did you have a lovely weekend? We were at the in-laws and being 4 hours away from where we  live, the weather was warm and dry. ....Think i need to move!

Lemon Denim Jacket: Next
Red Anchor dress worn as top:(actual dress here )Tesco
Stripe Skirt: Primark
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Headband and bag: NewLook

When i saw this anchor print dress in Tesco i really liked it, but it is a tad on the short side as a dress, so where there's a will there's a way i put it under a skirt. Plus with skinny jeans i think it will be nice too or leggings, so for a tenner, it was definitely worth a punt.
Just after we took these photos Neo managed to reach up, grab the camera of the side and drop it on the floor. I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, which didn't help or stop the camera from crashing down. And then being a mean mummy i shouted at Neo and then sat in a strop! Truth be told i should have put it some where else... But man, that boy is like Stretch Armstrong, he can reach soooo far. Nothing is safe any more!! Thankfully the camera seems ok! We haven't gone to take proper photos again with it yet so keep everything crossed!
So there was my eventful Sunday evening.. how was yours?

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Weekend Wear

Happy Friday Everybody! 
Man am i glad its the weekend... when am i not?!
I had no outfits of interest to share with you, its raining and horrible outside and i'm still battling this awful cold! I think its the back end of it now but my face is still suffering the aftermath, you know, the dried bright red nose from so much wiping, the blood shot eyes from lack of sleep, the hunched over body from achey bones... i am the picture of prettiness right now... or not!!!

So i found these picture on my phone from a couple of months ago, when we had a rare weekend of sunshine. Oh sunshine how i miss you!!!
Now i have issues with weekend dressing sometimes. We often spend it (nice weather permitting) in nice parks with the kiddos. Now i battle my brain on these occasions with do i dress practical or pretty?
The day normal consists of walking, chasing escapee toddlers and more walking. So i normally opt for practical. But what do you do? Do you dress practical for days like this in parks or do you wear pretty frocks and high heels?

Tunic & Jeans: Next (old)
Brooch and headscarf:Vintage
Sunnies: Very
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (old)
Necklace: so old i forget (about 10 years old)

So this is what i pick for those kinda days. Comfy ballet pumps and stripes with little hints of vintage. It wasn't a hot day but sunny and i felt just right all day.
Any ideas for casual days for me to try out? I would love to know!

We're off to my inlaws down London way again for the weekend. hopefully i will leave the rain at home.
Have a super lovely weekend!
Take care!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Hey Hey chickies! Half way through the week, and ugh I have this stupid icky head cold thats making life all blurry and not in a good way! I'm struggling to complete sentences and cant stop sneezing. Hopefully today will be the last day of it and a good night sleep tonight will ward it off. Anybody got any good cold remedies? At this point in time i will give anything a go! 
Least the sun has showed itself today!Hurrah!!
And don't hate me, but i already fell off the no spend wagon. I know, i know! Bloomin' useless aren't i! But when i saw this cute orange dress with cute little zebra's all over it, it was love at first sight! I mean teeny tiny zebras, how could i resist? (back on it starting now!!)

Dress & green shoes &necklace: Peacocks
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: River Island
Wicker bag: Vintage

So feeling icky buying a dress for myself makes me happy. It's my cold medicine, its my cheer up remedy!
Let me tell you, its nice to not be wearing red, white, blue &mustard. I wear those colours a lot of late, they're my no brainers. So orange and green is a nice welcome change for me! I wish i had an up-close of those cutie zebras for you all, but we kinda rushed these pics. Paul is in agony (back again) and i had no makeup on hence the sunglasses staying well and truly put on my face (it was quite scary beneath them)
Ok, i've moaned enough! You go have yourselves a lovely day!
Take care and see you soon

Ps the lovely people at Sainsburys Bank, Money Matters blog gave me a lovely little write up here! How nice!!!! :)

pleated poppy

Monday, 18 June 2012


Good Monday to you!
Was your weekend a good one?
Fathers Day yesterday and we had a very chilled one here, just what Daddy ordered. And my dad was out with my sis, so he gets pressies tomorrow, he's not one for fuss, lol.
So yeh, very chilled and not really a lot to report!

All of this outfit is quite old especially the dress which is about 6 or 7 years old.
Boots, lace top & large gold necklace are from Next
And the foxy bag is from Temporary Secretary (which i LOOOVVEE eeeeekkk!!)
The nail polish is Barry M Spring green

This is probably one of the only black pieces of clothing i own. Its super old and super comfy. I love tan and black together, even though it's not my normal brights i really like it.
Plus i answered one of my own life long questions with this outfit. I often see girls rocking the boots and dresses/shorts/skirts combo and i always wonder what type of weather would you wear it, hot or cold day? Well today was that day . It was finally boots and a dress day. Dry and fairly mild, perfect! I really liked it too!
And foxy bag, well isnt she a beaut. I've seen other bloggers with it and stared longingly at it and finally i took the plunge and bought one for myself (pre shopping ban of course) i bought this jubilee weekend when doing a bit of online browsing and i am so glad i did, i just wanna throw it on my shoulder and take her everywhere (yes my foxy bag is a she!)
And the nail polish, is my new fav. Barry M has some of the best colours and this one goes on like a dream and has great staying power. What i love is that with even one coat it is a true bold colour. not watery at all. Highly recommend!
Ok after all that chatting about girly twirly stuff i feel like i need to go do something intelligent to counter balance....hmmm, maybe i'll just go eat instead. I seem to have a a slight Brioche with Nutella addiction thanks to my sister!!  (yeh thanks sis!:P) have you tried it?  Heavenly, i tell you!

Have a fabulous week
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Let's Escape This City and Live on a Farm (and giveaway winner)

Helloo lovelies and welcome to the weekend. 
Wowzers! It's been a long old week.I'm so happy it's the weekend
Even though day wise it doesnt make a whole lot of difference when you have kiddo's but hey, I'm gunna not think about work at least for a few days which definitely brings a smile to this face.

It really is a good job i took these photos last Sunday. Holy cow it's like monsoon season here! I live on a town which is quite literally built on a hill, so there's streams of rivers running down the streets and lots of getting very wet! Oh rain, rain PLEASE go away!

Blazer and Tee : Next
Jeans: Clothing at Tesco
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bag: Matalan

When i first bought this blazer i knew it would get a lot of wear... an investment piece if you will, but its like the yellow jeans and the blazer were MFEO (made for each other, we used to write that on our school books when we were kids; Rachel hearts......., MFEO & SWALK! ha !) But seriously, they are. Plus this tshirt is one of my fav's  "lets escape this city and live on a farm" Paul and i dreamt about doing just that for years. And still do. One day..
And the shoes? Oh the shoes. I'm a huge Irregular Choice fan, they seriously create the most fun shoes around. These have added to my ever growing collection (i have 6 pairs so far!)  These are beautiful, funky and fun... i'm in shoe love!!

Anyway are you having the most wonderful weekend? What have you been up to? We went to my niece's 6th birthday party today on a farm.  We didn't let the rain spoil our fun. And it was really good, Seeing Neo's face light up at new things and mimicking all the animals is probably one of the best things...ever.

And finally, thank you all for entering my blogaversary giveaway. I was seriously overwhelmed by all your lovely comments. You guys are really what makes blogging for me. You (yes you) are AMAZING!!
So using the generator i picked a winner and a runner up as i have a second prize to give too!!
The winner is

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Girls i will be in touch with you both shortly. Congrats!

Everyone else, do stick around for my second year of blogging. There will be lots more giveaways, outfits and general chatter! 


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