Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nicely Nautical

Hey chickies,
Welcome to Wednesday! Hope you're off to a corker of a week... Things are plodding on nicely here!

So, EBEW this month is Nautical. I'm a HUGE fan of nautical, its just a timeless style that never dates and always looks good. Dressed up with a dress or down with jeans i just love it!!
After having the bambino i struggled with stripes for a while (curse you mum tum!) but we're back on good terms again now and compromising to make it work!
It just so happened this outfit was the quickest easiest outfit in the world to get dressed in yesterday morning. I already had it all hanging up in my wardrobe, belt, scarf and all, hung up ready to be worn! If only every morning could be that easy!!

Dress: Clothing at Tesco (on sale months ago)
Sweater dress underneath: Next (very old)
Scarf: Old Newlook
Belt: Matalan recently
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

I'm really trying to remix my outfits lately and use what i already have. I have SO MUCH STUFF, that i'm putting in to action more wearing less spending (wish me luck)!
I wore this all day yesterday to work and date night with hubs, i was so comfy! 
We went to see The Avengers.. Oh my giddy aunt!! So amazing. I would literally watch it again now if i could. We're both Big Marvel Comic movie fans so we'd been wanting to go see this for as long as it's been advertised. And it did not disappoint! Have you been to see it, or is it not your cuppa tea?

Anyway lovely folks, i will love you and leave you to have a lovely day

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Links to go see more nautical niceness and lovely ladies!

Natilcal: EBEW pleated poppy WatchOutForTheWoestmans


  1. You look lovely with red!!!

    Katrien (belgium)

  2. I do love the nautical look, and you pull it off very nicely! Sounds like you are having a good week chick, will have to catch up soon! Take care xx

  3. Love pairing stripes with a dress! BRILLIANT!

  4. oh very very sweet look :)))

  5. Rachel, I swear you get cuter every day!!!!!! This is yet another beautiful, bright outfit with lovely details like the scarf and belt... gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

    Catherine x

    P.S. Yes the Avengers was totes amazeballs (and I never use that expression?!!) - so much so we've seen it twice! Husband is a comic book nerd, but I didn't have to have my arm twisted ;:))

  6. Forgot to say: have voted for you on River Island comp!!


  7. Ok so you look absolutely adorable in this! I love the belt and your hair is amazing today :)

    2.) I voted! Good luck Rachel :)

  8. I love this color on you and that belt is TOTALLY nautical :)

  9. LOVE this outfit! Nautical is such a great style!
    The Avengers is such a good movie, I totally agree! Can't wait till it comes out on DVD!! :D xo

  10. I love all things nautical, you look amazing x

  11. Love this look! I especially like the black tights with the red shoes. I loved the Avengers too. Saw it last night.

  12. great outfit, love the red dress :)

  13. ....and you're right back to good ol' red, white, & blue :) it's perfect. i love the stripes and the neckerchief. and that last photo of happy and pretty!! it might be my favorite photo of you yet.


    p.s. i swear i haven't forgotten to email you back. i've just been a lazy bum. but it's coming, i promise.

  14. LOVE the stripies and the bright colours C:

  15. I really love this outfit and nautical style in general. And I love outfit challenges like this so I'm off to check it out!

  16. I am a huge fan of nautical style, and this is really cute, scarf is gorgeous :)

  17. love this outfit you look great. I hope you'll stop by and add this and any other posts you're proud of to my Wednesday What We Wore, Read, and Made Link party


  18. i love the outfit! loving the belt :)

  19. I love the nautical look, although I don't find myself wearing it that often. I shall remember to incorporate my own naut-look soon! :)
    P.s. that last photo of you is simply adorable!

  20. You look beautiful, the best of the bunch in my opinion! x

  21. This look is soooo cute. I love your scarf. I'm trying to figure out how you tied it....

  22. love that you layered the adorable striped top under the red dress!


  23. I wish my mornings could be that simple. This outfit is fantastic though. I love the red and blue together.

  24. Gosh, I just love this outfit. I especially adore the scarf and your anchor belt. So cute!

  25. Lovely outfit, you are so right about nautical being timeless, it creeps out every year!

    joanne from

  26. Love your nautical looks. Nautical is one of my favourite trends ever. This is one of the best nautical looks I have ever seen. The belt is especially gorgeous.

  27. I LOVE the dress over the long sleeve stripped shirt! You pull that off to find me a nice and adorable long sleeved shirt...


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