Guest Postin'

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hey folks

I'm Guest Posting over at the lovely Laura's blog Deliciously Yours, today. Would love you to come see me (so i'm not lonely ;)

"helloooo, wanna come out to play?"


  1. I looked at your guest post but I wanted to leave you a comment here! I do love how you mix high street with vintage, you have such a unique but gorgeous style which I am so jealous of because you look so effortlessly stylish. I love the red skirt with the orange tights and your blouse is so pretty. xx

  2. The outfit that you wore is so 70's and groovy! :) I love all the details of your outfit, right down to the lovely floral headband.

  3. Just a lovely guest post; I got to read it last night thanks to my newfound twitter-stalking capabilities! (er...I mean, since you posted it on twitter....) haha

    I think you look gorgeous, as always, but I especially love the part where you imagine that this top might have been at a festival paired with the big glasses, platforms & a floppy hat. I also like to imagine that there were some wide leg jeans going on too.

    Love the detail of the headband; really a perfect touch to the whole outfit.
    Happy Friday!!