Monday, 30 April 2012

Polka dots, Pinks & Purples

Well Hello lovelies,

That felt like a weird unintentional 4 day absence from blogging. Weather and life kept getting in my way ;)
 So have you all had super nice weekends? Back to the grindstone now is it?

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Old
Shoes: Asda
Cardi: Clothing at Tesco

So i've had this dress about 3-4 weeks and today was it's first outing. I was kinda thinking i'd keep if for a lovely sunny day, and wear it with wedges or converse and a little straw hat. But if i waited for nice weather i could literally wait an eternity! So i've made it fit the weather as best i can. And d'you know what this dress made this girlie rather twirly! it is such a fun, comfy dress i look forward to wearing it many, many times. D'you know my only personal dislike? The attached tie belt. I have a love hate thing for attached tie belts. i can see why they're there but when you tie them up behind you they dig in your back( like when i'm driving!) So i tied it at the front... i attempted a cute bow but apparently i'm incapable of doing cute bows, it just looked sad and pathetic, so i did it round twice and tied a knot. And my second problem is, i like to add my own belt. Like a bright yellow would have been lovely!
But besides that its still in my top ten dresses ;)

This is also my first time with french maid braids on the blog. They're something i've done but never showed on here. For me, if my hair is wet and i have no time, this is the most ideal and practical style! Quick and easy and it gets it out of the way too which i kinda love (you know, when you got kids with sticky hands...!)

Anyway lovelies, i'm off , but have yourselves the best week!

Take care

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  1. You look gorgeous! Your hair is so pretty this way and I must say you have the best collection of dresses :)

  2. You look so pretty here! Never seen your hair like that and love the polka dots. Who doesnt love a polka dot?!

    x x

  3. love dat cute dress n cardi! doll like outfit! :)
    new post on my blog

  4. Love the dress! I looks so lovely paired with all the other bright colors. I tend to not like when dresses have ties too. Your hair is adorable done up like that :]

  5. What a lovely dress! So cute. And the pink cardi just adds a really nice touch to it.

  6. I love the dress. It looks great on you. The pink and purple assecorizes where a great way to make it more cool weather friendly. Excited to see how you style it for summer.

  7. Ahhh, I love how you styled the dress, it's just lovely :)
    Love your hair as well, I could never get my hair like that! Xo

  8. Loving the polka dots! You look so pretty!

  9. Love the hair and I love this dress. I have a deep affection for polka dots and I love the dress paired with all these fun, bright colors.
    I know exactly what you mean about the bow digging into your back while driving!! Sometimes I leave mine undone until I get out the car because it annoys me to no end!
    Anywho, I really need to learn how to do my hair like this. It's pretty much my fave.

  10. That dress is super adorable! Love the polka dots :) And I totally share your dislike for attached belts :P Oh and your hair looks so cool!

  11. i love your polka dotted dress!


  12. I like the braid. I will have to figure out how to do to that. Sometimes I wish the weather could work around my clothes! haha. thanks for linking up.


  13. Oh Rachel you look absolutely gorgeous...!!!!! This style of dressing suits you perfectly - I love the hair, the colours, the shape of the dress - beautiful.

    And have you thought about removing the belt? Even if it's stitched into the dress at the sides you might be able to unpick the seams, remove the belt and sew the holes back up (I've done it before - a bit fiddly but worth it!) Depends how it's attached I guess ;)

    Catherine x

  14. Love this outfit! And that dress!

  15. You look stunning in these colors, love the polka dots

  16. Fab dress :) I often tie them at the front too :) Loving all the colours you pulled together here - espesh the bright pink cardie :)

    Have a good week :)

    Sal xXx


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