Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hello lovelies,
Hope you're having a lovely week so far.

I am on countdown for the weekend, Car boot season is just starting back up in my area and i've already got two planned in the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to a good rummage to hopefully find some  goodies, ones mans rubbish is another mans gold, and all that!
 As for now i'm sat in work day dreaming instead of doing crappy VAT returns and WEEE assessments and generally very boring stuff.
Last night me and hubs had our weekly date night which was fab, we had yummy scallops and stuffed peppers with goats cheese (divine!) and then he made me watch Woman in Black. Now i don't mind blood and guts, violence doesn't really bother me but ghosts, ghosts FREAK ME OUT!! And the fact that it was poor kids that were getting the brunt of it, made me rush home pick up my sleeping son and hug him(then smell his hair) cos i'm a sap!
I watched the majority of the film from behind my hands, i know i'm a complete chicken ;-).

Bag, shoes, belt &tights: Matalan (two posts on the trot i've worn these shoes cos they're just soooo comfy!)
Cardigan: New Look
Gingerbread man pin: The Beaut Boutique

This coral cardi is from last year and i'm glad to have pulled it back out again. I forgot how much i liked it.
This Modcloth dress was bought in the cabin fever sale back the end of last year. YES I HAVE WAY TOO MANY DRESSES!! (i think i have problem!!)

Ok lovelies, i will catch you all very soon!

Oh and have you entered My giveaway? You should!! free bag and scarf up for grabs ;-)

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  1. I HATE scary! Oh, I end up completely freaked out and paralyzed in my bed after watching anything scary.

    Love the shoes with the tights and the lovely color. I am so excited about garage sales to. There are several things I have been waiting to buy in hopes of finding them at a garage sale.


  2. Car boot season??? I was so confused but now I get it. I learn something new everytime I come to your blog :) You look adorable. I love the color of your sweater

  3. I HATE GHOSTS - and really any scary movie so you are not alone! AND NO - you can never have too many dresses don't ever accuse yourself of having a problem :) You look great - I'm loving the print on the dress!

  4. Very cute. Love your dress and shoes!

  5. super cute! love this outfit!! you look beautiful xo

  6. Rachel I LOVE the bright orange on you - it suits your dark hair perfectly! Cute shoes too, I don't blame you for wearing them two posts in a row... though why do we worry about doing that anyway???

    Catherine x

  7. Love the cardi and your hair looks so pretty!

  8. Love and adore your outfit and enthusiasm! Thank you for providing such fashionable inspiration.

    Have a well dressed day!

  9. I love this outfit! that sweater looks great with the dress. and I don't think you can have too many dresses. : )

  10. Haha, I would have been hiding behind my hands too. That dress is so pretty and looks lovely with that bright cardigan :]

  11. Great bag and lovely sweater color :)

  12. Such cute bright cardigan and I love the light colored mary janes with the dark tights.

    Thanks for the nice comments on the skirt(s) my mom made.

  13. I'm with you on the scary movie- I told my husband just kast week that I am DONE with them! But... what a cute outfit for date night! I should wear skirts/dresses more often.

  14. Adoring the coral sweater...I like the texture of that partcular weave...and the pin is so cute ;)

    <3 Cambria

  15. love your blog, I've given you the versatile blogger award :) xx

  16. What's a car boot? And coral is lovely on you!

  17. I really love this outfit it really suits you! :) xx

  18. Cute! I love the bright cardigan with the floral print!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    You are so sweet!
    <3 Kastles

  19. And it's an "in" colour!

    Love the gingerbread man pin - sooo cute!!!

    Sal xXx

  20. Love the dress and shoes - they work beautifully together :) Thanks for the comment and I'm following!

    Steph @


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