Friday, 30 March 2012

Boho Vibes and Give away winner!

Hey lovely ladies, hope all is well this Friday!
I have had a super dooper productive day! See, i have been going through a right lazy bum phase where i don't feel like doing anything and generally just tired allll the time. On our anniversary the other day hubs and i got to chatting and we both agreed that we need to kick ourselves ad each other up the backsides and start doing more. Since then we have. Today i walked to the supermarket and back with Neo and a pram laden with food, then i have started the EPIC task of sorting my bedroom and all my clothes. So far i have 4 huge bags filled for charity and also a whole other pile for Ebaying. And d'you know what? It feels so good, i feel good having gotten rid of so many un-needed/wanted clothes, shoes, bags etc. Excessive amounts are just un-necessary. This hoarder may be changing her ways!! I'm still right in the middle of it so there's still more to go tomorrow but its good! I'm getting there. Once done we are treating ourselves to a nice new bed which is much deserved!
So life feels good right now..

 Maxi Dress: River Island
Hat: New Look
Necklace: Vintage

I really love maxi dresses/ skirts. They are just uber comfy and practical. Chuck on some wedges and a floppy hat and i am good to go. I like easy peasy outfits. 
Weather is forecast to change this weekend with cooler spells and showers so i'm glad i made the most of the nice weather whilst it was here!(knowing my luck that was probably our summer! British weather... so un-reliable, pfft!)

Enough chit chat, thank you all so much for entering my giveaway, I'm such a softy i truly wish i could give everyone a prize as i really truly appreciate you all coming to my little blog. So big virtual hugs to you all!
And the winner of the bag and scarf is:

I used Random generator gadget thingy but then lost the widget (yehhh i'm useless!)
there were 41 entries and 17 was drawn. This is the gorgeous Laura! Well done lovely! will be in touch to get your deets to send the lovelies your way :)

I am going to be doing this regularly as i really want all you guys to have a little something from me to you so watch this space as shortly i will be have some new goodies up for grabs.

Well you all have lovely weekends! do you have nice plans?
 My real life and blogger friend is throwing her sons a joint party. She throws the most amazing parties ever, last one there was a fairly land and an ice cream parlour! She blows my mind with her ideas. You can check some of them out over on her crafty blog where if you're looking for party ideas, she has lots!
See u soon lovelies!

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Honey's I'm home!!

Well helllooo you lovely bunch of ladies, I'm back from my little jaunt (which by the way, did not turn out as planned at all, such is my life, but i had a super lovely time with hubs anyway!)
And first off i would like to say thank you so much for all your lovely words about my 2 year Anniversary post... when i posted it i never expected so many people to comment, but your words really made me smile so much... you gals are truly a wonderful bunch of people! So big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, am i glad to be back. Being away made me realise what a home body i've become! I used to be a little traveller and enjoyed going anywhere and everywhere ( i used to be a travel agent) but getting older and having kids has made me realise i like being with my family at home.. i may moan that i dont get to go away much any-more but really deep down i kinda love it. I like my home, my bed and my wardrobe

Vintage blouse bought from the lovely Marisa in her Vintage etsy shop Ally Hoot Vintage.
Vintage bag: Charity shop (£3.00)
Vintage Brooch: Anniversary pressie from Hubs
Skirt: Miss Selfridge sale (£10)
Shoes: Poetic Licence ( via Very)

Now i just need to say how lovely is is to find a vintage shop that sells sizes that accommodate a curvier girl! So often i try to buy vintage and the sizes are teeny tiny! But Ally Hoot has sizing that fits me like a glove, i've already earmarked a few more pieces, Marisa  has truly fantastic taste and its great that there is vintage out there for all!

This brooch is one i've been after for a while, and whilst me and hubs were shopping in Cardiff we spotted this in a lovely vintage shop... hubs bought and i was thrilled. Another one to add to the ever growing collection!

Right then folks, i am off to go eat some thing yummy! I've indulged too much lately! Diet starts tomorrow, right?!

Have a lovely evening/day and i'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the giveaway,will draw tomorrow evening (british time) so you've still got a day to enter!
Good luck!


Ps if you fancy seeing a little more of me today i'm guest posting over at the lovely Lauren Ella blog. I warn you; the legs are out like milk bottles and the dress is a tad short!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

{Guest Post} Hello From The Sewing Boutique

Hello Followers of Rachel The Hat, lovely to meet you!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rhiannon and Im Rachels older sister (in age not looks! Or maturity lol!). While she is away this week she very kindly asked me to guest post on her blog. So I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what I do.

Do we have any crafty mums/peeps in the room?? One or two at the back!? I think that describes me best - a crafty mum, in more ways than one, but for the purpose of this blog I mean in the "I-like-making-things" sense! :-D  First and foremost, Im happiest being a mummy - I've got two beautiful daughters, Lillie and Madison who are the centre of my world and the things that drive me crazy, in equal measures! Secondly, I'm happiest when Im sat with a cuppa, at my sewing machine, sewing, making, creating.

I run a small online fabric shop called The Sewing Boutique where I sell fabric, buttons, ribbons and sewing supplies - both online and at craft fairs (take a look, its very pretty ;-). I love what I do and count myself very lucky Im able to do this whilst being a stay at home mum to my little ones (Madison is in school as she's nearly six, Lillie is at home with me as she's nearly two). Here is a little picture of me and my stall at a craft fair on the weekend...

Ooooh all my lovely fabrics :)
One of the lovely fabrics I stock
One of Rachys favs!!
Since my little sis has started her fab blog, I've started dressing so much better. Up until recently I was a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. But a combination of hitting 3-0, starting my own business and seeing the example my sister has set, I've started thinking about what Im wearing every day and feel so much better for it! Dont get me wrong I still have my jeans and tshirt days and by the time hubbys home from work Im in my pj's, but I feel much better if I've made an effort and got a nice top on and nice pair of jeans. I wore this dress on the weekend...

Its so cute!!  Rachel paid me the biggest compliment by saying she wants to borrow this dress!  It was so comfortable too cos it was a boiling hot day.  Apologies for not having a close up of me wearing the dress, Im not as photogenic as my sister!

So what else about me?  Im a busy lady with a business, two kids and a hubby to keep me busy, I bake, I love need coffee in the mornings, Im obsessed with cupcakes and anything with cupcakes on, I'd love to be Anthea Turner : The Perfect Housewife but quite frankly lifes too short and my kids are too messy, I should lose a few pounds but am happy as I am, my dream is to open a shop, I spend far too long dreaming and generally, Im a happy little soul but a bit grumpy in the mornings!!

I hope you've enjoyed my guest post and well done if you've made it this far!!  If you've ever fancied giving sewing a go why not pop over and have a look, you might see something you like ;-) and if you fancy reading more of my ramblings, I blog here!

Thanks for reading and bye for now!!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Hello lovelies.
 2 years ago today i was getting married. We had a very small wedding of nearest and dearest, only about 25 people. We played all our own music, had wonderful food and laughed the whole day. Thought i'd share a few pics with you, as this is the first time in 2 years i've properly gone through the photos,
(warning lots of pics here!!)

His best man, his son Talyn

We had a really small but perfect service in the registry office,  i cried, he shed a tear and we laughed as i fluffed my lines

my darling dad making the young bridesmaids laugh

becoming official

Just look at Talyn, the photographer told us to kiss and he thought he meant him. i LOVE this pic!


we walked through the town with the whole wedding party to the lovely park, it was fab, everyone looked on and wondered what we were doing
My dress is from a high street shop (Monsoon) and cost about £150
Paul already owned his suit and hates formal attire so went without a tie. He burnt his shirt that morning so his mum had to bring him this dashing pink one!

The rain held off all day

kisses and laughs

anytime i'm grumpy i look at this photo, this is me the happiest girl in the world

and he looks pretty happy too

simple favours a mix of english and italian sweeties

amazing food & beers (But just lemonade for me)

My wedding present that morning from my husband to be, a beautiful amber heart necklace

no seating plans we all sat, chatted, drank and ate

my bouquet is my favourite flower, and only cost £20.00

Cheeky bridesmaids

Both families coming together

We had a chocolate slab cake from Asda for £6.99! Paul thought i was crazy funny for getting this instead of a formal cake but hey, i love me some choc cake!
Well done you if you made it this far!!
Just a quick little explanation behind the whole thing..
Paul has been married previously (hence my lovely step kiddos) so we wanted something small, intimate and cheap. I felt our money was better spent on getting carpets and wall paper and sofas in our house than on just one day. Now, i know that's not for everyone, and i totally understand, heck i love going to weddings, but this suited us. And this was our wonderful day.
Its funny not seeing Neo in these pics as he wasn't here yet, it feels like he's always been here. 
However, he was in my tummy. I was actually 4 months pregnant on my wedding day. Controversial,lol! 
We had originally booked to marry in Italy on Sept 7th 2010, but due to illness in the family and funds we cancelled it. I was broody, we were happy and decided to try for a baby thinking it could take a while. A month later i was pregnant. So in my mind, there was no time like the present, we got married 3 months later. We were having an unbelievably stressful time with our business (good riddance  Mr back stabbing partner) so we went back to work the Monday after.
 Now this may not seem ideal to most, but we were happy. Nothing mattered, And we still are.
 6 years together and still going.... And here's to many more years

Below is our play list from our ceremony. Mirrorball by Elbow is one of our all time favourite songs and i remember it vividly from the ceremony.
I'd be honoured if you listened.

Wedding Songs 2010 by Rachel_T on Grooveshark

Whilst you read this, we are away on a belated honeymoon, well a 2 day trip..
I look forward to catching up with you when i get back.
But in the mean time


Monday, 26 March 2012


Hello lovelies,
Happy Monday. I'm a tad excited as hubs and i are going on a little trip for 2 nights to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary  which is tomorrow. 2 years have flown by!! We never actually had a honeymoon (i know, sob sob!) so this will be our belated honeymoon. Just the two of us in a beautiful lake side little welsh town of Llangollen.
Does anyone else find packing for trips hard? I DO!!! i know we'll be walking up big hills and seeing castles so trainers are a must but i've had to plan all my outfits round my red converse. Will let you know how that goes!
As for comfy but nice travelling outfit, this is what i'm wearing

Bloody wind!!!

Top & Necklace:Newlook (old)
Skirt: Next on sale, bought on Saturday
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (old and comfy!)

I've got a scheduled, non outfit related, post for you tomorrow... A little insight to what happened to years ago;)
and my super dooper amazing sister is also doing a guest post on Wednesday, i hope you will all enjoy it and show her some of that exceptional love you you guys so kindly share with me.
(im a little excited!)

Can't wait to catch up with all your lovely blogs when i get back (3 days without internet or laptops.... i'm gunna be going cold turkey people!!)

Take care, have lovely weeks and i'll see you real soon

PS I'm already crying at the fact i'm gunna miss this little guy SOOOOOOOOOOOO much :-(

it's not cold, he just looooovvees hats!
Ps. when i get back i'll be drawing the give-away on Friday, have you Entered?

Also linking over at the lovely Monday Mingle over at Glamamom today

Momma Go Round

Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Gal

Welcome to the weekend lovelies! Do you have nice plans?
I've just looked at the weather forecast and I'm in shock. Big fat sunshine's, plastered all over the weekend,woohoo!
Today was also a beautiful day, it seems spring has officially sprung here!
Today consisted of some shopping and generally running round after/for the kiddos. I was happy come (their) bed time for pizza and a cold glass of Magners, yum!

Top & Bag:  Both vintage, bag was a gift from hubby at Christmas and i use it for my laptop as is the perfect size!
Scarf: Asos (old)
JeansVery (now on sale and a great bell bottom jean for £17!)
Sunglasses also Very
Shoes: Blowfish via Asos 

I LOVE this outfit, this is me one happy gal.. Its casual but i love each part of the outfit.
The jeans: I have been looking for a great  pair of Bell bottom jeans, to no avail. Tried these and perfection. Great fit, great flare, great length.
The jumper: I bid for it on ebay, and i was determined i wanted it, after a slight bidding war(dont mess with me!!!)i got it for £10. When it arrived there was a hole in it, and right on the boob (peek a boo just isn't my style!;-) i contacted the lady and she gave me half back so it cost a fiver!
The scarf: had for years never worn, today was its first outing.
The shoes: Wanted to try Blowfish shoes for a while, had a couple of pairs years ago but wanted a chunky wedge style for summer, now these are last seasons but had them for a great price and i love them. Besides, "seasons" have never really bothered me, if i like something it doesn't matter when its from.
Bag: lovely pressie off hubby which i use every day as a home for my trusty laptop.
All of this makes for a happy outfit for a happy gal.
This weekend i plan on doing lots of ebaying ( selling, maybe a little buying) cleaning (poop!), car boot sale (for my american friends that's like garage sales or estate sales, kind of! ) and trying to make the most of the fabulous weather.
Do you have nice plans? Would love to hear!

Wishing you a great one whatever your up to!!

Ps one week left until the GIVE AWAY is drawn. Have you entered? xx

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