Tuesday, 28 February 2012

hues of blues and greens

hey lovelies, hows the week treating you so far? well i hope!

I am currently at my desk in work avoiding doing some really important stressy stuff, ugh! 
Do you have a day job that sometimes you think Aarrrrgghhhh? 
Yeeee thats me today.
So on to the outfit instead of thinking of all that rubbish stuff!

I wore this on Saturday to the play gym with the family, play gyms for me require comfy clothing where i can run after escaping kids who just keep running to the Peppa Pig ride. Although credit where credits due, i saw a lady in a maxi dress climbing the whole gym in pursuit of her child, She did well!!

Blouse: Very
Jeans & shoes: Tesco

oh.my.word. These jeans were soooo comfy. Now, i'm a fussy mare when it comes to jeans. I hate it when they're too tight that you feel you cant sit. I love them to have a bit of stretch and they had just that. And the colour, Cobalt blue, they go with so many things in my wardrobe, they have made an excellent addition! Have you found a good brand for jeans?
Also, apparently ponytails are back, not sure the red hair band securing the ponytail is, but either way, practical easy hair now "fashionable" thumbs up from me, who has 2 day old hair!

Just wanted to share a pic from the play gym .
Brotherly love makes my heart sing  <3 x o
so does Peppa pig as that programme makes my kids quiet and happy!!
Did you have a nice weekend? Would love to hear what you got up to!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Common Occurrance

hellooo all, hope you're having nice weekends. Just a quick visit from me..

Dress & shoes: New look
Cardi: Next

Me wearing bird dresses is a fairly common occurrance, however, this is a particular fav.. this new bird dress from Newlook is so cheery, as you can see it was a grey,grey day and this bright number provided some much needed colour. I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately and loving it. As long as the length is right and the fit is comfy, i feel good to go! I have some re mix ideas for this dress too and hopefully should see me through all the seasons, which makes it a worthy investment if you ask me!

Also, more good news, @clothingattesco tweeted me a lovely tweet that informed me they had featured me as their "clothing at Tescos loves.." here it is if you'd like to go see... they such lovely things!

I mean what a month, little old me, who'd a thought it. My heads gunna need bigger hats at this rate ;o)

Well lovelies, you all have great weekends and i'll see you next week!

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Hello lovelies
sorry for the absence lately, i have been yucky.
 Any IBS sufferers out there? yuk! and then add on top of that passing out, dizziness and a whole load of tiredness and thats been me this week. 

However, i received an email that made my day/week/month. 

Next Bloggers Network awarded me Blogger of the month... How fab! I get this cute badge to put on my blog and they did an interview avec moi and put it on their websites to see.. if you fancy a read about me babbling about blogging its here.

I was so super chuffed and my mum was proud, she felt like her daughter was famous bless her and wanted to go in to Next and ask for discount. I explained it doesn't quite work like that :)
Blogging is a wonderful little thing, it makes me a happy chappy! and its so nice to get good feedback 

I also had an Email from Modcloth to say Congrats! I've been picked as one of the Style Ambassadors... we've been chatting on facebook ever since! Like minded communities are so much fun!
yay yay yay.
So as you can see this lot has cheered me up lots and lots this week!

So this outfit is from about a week ago.. i was going out for a girlie day with my s.daughter Mia, to spend her birthday money (she bought lala loppsies and moshi's and i bought me a new dress!)
Top & Scarf: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Warehouse sale
Bag: Matalan
Boots: New look

Birthday dress:Tesco
This is what we wore on our girlie shopping day, it was really lovely. She's growing up so fast! And its nice to have girl company.
So folks thats all my news for now, i am off to London this weekend with all the kids (wish me luck on the 4 hour car journey!) to visit the in laws. I'm trying to pack light as packing for 5 is TRICKY!! especially with limited room. I'm gunna try and take as little as possible and remix.. will keep you posted!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vintage fairs and Crochet Wears

Hello all, Are you having a wonderful weekend so far? I have had the loveliest Saturday. This morning we got up early and had coffee and breakfast out and then ventured into cardiff to a Vintage Fair. I was in Vintage heaven. I could have spent hours and hours walking round the stalls and looking at the beauties, but we eventually bought some bits and then ventured on to a 50's style american diner where i had my first chilli cheese dog (wanted to try one since watching man v food, im such a big fan!) and thick shake. It was immense! we then came home and my little darling boy must have really missed me and gave me unlimited kisses and hugs all afternoon. We snuggled up on the sofa and watched some old tom and jerry and some Peppa Pig so lovely!!!

Crochet cardi: from the inspiring girls of Red Velvet
Black pocket skirt: Very
Bag: Matalan
Shoes: Tesco
Necklace: Vintage from ebay

Now i know vintage crochet wear isnt everyones cuppa tea, but you know me? i love it! As soon as i see knit/ crochet i just cant resist! 

and what i bought today? well...
2 brooches
a knitted egg cosy bunny (requested by mia) we just couldnt leave without her
shirt for neo
Anyway lovelies... i hope your having a marvellous weekend,im off to go gorge on pizza, its been a great junky food day :)
Take care

PS received some amazing news this week, cant wait to share it with you all!
pps, i apologise.. your eyes aren't failing you, your not drunk with out realisisng, my photos seem blurry tongight.. no idea why!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

wide legs and bowler hats

Hello all you lovelies, Its half term in my house so kids and no work! Its been a bit of a mental week, Valentines day then my step daughter Mia's 9th birthday yesterday. I've had such good intentions to take outfit pics everyday and taken the camera with me on each outing but nada! i hate it when the moment to take pics just doesn't arise! But just to assure you i have been wearing some pretty sweet outfits that included a sailor style jumper, hearts, and reds and pinks (which was meant forEverybody Everywhere but never got done, poo poo poo!!) im sure you will see them at some point.
I've been really trying to utilize what i have in my wardrobe lately, and when i buy new things i am trying to make sure they will go well with something i already have and will remix well. My wardrobe house simply isn't big enough for the amount of clothes i own and keep adding. I have another huge bag to donate today and hopefully ebay a few of the nice pieces to add back in to the shopping funds.
So i have been enjoying my sort out, i can see my bedroom floor which is a bonus! (seriously, i am a messy lady, clothes everywhere!!, i wish i was more of a tidy kinda gal, but so far 27 years has proved otherwise, probably to my husbands dismay!)
I wore this outfit yesterday to Mia's little bday celebrations, she had a lil girlie sleepover at her mums house. She said before everyone came that she had butterflies in her tummy as she was so excited! bless her, oh to be a kid again! :)

Cardi and peter pan collar top: George @ Asda
Wide leg flares: Next 
Bowler Hat: New look sale
Little watch pendant necklace: Primark

I felt able to run around after my mental toddler in this outfit. Sometimes, if im in a pretty dress or skirt i dont feel quite as prepared to go chase him, wipe up food quickly and discreetly or save him from falling off of sofas/ bikes/fireplaces(?!), as quickly as i can do in trousers/jeans. Is that just me? i dunno! maybe im half still trying to cover my modesty in a dress and save a toddler at the same time means im not as snappy. who know. Either way, i was sooo comfy in this and can see me wearing it a lot!! possibly without the necklace as, every time i bent down to pick the little fella up it bopped him square on the head, its got some weight behind it too, poor thing, beaten up my mamas jewellery. call child line! lol!!

anywhooo hope your'e all haveing super smashing weeks. I will see you all shortly.
Take it steady 
x o x

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IMG_4680-1" pleated poppy


Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Mondays

Hello lovelies, hope your monday's have been good ones!
are you looking forward to the big V day tomorrow? Me and hubs dont really go mad on the whole thing, but we do have date night tomorrow which will hopefully include food and possibly a film and a few bevies :) I'm really lucky, my mum stays most Tuesdays and it means we we get to go out and be husband and wife, not mummy and daddy. Its so nice to have those few hours to chat without little people asking things of you constantly. 

Leather Jacket and Stripey Jumper: Tesco
Star scarf, and bag: old and dont remember
Hi-waisted Cord skinnies: Next
Boots: Clarks
Hat: New look

My goodness these cords were tight! seriously, it was an un button them after lunch situation today! that signifies that i really need to watch what i eat, which i hate. Im a food lover, i cant help it. And a complete choc-aholic.  Why cant i be addicted to fruit or salad??! The shops have got easter eggs in already and i've already gotten through a bag of Cadburys mini eggs and a bar of galaxy in the past couple of days... nom nom! But no seriously, does anyone have any "healthy eating" plans that have worked for them? i would love some tips, i'm terrible for eating when im bored and picking through the day.
a big thank you to my sis who took these pics for me in the lane behind her house whilst the kids played in the garden next to us. So funny, she put flip flops on and soaked her foot whilst puddle hopping, such is the glamorous life of us bloggers and their photographers LOLLL!!
Well wishing you all a lovely week folks, i'll be back soon. Its Everybody Everywhere week and the theme is pink and red together.. must go look as feeling a bit perplexed as to how im gunna do this one! oh i do like a little challenge :)
Take Care

x o x

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

70's calling

hello lovelies.. you having a good week? i have been knitting since tuesday and im totally addicted. Growing up as a kid, i watched my mum knit, what seemed like, constantly. Every evening she had a pair of knitting neddles in her hands and a new ball of wall and her patterns to follow. I asked her to teach me when i was about 12. We both gave up as i was a know it all kid who would not listen and mum was a stressed out mother who had a kid on her case. Now 15 years later i listened and she taught!! and it is amazing! i am loving it!! I'm still learning and have a looong way to go, but i'm really enjoying it and find it so relaxing. I will share a couple of pics of my first makes once done. Alongside that i'm bursting with crafty ideas!! I am far from crafty(when i say far i mean faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!), so it must be my sis rubbing off on me. but it feels good! im a very happy chappy!
So 70's... you know i love it right? the style, the music...so good! We've been listening to a lot of old Deep Purple lately. This outfit is obviously inspired!

the waitscoat and rust flares are also River Island but older.

think this tunic may get a lot of wear, wanted to wear it with tights and boots but again, i was tooo cold (minus 1 most of the day, and i know to some people right now that have minus 20 degree weather, i sound like a wimp, but i really hate being cold!) i also have two vests on underneath, talk about bulking up!! 
i went through a few days of being totally uninspired.. i changed 5 TIMES yesterday morning(5 times i tell you!!it was ridiculous) and still ended up in a mediocre outfit.. i was lacking in the creative juices... I went and stood looking in to my wardrobe that evening and decided to mentally start putting outfits together and even trying different combos on, and i got my mojo back. I hopefully have some funky outfits sitting up there in my wardrobe waiting for me and ready to wear. do you ever get those lacklustre days? between that and crafts i'm feeling good! inspired even.. something i've never really felt before, and it feels great! 
And i hope you're feeling just as good lovelies!
Lots Of Love
x o x

IMG_4680-1" V is for Vests on abc of style :)
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