Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Funday

Hello lovelies... Nice weekend? I do hope so!
Its been good here, my lovely sister came down with my beautiful nieces today and we had fajitas(yum yum). So it was a  house full with 5 kids and 3 adults, it was fab... i love it when we're altogether.
The weather is pretty lovely right now, blue skys and cold frost..i like the cold, far more than i like rain and dry weather makes blogging me very happy.

Jumper: Warehouse sale
Jeans: Sooo old (i gave them to my sis a while a go and she wore them recently, hated them and so i claimed them back and its love all over again)
Hat: Next

Had me a fringe(bangs) cut yesterday, infact i had the whole lot done, its so nice going to the hairdressers and having an hour just for me.... as a mama an hour is such a nice luxury! 
But the fringe, she cut it a few mm too short! No one else seems to have noticed, but I notice. But hey, its just hair, give it 2 weeks and it'll probably be peerrfect! Until then i'll just put up with it (and wear hats, tee hee!!)
This outfit is just super casual,  I wondered whether or not to post this. Often with blogging i think its for best outfits and the nicest dresses, but thats not me alllll the time. This is very often me! casual and comfy.Hope you dont mind!!
 If i wear dresses or skirts for a few days, i find myself looking forward to a nice jeans day. Sunday is the perfect day for that...Do you ever look forward to dressing down?

Right lovelies, off for some reading before bed, cos im like a little old lady!lol.. Now excuse me whilst i get my hot water bottle and coco (ha ha rock and roll folks!)

Lots of Love
x o x

Ps: I just found out it was national hat day... go me!! :D



  1. That sweater is gorgeous, and so is your blog! Want to follow each other?:)


  2. Love the hat! I keep trying to buy one of the same style but every time I put them on I look ridic:( Oh, well maybe when I grow out my hair I will try again.

    Super cute outfit.


  3. I definitely look forward to fridays when I can dress down at work. Great outfit and pictures <3

  4. Great casual and comfy outfit. Your hair looks lovely too.

    X x

  5. great casual outfit!

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous & that hat looks lovely on you, it really suits you :) x

  7. Love the widebrimmed hat! So chic..and your reclaimed jeans are perfect with the 70's vibe you have going on!
    Happy Monday.

  8. love everything that has to do with the 70's...your outfit is lovely!!

    a kiss from the

  9. luckily you got these jeans back because they look fabulous on you! and yes, an hour away is sometimes needed (especially if they are nice and give you a scalp massage when they wash your hair)! i feel the same way about my bangs every time i get mine cut, but you are right, they grow so quickly! i think your hair looks amazing!

  10. You look fabulous! Love the hat!

  11. Love the hat and sweater!


  12. great hat!


  13. Yes of course Mama.... the Giveaway is open to ALL - Wouldn't wanna leave anyone out on some Fashion & Tea Love.... Come on over and ENTER!


  14. I totally love the casual outfit posts just as much as the fancy ones! Maybe that is just me, but I'm always looking for great style ideas to be comfy yet somewhat chic! :-)
    And you look effortlessly beautiful it! And major props for breaking out the hat on hat day (without even knowing it! haha)

    XO - Marion

  15. Great outfit! Has a very boho vibe to it which I love!

    The Urban Umbrella

  16. You are too cute! I love the look and love the pendant!

  17. As a mother I never get me time! gotta love me time!!!! The hat is super cute and I always look forward to dressing down

  18. Of course you should post the casual outfits - if that's you, then that's you! We can't be dressing up all the time for the mere sake of our blogs can we?!
    And even as a casual outfit, I think it is a rather fabulous one - especially loving the jumper & necklace! xo

  19. Oh man, this whole outfit is to die for!

  20. Great outfit! I'm a jean kind of girl too =) But I really want to get into wearing more skirts and dresses this year hopefully I can break out of my comfort zone. Take care and I hope you are having a great week =) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. thanks for commnting n following mine,Rachel.
    I do follow you back ^^

    have a great day!

  22. Love it, comfy AND gorgeous :)

    I wish I could pull of wearing a hat like that!

    And - I'm amazed at how brave everyone is by letting friends and/or family members take photos of them. I just cannot ask anyone, I feel way awkward doing it :|


  23. Lovely casual outfit - love the hat! And before I even read that you had had your hair done j thought it was looking great :)

    CC xXx

  24. I love this outfit. 70's vibe. The hat is gorgeous!

  25. Love this 70's outfit!
    It's perfect combined with your hairstyle!!




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