Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bunnies and Bows

Hey lovelies... Nice weekend? Hope so! i've had quite a nice one! just made (and ate) a beautiful quorn curry and now im just settling down for the evening with a cold Corona.... pretty sweet!

Jumper: Very (about 2 -3 years ago)
Teal Skirt and shirt: Next
Bow: taken off a handbag that i once wore to a wedding... handy as its just what ive been looking for!
Wedge Booties: Dorothy Perkins about a year or so ago.

so folks... these are the bunnies and  the bow. I love this jumper, it comes out every winter now and it still makes me cheery.  This is also an attempt at pattern mixing, something i admire on others but very rarely do, so i'm dabbling in this area.. how did i do?
Funny, i wore this outfit, minus the jumper, a few months a go and hated it... the skirt gave me a mum tum (ok it didn't give me one, i already had it, but it totally emphasised it which made me and my mum tum sad!) But i wore this to the shops yesterday and loved it! funny, the bunny jumper made the whole thing come together for me.
And yes my bow is wonky, but i was really conscious of stabbing myself in the neck with the pointy pin and just thought, "that will bloody well do!!!!"
Also... (again) excuse the hair... i have had one hellova week! I pulled a muscle in my neck on Thursday morning.. I was in agony! I'm only just starting to not yelp out in pain every time i turn my head. But i could not for the life of me do my hair... the pain was too much! so its been the dragged through a hedge backwards look for a good few days now. It's getting to the point where even the brush is looking scared. And one of my colleagues asked (sarcastically) if i'd had my hair done.. nice,ha! (note to self... get him back when least suspecting!!)

So on that note lovely people i will love you and leave you.. 
We're about to watch some Dynamo... have you guys seen him? You tube him if you haven't (hes a magician for those wondering) Seriously, he blows my mind! incredible!

Take care all!!
x o x

Ps, Ive got some lovely awards to show you but i keep bloomin' forgetting!! someone give me a poke and remind me!! 


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Office attire-d

'Ello all, 
Wednesday has rolled around so quickly! is it me or is time speeding up? Ok maybe that's something an old person says... maybe i am an oldie...hmmm.
I was running on about 3 or 4 hours sleep today. My normal sleep loving little Neo decided last night that sleep was lame and he was gunna yell and shout from his cot from the wee hours of 1am till about 4.30am . i was ratty.
It was such a good job i had laid out everything to wear to work today(including undies, tights and accessories.. organised, i know!! i shocked myself too!) if it wasn't for that i probably would have attended  work today in my pj's, which weren't even matching.

Coat ,Pocket Dress and necklace: Next
Boots: Tesco
Brooch on coat: Vintage from hubby at Christmas (he has great brooch taste;)

my props for today.... sheep!!!:)
Welcome to Wales!
Now my office doesn't have a dress code, its our business so we kinda wear what we want(within reason, i do try to not stroll in in joggers as tempting as it is sometimes!) I find simple dresses are so easy for days like today, i own so many dresses as it takes away any thinking process. no wondering what to put together, its all done for you! and for a day in the office, i like sometimes taking away any procrastinating first thing in the morning. simple simple simple.
Do you have different clothes you wear to work? 

x o x

Ps Happy  ST. DWYNWEN'S DAY!!.. The Welsh patron saint of Lovers (the Welsh version of St. Valentine), now go give your loved ones a big old *cwtch*, welsh slang for cuddle ...every days a school day folks!
(*Pronounced 'Cutch' ('cwt' rhymes with put, 'ch' as in chicken).

pleated poppy


Monday, 23 January 2012

times they are a changing....

hello lovelies... happy monday to you all... hope you've had marvellous weekends.
me and my boy are having a really chilled monday... its so nice to do nothing sometimes, something i rarely seem to do.
so as today is a super chilled day.. there's pretty much nothing to see here, apart from me and neo in pj's.
so here's yesterdays outfit...

there must have been something reeeallly interesting on the floor!

Peter pan collar shirt
Red skinny Cords
Tan boots
all fromNext


i adore this shirt. its pretty and casual.. and pretty and causal is all that im after on a weekend. It has a little neck tie that is detachable too, so when Neo decidedes to grab the daggly pretty neck tie, and mummys had enough, off it comes.  practical, pretty and casual! thats a good shirt!
Ive never worn it with the red skinny cords but liked the outcome

Now as the title mentions... things may will be changing up a bit round here. Im really excited. I have this this lovely lady designing a a nice new web home for me. i have a couple of new monthly features id like to introduce you too and lastly and most importantly, im thinking of a name change.
Now to me this is MAJOR. i have never loved the name im currently with. As much as i think alll us mummys should be yummy, this blog has gone in a different direction to what i first imagined. Its better!  so i feel i need a new name, something thats more.... me, ya know?
So lovely people i ask of you to give me your honest opinions in the comments below of what you think of my suggestions:

reason being... i constantly say on here... excuse my messy hair... its a permanent fixture in my life... i will live and die with bed head. i have come to accept this :)

my style is retro/ vintage... i know what i like regardless of whats in, and this is it... what you see :) plus obviously, im a mama lol!

C. ELEPHANT JUICE cos if you say this it looks like you're saying i love you... i've loved this since i was a kiddy

cracking song, and the blog is about all the crazy little things i love :)

E. keep current name

now these are my only suggestions right now... i may change my mind allll over again cos im stupidly fickle like that, but i would love to know what you think.. your opinion means lots and lots.

anywhhooo, wishing you all a lovely week this week! im off to go cook a very lazy lunch for me and neo and then an extra dose of cuddles on the sofa

Take care all
x o x

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

too short??!

Hello lovlies... Hope you're all having a good week... friday is almost upon us woohoo!! another working week done!
its been another hectic week. Hubby's birthday on Wednesday, which my lovely mum babysat on the tuesday night so we could go out to a restaurant. and let me tell you we feasted like a king and queen!! i still feel full two days later....
Since then ive been playing catch up as we were dirty stop outs that didnt get in till 1am on a school night! which is unheard of for us. needless to say im still shattered!(aren't i always?!lol)

anyways.. on to the outfit, my outfit for work today

I didnt realise how short this dress was when i bought it online at modcloth, but i love it regardless... it is definitely a dress for work or a day when its a sit on my bum all day kinda day.. no bending down to pick up Neo in this one thats for sure, cos let me tell you i can't bend like a laaddiiee like im supposed to!

Coat: M&S about 3 years ago
Cardigan: Tesco
Dress: Modcloth
Tights:? a place that sells tights possibly?
Shoes: Poetic Licence via Very

yeeehhh im back on the colours. and the shoes...well they are my most favourite shoes at the mo. comfy and have a puurrddy lil flower on, and they go with so much! 
Think i may remix this dress with some skinny jeans for security of my dignity (and my underwear ;) which could be quite nice.
i managed to get hubby to snap these pic's between rain cloud downpours... its been like it for days. Ive been wearing clothes (thankfully) but no chance for piccies. 

This weekend to celebrate hubbys birthday (he's like the queen, he gets to celebrate twice the lucky bugger!lol) we're going bowling with my sis and bro in law and the older kids, and nanna gets to look after the baba's.
Good job i didnt wear this outfit bowling.... well maybe i could have mooned the pins to fall down   ;o)
Now what do i wear bowling? any ideas??

I'm off now folks... but i will leave you with pics from hubs birthday 
look at that little face smiling behind the dummy, his fav thing to do, read books(neo that is, paul...unless its on an xbox hes not so big on the reading).

reading dada a story, and the story goes according to neo
"ah bah bah bah bah"

eating one red velvet cupcake and one dairy free muffin
here one minute, gone the next...and he loved it!
Well take care all, I'll be back soooon!!
lots of love
x o x
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chheeriiooooo !!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Funday

Hello lovelies... Nice weekend? I do hope so!
Its been good here, my lovely sister came down with my beautiful nieces today and we had fajitas(yum yum). So it was a  house full with 5 kids and 3 adults, it was fab... i love it when we're altogether.
The weather is pretty lovely right now, blue skys and cold frost..i like the cold, far more than i like rain and dry weather makes blogging me very happy.

Jumper: Warehouse sale
Jeans: Sooo old (i gave them to my sis a while a go and she wore them recently, hated them and so i claimed them back and its love all over again)
Hat: Next

Had me a fringe(bangs) cut yesterday, infact i had the whole lot done, its so nice going to the hairdressers and having an hour just for me.... as a mama an hour is such a nice luxury! 
But the fringe, she cut it a few mm too short! No one else seems to have noticed, but I notice. But hey, its just hair, give it 2 weeks and it'll probably be peerrfect! Until then i'll just put up with it (and wear hats, tee hee!!)
This outfit is just super casual,  I wondered whether or not to post this. Often with blogging i think its for best outfits and the nicest dresses, but thats not me alllll the time. This is very often me! casual and comfy.Hope you dont mind!!
 If i wear dresses or skirts for a few days, i find myself looking forward to a nice jeans day. Sunday is the perfect day for that...Do you ever look forward to dressing down?

Right lovelies, off for some reading before bed, cos im like a little old lady!lol.. Now excuse me whilst i get my hot water bottle and coco (ha ha rock and roll folks!)

Lots of Love
x o x

Ps: I just found out it was national hat day... go me!! :D

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