Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bye bye 2011, heellooo 2012

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy 2012 from this crazy fashion forward little fella .....

And from me :D

And this little fashionista

And this little lovely face

And the handsome hubby


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to Basics

Hey all,
Yesterday i promised i would be back soon with a post and here i am. Today i got dressed in proper clothes and everything! I gotta say though, i went to my wardrobe and i felt like i'd completely forgotten how to dress myself. I was seriously lacking in the idea department even with all the lovely new additions. 
So what does a girl do when she forgets all her skills? Go back to basics and by that i mean school basics.. knickers and socks help for a start. And then primary colours...

Red, Yellow, Blue

Hubby's handy work on all the photos

Blowing a gale here (again or should i say still!!)

Rain break of 2 minutes is over

Time to take cover

the bits and bobs

le shoes and socks

Back inside in the nice warm

These photos make me laugh. They all look like the "outakes" rather than the keep and use type. 
I was literally just popping to the shops to get medicines for coughing hubby and a few bits and pieces. The weather is horrendous, we haven't had a day with out consistent rain in so long and the wind is ridiculous!! So this did just fiiinne. Tomorrow hopefully i'll have gotten my dressing mojo back and who knows maybe it won't rain... ahh who am i kidding!

Just a side note, skinny jeans and me arent the best of friends, my big ole pear shape(big booty  and thunder thighs, lol) doesnt tend to agree with skinnies, and my athletic(read chunky) calves struggle and feel restricted. Im more of a flares gal, but in this rainy weather my flares drag around and end up soaking. Skinnies are a bit more practical and these Next ones are surprisingly comfy!
Do you ever wear something and think hmm maybe it doesnt look like the waif skinny models but im gunna wear 'em anyway?!! i just did :D And d'you know what i was quite happy doing so too, hee hee!
Living on the wild side me, as always! lol..

going to finish off my spanish pork casserole and glass of cider!

Lots Of Love

x o x

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

All done!

Belated festive tidings to you all! 
Hope you all had a great time... for me, honestly... i am shattered! i have not stopped! Im still on project clear up from all the mess. if you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen me moaning.. Seriously, how can 3 kids and 2 adults make so much mess? It looked like id had some crazy 3 day rave in my house. 
As bar humbug as this sounds, i am glad its over this year. Neo had a stinking cold (again) and was a miserable sod all day. he was up from 12.30am till 4am christmas eve night, and that made for a moany little boy the next day.Plus Hubby is still a bit poorly so none of us were really feeling the festivities. 
Having said that i got and gave some lovely pressies this year, and was really chuffed with the beautiful things people spent the time to make/purchase for me. 

Anyway... here's a few snaps from the few days...

Ive been meaning to do an outfit post every day... but for the first time in a very long time, i have made zero effort! Its been refreshing! I am actually sat in a tracksuit (and lets face it, you and i both know, it isnt for jogging!!) Also i woke up Christmas morning to realise one of my contact lenses had departed my eye! Its so annoying... i dont mind glasses... but i much prefer contacts... 
reasons for which are:
When you open the oven your specs steam up and you cant see!
It rains lots here and my lenses are constantly covered in rain 
Neo tries to grab them off my face, which he finds highly amusing
i cant cwtch up properly with glasses on my face
when i wake up i forget i need to out them on and then feel like i have "pissed vision"
i can probably think of a ton more, but wont bore you. 
if you're a four eyed friend, you'll know what im blabbering on about.


I did wear my fav xmassy dress on the day. Its a beautiful tartan number that i have worn the past couple of years as it personifies christmas in a dress, to me. however, no piccies really! 
I have so many lovely items i can't wait to wear, the sales and christmas have been kind to me :D

I'll be back real soon with an outfit post, pinky promise!
Right now im off to finish some cheese and crackers with dips and all the other yummy christmassy bits and bobs that need to be eaten!

Bestest Festivie wishes

x o x


Friday, 23 December 2011

Red Riding Hood

Happy Christmas Eve Eve lovelies....
Are you all ready? Im at the point where if anything has been forgotten, then too bad! We're having a very chilled, laid back Christmas. No big events, just us lot, and instead of a big Turkey dinner, we're doing an italian meal, some bucks fizz and lots of cheese n biscuits... which its taking all of my will power to not start now (as they would all be gone in one sitting!)
For me tomorrow is the start of, hopefully, a relaxing few days with my nearest and dearest. 
Shame we're not having a white christmas though! Just rain and wind!


Rain drops keep falling on my head....

and in my eye

Shirt dress: Very
Scarf: New Look
Belt: New Look
Boots: Next
Coat: Matalan
Ohhh this weather makes it soooo difficult to take outfit pictures... seriously i may have to emigrate just to make this work. I took the raining photos first, and then asked hubs to take some more once i came back from the shops and the rain had subsided for 5 minutes.
I've been going through my wardrobe and finding loads of old-ish things that i cant wait to re style and wear. And have you noticed how many good sales are on?? I have bought a few things, that i liked when full price and have now got half off! Result!!
I've  also been wearing lots of reds and festive colours... i tend to do this on the run up to christmas, i'm one of those festive dressers! Are you dressing festively? Do you dress up on christmas day or stay in your pjs chilled to the max?
I always don a frock for Christmas.... its a tradition.

Right i'm off to crack open the christmas biscuits and a cold bottle of Corona....a liitttlllee piece of heaven!!
 Cheers all!
x o x


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

And the winner is....

As promised... i actually stuck to date for once and i'm not late!
The draw literally just took place with the assistance of my lovely step daughter....
We counted up all the entries for each person and put them all into a hat

 My lovely Assistant picked out the winning entry

 And the winner is....


Massive Congrats Ashley of Flats to Flip flops!!
Her blog is lovely if you dont already follow, go check her loveliness out!
Email me or DM me on twitter with your details and these little lovelies will be winging their way to you across the pond!!

Hope you like them....:D

Hope to be back tomorrow with an outfit post. Last day in work 'till 3rd Jan! wooohooo, let Christmas commence!

Take Care all

x o x


Monday, 19 December 2011


Hello all you lovelies....You keeping well? Can you believe its only 6 more sleeps till christmas, where is the time going? Im not ready!!! This is just a brief post, as i'm up to my eyeballs in... well, everything! It's my step sons birthday tomorrow so we're preping for that, work tomorrow with our works doo on thursday, relatives from london coming down and then the obvious, CHRISTMAS!!

Jumper:Denim Shirt:Shoes:  Next
Flares: River Island
Bag: Modcloth
Umbrella: Vintage

These pics signify me in a massive rush, as always lately. And they also show the crappy weather that seems to be hanging around forever!!
This was my outfit to the play gym for Talyn's party.Nothing special as running around after a crazy toddler kind of dictates the outfit. I just really liked the blush jumper and raspberry hues with the mint bag. Speaking of the bag, it was Free!! I had an order with Modcloth that arrived last week. I eagerly ripped it open to discover they had sent me someone else's order. Was gutted, but to be fair the people at Modcloth couldnt have handled it better. They refunded all my delivery and tax costs and then told me to keep the order that was sent also. Which included this bag.. a bag i wouldnt have normally purchased, but it definitely grew on me! Mint, blush and raspberry... sounds delish huh!

Right i'm off! 
Dont forget,the GIVEAWAY is open till Wednesday, i'll be drawing it Wednesday night and will post results straight away! GOOD LUCK!!!

Take Care All
x o x

Friday, 16 December 2011

Clashing it up

Hey lovelies,
Wohooo Friday!! And man have i had a long ol' day today. Tried to tidy the abode today and make it all lovely, but seriously, tidying with a toddler is like shovelling snow in a blizzard! Completely pointless. He was literally behind me re-creating the mess!!
So then we took the little tyke to the toy shop to pick up a few pieces for the other two, again BIG mistake. Neo now owns a small (little girls) shopping trolley. He was so attached to it he had to have it on his lap on the car journey home. Hes happily spent the evening wizzing around the house putting things in his little trolley (namely the corned beef mentioned previously and a tin of tomatoes)  then squealing with delight when he would crash the little trolley in to the sofa/ wall/baby gate/ mia/ talyn.
let me tell you 7 o'clock could not come quick enough tonight!!

Anyywhhoo, have you had a nice friday?
We had a scattering of snow and lots of sleet showers today, but nothing of significance which was a shame as i'd love Neo to experience a proper snow fall. But wow is it cold! 2 degrees celsius and this is my outfit for that!

Long sleeved pink top: Dorothy Perkins
Jumper: French Connection (about 3 years ago)
Skinny Jeans: Next
Boots: F&F
Scarf:From Barcelona about 10 years ago (i had a scarf addiction even back then!)

This outfit reminds me of Catherine at Not dressed As Lamb, i only found her blog recently but her bright beautiful outfits are so inspiring!!
Oh and yeh, the messy hair is back.. sorry about that... i promise to try and brush it tomorrow.. 
Wish me luck for the weekend, its gunna be a busy one! As much as i love to shop, i hate shopping this time of year. Vix from Vintage Vixon summed up exactly how i feel in this post! You'd think this would be the season of good will to all, but people become evil when out shopping!! And that my friends is not christmassy!
So on that note, i'm off to do as much christmas shopping online for the kiddies as physically possible!
Take care
x o x
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pleated poppy IMG_4680-1"

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

whats black, white and red all over

A sunburnt penguin, and me today!

Wanting to  participate in Everybody Everywhere this month with the sequins and sparkles, but in all honesty i dont actually own much sparkly stuff! What can i say i like to shine in other ways, hardy ha ha!
So for me this was a challenge. I didnt wanna go out and buy something sequined knowing full well my lifestyle doesnt really permit a lot of sequin wearing... so this was my casual contribution, and yes we're sticking with animals again, from birds on a wire, to sausage dogs to owls today! You might be right in thinking i do like animal clothes...
and also apologies for the same colour scheme as mondays post, quite similar posts really, but wanted to share my shiny sparkly owl with Everybody Everywhere :)

Jumper: River Island
Jeans: Very (old)
Ankle wedge boots: old
Leather Jacket: F&F (last year)
Hat: Very

It was soooo cold today and my heater in my office broke! So i left my hat on alll day (plus i had proper hat hair underneath there!) But the jumper is a complete casual sweatshirt with a bit of bling, i love it and can see me wearing it a lot!!
Its so strange i hardly ever wear black and white and thats exactly what ive done the past two posts. I promise to inject some colour in to the next one!!
Well i'm off to do more of this
 to make this:

listening to this:

Take it steady all, it sure is cold out there(unless your an antipodean!!)
x o x
Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywear

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Best things in life are freeeeee!!! so go enter! :D


Monday, 12 December 2011

Sausage Dog

Hello lovelies... Monday's over phew!
Wasn't too bad here, except Hub's has serious man flu... not good! I did however get him to stand in the door way to take some outside photos whilst it was nice and light. He wouldn't leave the door step, but fair do's he was a good sport to do them when he did'nt feel well.
And d'you know what? I really like today's outfit and the photos. Normally i pick out one or two of the best of a bad bunch, but today i had lots of nice ones to choose from, which makes a refreshing change. Maybe it was the red lippy, that always makes me pout and pose better. Or maybe it was the wind machine (ie gale force winds of The Valleys!) but i was happy.

Sausage Dog Jumper: Lulu Guiness for very a few years ago
Black Dress underneath: Next
Leggings: Next
Boots: Clarks
Necklace: Available to win in my giveaway...

I love this dog jumper, it streches all the way round.
Front View

Side View

Back view

Sparkly necklace up for grabs in my giveway

Well folks, i've gotta say its been a good monday! I've done loads of housework which is boring and rubbish but feels good once done, played cars lots with Neo (he is getting so funny, i could watch and play all day with him, hes the best entertainment. He did drop a tin of corned beef on his little toe today though which made him limp and feel sorry for himself for 5 minutes, looking back now i can't help but laugh at his little was a such a funny little picture, and don't ask why he was carrying corned beef around, that boy plays with anything other than actual toys!!) , made a yummy curry and did an outfit post. All in all quite a successful day.. Yay!
Hope you've all Good Mondays? I know, good and monday aren't normally in conjunction with each other right?

Take it Steady all!
x o x
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I also may have forgotten to mention, it is open to all, uk and international. It may get to you after christmas but it will be a nice post christmas present anyways...
Good Luck, Bonne Chance, Gluck, Buena Suerte,
Momma Go Round
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