Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear santa...This year I've been an extra good girl!

So here is my birthday (seeing as it's on saturday, woohoo) and  Christmas wish list all rolled in to one :)

This perfect plaid vintage skirt from Etsy shop Vintage and Gee Shop

These beautiful Poetic Licence shoes from Very

This blazer is just begging to me be mine.. I mean look at those awesome collars! And from a wonderful etsy vintage seller El Vintage

I'm always on the hunt for a perfume that smells just right. I fell in love a little bit when i sniffed this... and how pretty the bottles of Marc Jacobs always are.

I don't need any more coats... but if i were to get another, this would be my fav.. the sixties sweet note of this Oasis coat is just so adorable!

And this 60's vintage bag would go so perfectly with the coat... i would look swingingly sixties... amazing!Revolving Styles is another wonderful Etsy Vintage shop that i love perusing.

A birthday/ Christmas staple dress is always needed and this Oasis dress from Asos would see me through nicely.

A festive brooch and would still be beautiful after the festive season. The maker/ Owner of Sweet Williams is also super lovely and just launched her website and has a fab(hugely generous) giveaway going on right now.

I also love this tote from her site...infact i could buy a gazillion things from her.

And lastly i've just created my own little nook... a cosy chair for one and books... this sign would be perfect from Jolinne Etsy shop

Well.... i think i'm done!aha! 
So Father Chrimbles, the economy sucks, its been a tough year but if you could make my christmas wishes come true i would be grateful forever and i promise to leave extra mince pies and goodies in exchange.... deal? Great ;)

Do you have much on your christmas list this year?

x o x


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Me and my techni-colour cardi

Hello all

You all had nice weekends?
I am shattered!! my Neo is on the go constantly and i am drained by the time his bed times comes. I wish i had an ounce of his energy, it would knock the socks off Red Bull!
So now i am sat with a lovely glass of Magners on ice and hubby is cooking us a yummy steak dinner. This is a nice time of day!

I've been thinking about my little old blog lately and then look at many others, and often feeling like mine is far from up to scratch. The beautiful pictures, the amazing outfits, perfect hair and make up, just made me think that perhaps what i'm doing here is a little... well... pathetic? 
Then Hubby chatted with me and made me remember why i started this. 
I am a working mummy, with limited time and funds, but still with a love of style. I haven't got all the time (as much as as i'd sometimes love it) to get myself ready.. i haven't got the perfect back drops for my photos as they are often done during work hours or baby nap time. i haven't got the perfect skin and hair due to sometimes sleeping in make up and not having time to do hair. and i most definitely haven't got the perfect body, since having a baby my whole body has changed (and besides from that it wasn' perfect pre baby ha!)
So this is me... busy, stressy, messy haired, just about pulled together... but still loving style and putting my best (and prettiest shoed) foot forward :)
I Love blogging, i love reading blogs of all different types, fashion, food, family and vintage and through this media i have "met" some amazing people! 
So instead of feeling not good enough i am going to feel inspired, by you all! My blog may never be perfect, but neither is my lil ol' life :)

Okay okay enough of all that (just felt like i needed to get that off my chest, ooo feels beter already!)
wanna see my new favourite outfit?
Cardigan: on sale from Monsoon for £40.00
Roll neck: Newlook
Wide Leg Jeans: Next
Shoes: Seychelles via Modcloth
Necklace: On sales, half price in Tesco, F&F

Hubby told me to swish my hair like a L'oreal advert... this was my attempt and finding it highly hilarious!!!!

me, serious? never!! :):):)

I love this outfit, easy and funky.The retro missoni-esque knit is perfection. Do you ever wear an outfit and think, "yep, this feels just right!" well i most definitely felt that today and man does that feel good! 

And as always here's a few snaps from our weekend. Been trying out new camera effects and really loving it!

Ultimate bed head

been rearranging my kitchen this weekend

wanted his trough style bib on as an accessory

some very old favourite piccies of me and my lovely sis

one of my fav wedding photos on my pin board making me smile

one of the guys i work with has an amazing wife who crochets me gorgeous things! this is my latest present! I love it and snuggle under it every evening.
I's really made me want to learn how to crochet!

As always, hope you have had a lovely weekend.. and here's to a great start to the week * raising my cider to you all* 
x o x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hellooo all,

hope you're all well?
I've finished my working week and I'm feeling good. Had a very productive 3 day work week getting lots accomplished and proving to myself that sometimes, when i apply myself, im actually good at my job (shame its so utterly boring!!!)
I'm also super happy because it's my birthday in just over a week, we have lots planned every weekend and so much to look forward to, such as: a christmas films every saturday night with the kids on our family film night, my bday celebrations, a beautiful christmas market day out in Bath, my wonderful step sons  6th birthday  5 days before christmas, our works doo, and then shutdown over christmas from work, which means i get to completely relax! I offically allow myself to start feeling christmassy from Dec 1st. I can not wait! I'm also hoping to squeeze in some shopping, a steam railway winter visit to father Christmas and a trip to the winter wonderland in Cardiff. I Can Not Wait!! 

So this is a little something i wore today:

Tunic: F&F
Cardi: New Look
Leggings: Next (the hold you in type, which are great!)
Boots: 6 years old and i cant remember where from

when i sais "a little something i wore" it really was little! I didn't realise how short this tunic was until i put it on today, i felt like i kept flashing my bum to the world even though i had super thick leggings on.
These boots are great, hub's bought them for me about 6 years ago. They're a lovely bottle green. After i had Neo i couldn't get them up my calf's, so i was super pleased when i was having a bit of a purge this week(after hubs found my secret stash of shoes) and they fitted again! yay! In the purge, 9 pairs of shoes and 6 bags were sacrificed. I plan to ebay them to then fund a little bit of shopping! 

I should have named this post " i forgot to brush my hair today" it was kinda obvious all day too... it happens a lot lately. If i keep going like this i may well be rocking unintentional dreadlocks by next year, lol!

I've been having so much fun with the kids lately... things just seem real nice *quickly touches wood*

these two are gunna be so mischievous, i love it!

I LOVE this picture, as this little boy does not keep still for 2mins usually


The hat she had to have and loves

the duck that wanted to come home with us

Just wanted to wish All a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday. I think it's wonderful to take time out from the rat race to be with loved ones and to give thanks for what we have.... I for one am very thankful for all i have (even when im being a moaner!)

Weekend starts tomorrow, woohoo!

Take Care all!
x o x


Sunday, 20 November 2011


Hellooo all,
Hope you've all had a corker of a weekend. 
Not such a fashion forward bunch of photos..... but i just wanted to share

Have I mentioned before that i do struggle to pull myself together on weekends? Dressing everyone (apart from hub's) means I'm left to quickly chuck something on or go out in my pj's. And even though this small town i live seems to be ok with going out in pjs and joggers constantly(honestly, its a very small town) but that just wouldn't be me... as easy, comfy and appealing  as it may seem sometimes!
 i never was one for an easy life ;) So leggings...  I think leggings are like marmite... you either love them or hate them. i am a fan as no ironing or pressing is required. straight away that's a thumbs up from me.

I also couldn't resist showing you some of these lovely pics of my ever growing Neo.. he so funny.... a handful but funny.

i mentioned last week that the lovely Welsh Wales Mam awarded me with *drum roll please*
This lovely award!!!

Now ive been looking in to this and obviously taking my award very very seriously!! And here's the deal:
Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

If you receive the award, you should:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favourite bloggers and keep it going!
So number 1. Thank you so much Welsh Wales Mam, you made my day! And seriously you guys should go see her.... her son is adorable!!!

Number 2. MY top 5 picks are:

1. Rhiannon from Pretty Petal Handmade ok, this may be a bit naughty (but hey there's nothing in the rules) but this is my lovely lovely sis! She is a crafty lil fox and is having a massive giveaway on her blog at the mo.. so if you like felty fabrics and free xmassy stuff, go see her. Plus she's lovely.

2. This lovely lady is also very skilled and a very good friend. Twinkles, Tutus & Twirls.. if you have little girls, you should go see her as she can make that little lady in your life very happy with wands, tutus and all things lovely.

3. I love reading this blog: The Perpetual Students Wife she has lovely style for work and weekends

4.Black and white and loved all over is a lovely blog by a lady called Ellen, full of stuff she's made, worn,loved. And her daughter Tessa is gorgeous.

5. A flattering Tale is a very lovely fashion blog from accross the pond. I love her style!

I love how this award is aimed at those starting out with less than 200 followers (or i prefer friends, followers sounds so impersonal, i figure if you coming by to read often we're more than followers!!)

So thats it!! an eclectic mix of fashion, crafts and motherhood!
Hope you enjoy checking them out. and thanks again fellow Welshy, Welsh Wales Mam!

Friday, 18 November 2011

"i'm a little bit country..."

That's what i felt like singing when i wore this outfit. Also Neo has gotten into the habbit of jumping on my leg to ride it like a horse (gee gee) which is all very country &western, except that makes me the horse not a cowgirl, bummer.
All this outfit is from Next including the boots which were from last year but last really really well, and are for sale again this year.

The belt is from a wonderful lady called Emily who runs a Vintage Etsy shop called  El Vintage.
She is the most lovely lady and made buying vintage from her a lovely experience. 
I love my belt its 70's and is made of the most beautiful leather. I have also bought a funky 70's dress that i will show you soon.

My comfy boots that have lasted extremely well!

Headband, flower bracelet and necklace are all good ol' house of primark!

So discussion with hubs today
Me:"does this look ok?"
Hubs " Honestly?"
Me: "ye"
Hubs: "no, the colours clash, you look all wrong, but if thats the look you're going for..."
Me *stomps off *
What do you think? Honest opinions? Does this not go? Im all confused now?

I do love the skirt, it makes me want to swish! I have some more ideas planned with it, so will try and do another remix with it next week.

I did kinda of assumed that maxi's were summer outfits, but i love this! I have leggings on underneath to keep my little leggy's warm, but tights or knee high socks would be just as good. And i like the feeling of getting out of trousers but yet still feeling cosy? You know what i mean....? Possibly not as that is a bit of a ramble....

It's friday everyone, wooohooo! The weekend is on its way.. i'm off to hit the shops.. gunna get me a bottle of the rose variety for tonight so i can sit down, after the kiddies have all gone to bed, with my book and read till my heart desires... or until i fall asleep with my book on my chest and hair stuck to my face throwing some zzzzz. The later is more than likely.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!
x o x


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hellloo Lovelies...
Hope life's treating you well!
Today was my first proper day back in work after what felt like a really long(and nice) time off... i am SHATTERED!! 
So on my last blog if you remember i had nothing of any interest to say? Well this weekend kinda made sure i  had loads to tell anyone who would listen...
First, a lady fell over right next to me in Tesco car park and broke her knee. The poor lady fell to the floor in agony after slipping on cardboard and i actually saw her knee maneuver into a position that a knee really shouldn't. I ran over (firstly saving her shopping, what a wally!) then realised that she couldn't move and then i called her husband and 999. I stayed with her and tried to make her laugh, poor woman in agony was subject to my jokes... i felt awful for her. 
So after that little drama i was driving back home after doing my shopping, and hub's called to say his parents would be with us shortly.... WWHHAAATTT???!! I was so not at all expecting that! the house was its usual perpetual mess, that normally i like to try and at least hide behind cupboard doors and in drawers and under any where else i think i can get away with.
But no time, so they saw my house in its spectacular mess... good thing is we all survived. I had a bottle of wine on saturday night and talked about Sicilian life 50 years ago, Musollini and current politics and generally put the world to rights with my Father in law.
My Mother in law also brought with her the most wonderful vintage embroided bag, which used to be her mothers. I have informed her that if she ever not need this little beauty anymore i would give it a very happy home. We then talked about fashion an hairstyles of years gone by. An my god, she is a woman who's tried it all!! Respect to the MIL!
After all the commotion of the weekend i was done with all the excitement and was left with my teething baba who decided he wanted to scream and cry until 11.30 sunday night. Poor little thing, didn't know what he wanted and i was reaching my least fav place... Witts End!
Thankfully hub's was amazing and got him off to sleep, eventually!


 This is my "my office is cold and messy so practical is needed" outfit
Jumper: New Look
Shirt: Peacocks sale
Jeans: Ebay
Shoes: Seychelles from Modcloth
Necklace: Primark

still loving ma' shoes

looking moooody!lol


I posted this pic last week from one of my all time fav TV shows....

This outfit was inspired by this pic

Husbands comments on this jumper today:
"you're wearing that today?!"
"keeping it real are you? "
"it looks like that jumpers old and knackered, oh is that the look you're going for?"
"you know that textured spray paint they have in toilets, your jumper looks like that"

You might be right in thinking he's not a fan of this jumper. I am though:) you cant really see on the pics (and i wish i had done an up-close but dog walkers were giving me reallllyy funny looks) but its the kinda wool that my mum used to knit with when i was 3 years old, with lotsa different colours speckled through it. I have to admit, the speckles caught my eye on a number of occasions today, where i thought i'd suddenly become a fluff/lint magnet. Another plus point though, it has elbow patches. I have a weakness for elbow patches. 

This is the nature walk in the woods by my work. It was so nice coming here today to eat my Greggs Chicken Mango sarnie for lunch. 
So nice to get a breathe of fresh air at lunch before heading back to head buried in the books.

Right I've chatted your ears off for long enough.... I leave you with a few snaps from the last few days...

he thinks broccoli are baby trees and likes to sniff them. He looks high on broccoli here :os

Every year at Xmas i have a Poinsetta, every year at xmas i kill a Poinsetta. Dad is on hand to keep it alive this year for me!

Neo's blankee

Hiii cute squirrel, you make me giggle

Home is where my slippers are


my latest vintage milk jug to add to the collection

x o x

PS. This wonderful lady has awarded me an amazing award... will be writing my acceptance speech over the next few days, hardyhahaha! Will tell you all about it next time.

Also as always hop along to these lovely ladies blogs to see the other entries on the fab blog hops :)
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