Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Unlucky Dress

Hello Lovelies :)
Mid way through the week and I'm already looking forward to the weekend. Not to wish the days away but weekends are so much better than week days! 
All is calm in our household so far this week. Still plenty of time for stress to shuffle its ugly head in but so far so good!

If i haven't mentioned before i work 3 days a week (Tues, Weds, Thurs) and then on constant call Mon and Fri. 
Since going back to work i have noticed a massive divide in my wardrobe. I opt for skirts and dresses and girly nice things for my office days and then practical and hopefully still pretty for my mum days.
I'm actually slightly overdressed for my work, (i work on a busy industrial estate mostly surrounded by greasy garages and man stuff, lol) but i don't care, i dont go far these days so office is my dressing up! 
I dont mean to look like a cheesy car advert here, its the only way we could get the quickly slipping away light and still see Neo who was in his car seat in my car. Glamour Glamour Glamour, lol!

Dress: Primark, real cheap
Bag: So very old
Boots: New look and a new wardrobe staple!

This car isnt mine, more's a pity! One of the aforementioned garages left it there outside my office.
Title for the post really is true. This dress is unlucky. Every time i wear it i drop food or drink down it, draw pen on it by accident, or generally get it in a mess. Today was all of the above plus, i picked Neo up and his velcro shoes snagged the hell out of it. Then to top it off i let Neo escape when changing his nappy, when retrieving the bare bummed baby he proceeded to pee all down me. POOR DRESS! This is why my wardrobe is divided. 

Wanna little look at this week so far: Here goes:
Home dyed my hair, left on for too long and a little darker than the box  said it would be.  Plus i  am the worst home hair dyer ever!! I had it everywhere, up my arms, in my ears and even on my chin?!

I feel intelligent in my specs, great disguise for my dippyness hahaha!

chosen by Talyn my gorgeous step son


Bless her little cottons!!


sibling cuddles

Big Smiles

Talyn in our bed :)

nanna knitted this hat when Neo was born. It now fits 14 months on.He will not keep it on though!!

aww i gave him a sudocrem beard to help his rash.
Happy Wednesday and have a cracking rest of the week Lovelies :)
x o x

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EDIT: adding this to G*rated Sunday Best as i like this dress and feel its submission appropriate!:D
Sunday 8th Jan 2012

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Plaid family

Well the weekend is drawing to a close, oh so quickly, yet again! But it's been a really nice one for us here. Bit of shopping, walking, duck feeding, and self feeding. 

 Saturday saw us attempt our first family pumpkin carving....

And for some reason I seem to have a plaid/checked thing going on. Now, I'm not sure if this is pure laziness on my behalf as I assist 4 out of 5(most days, sometimes it's all 5) people in this house to get dressed, and whether my mind can only comprehend one outfit at a time so therefore i dress us all the same OR i just totally love plaid and checked shirts! ( for the sake of this conundrum i sent myself to my wardrobe where i counted 10 different plaid shirts!! Seriously 10... do i really need that many?! yup)

plaid plaid plaid

even he has a checked shirt on underneath his knit
Super comfy outfit for walks and ducky feeding. 
Bought this jacket after wanting one for ages like this, on sale for £12 from Peacocks.
Its so warm and cosy.
Shirt to add to my collection from Matalan last week.


These two are so cute

Mission Pumpkin was a fair success i'd say. Hubby did good and did all the hard bits for the kids. We ended up with lots of pumpkin innards that i attempted to make a pumpkin soup. Now, i'm quite a good cook. I enjoy cooking and have vastly improved over the years. However, my soup was just not, well... good. For some reason the kids thought it was delish, me and Hub's thought it was just not great. Gunna try again!
Here's a little look at out Pumpkin antics:

Chief Pumpkin Carver

These lovely pumpkins made my house smell sooo good!

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend! Another day with the kids tomorrow for us as it's the beginning of half term here. Plans are the park if dry, play gym if wet. So just general playing about rain or shine!

x o x


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Snuggly Huggly Jumper

Helloooo Lovelies!
Are you you enjoying this wonderful time of the year? It's actually stopped raining here for more than 5 minutes, and today turned cold and crisp, It was Beautiful!
Sorry for the extra long absence again. I set out every day with such good intentions but always fall short. 
In the past week i have probably had 3 mini meltdowns. Work+ kids+family+ life = Stress! Not always, but the past week has been a tricky one, Take one clingy teething baby, add some extreme work deadlines and imposing late fee's, add a bit of a hubby who has hurt himself badly golfing, and a house that looks like a clothes/toy/washing/dishes bomb has exploded, and you get a recipe for meltdowns. Not a recipe i'd recommend. Not a tasty one!
Anyywwhhoo, I have put that all behind me and I have started to have a lovely week! A mummy & Son perfect day yesterday and a fairly unstressful day in work. Result!
And not only that, i have actually managed to take piccies for an outfit post. Yay!

These boots are super comfy! 

My sweet bow tie :)
Jumper: Next
Leggings: Next
Boots: New look

 This Jumper is like a giant hug!! It was our first proper cold day today, and normally my office is FREEZING, i mean literally you go to the toilet and wee icicles (sorry LOL!)
But i was snuggly warm all day and soooo comfy, but had two lovely comments on how nice this jumper was.
Also my new suede boots are little beauties. I only had to part with £9! I took some faulty things back to New look, they had a reduction on all boots and i had a money off voucher. They are fabulous and very comfy to wear! I just hope I'll be able to fit thick socks in them as i imagine its gunna get a lot colder!

Here's a few pics from our lovely day yesterday:
Still dark when we get up....

Early morning....warm bockie milk under his hand made special Neo blankee

Neo LOVES the ball pit. So does mummy. except they hurt my bum~!


this boy cracks me up!

And because i haven't posted for sooo long , here's a few more pics:

All together now "somewhereeee, over the rainbow..."

Too Early? :os

Purrddy blouse from Next

I am in love with No7's Red lipstic and liner! Although i think it scared Neo, maybe he thought i was a scary clown?!

My little Jedi s.son. (although he prefers to be Darth Vader?!)

Chippenham with the hubs

This made me laugh, i walked out to see the horsey longingly staring out the back door like he wanted to go outside and be free.



When all else fails you, tea and biscuits are the answer

And if the tea fails you, grab your fav glass of Vino!

Hope you're having a cracking start to your week!
Lots of love
x o x
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