Sunday, 25 September 2011

Matchy Matchy

Hello all, 
I have had a fabulous weekend! Hope you have too!
Yesterday was close to a perfect Saturday I'd say. Hair doo in the morning with my s.daughter Mia, i had the perfect cut too. I have found a hairstylist that gets what i want and delivers. Hurrah! Then popped home to see the boys and then Mia and I went to the shops and stopped for a little lunch. Back to more time with my boys and then got ready for our annual mummy, daughter night out. Mum, Rhiannon and Me went for food in a beautiful italian restaurant (where i took a doggy bag home for hub's) and then went to watch I Don't Know How She Does It (which we all loved, I had read the book,and loved it,I know those lists, guilty feelings, messed up look soooo very well!) Then today was spent tidying(yuk) and playing with my Neo. Only problem is I now feel like I'm coming down with a cold!(poo poo poo!) Sore throat, no energy, terrible headache... There's no sick days as a mummy so i hope and pray i don't fall ill as i blatantly don't have the time for it!! Go away ill lurgy's you're not welcome here!!! So on to the outfit.... I have been a follower ofA Beautiful Mess since i started this whole blogging malarky a mere few months back. Their blog, to me, is an inspirational wonderfulness. I'm a closet wannabe crafter. I'm a bit rubbish at any craft because I lack time and possibly imagination and also possibly skill, lol. But these lovely ladies inspire me to try. They have a fantastic Vintage shopRed Velvet where they sell some pretty amazing pieces and also there own designed and hand made pieces. The following is The Library Date Dress... I heart it muchly. It is a dress with multiple possibilities of re-mixing. 
For my date out with the family i chose matchy matchy. Red belt, shoes and belt. 

This outfit couldn't be more kitch, which i love!!!
Bag: Nica from last year
Shoes:Hush Puppies from Very (and Oh My God are they comfy!!!)
Belt: Newlook
The dress is extremely comfy and just the right length that i'm super comfy with. Ok, i think you probably get the point that i like my dress lots and lots. Not everyone's cup of tea, no. But what ever floats your boat i say row with it!!

There's something about a patent red pair of shoes with hearts on that just makes me smile. I feel so girly in them. My sister and i agreed that we could see these kind of shoes on her 17month old little girl. Cute with a capital C.

Here are some bits and bobs from this lovely weekend:
A rare moment where all 3 are still enough for a photo!!

Big boy pj's

Looking so grown up with her new hair doo

Daddy dressed Neo, apparently Hillbilly is the way forward?!!!??

Neo spots an opening with Talyns out of bounds toys

Courgette chips were AMAZING

Goats cheese and pesto pasta mm mm mm!!

diet went out the window at the starters.

And here's a few vintage purchases I've obtained lately:

These plates conger up huge sentimental feelings. As a kid these were the plates we had at home. They were a wedding present for my mum and dad in the '70's. My mum was so shocked when she saw them. She opened the cupboard to yester-year :) 

Well as the weekend draws to a close I'm going to go get myself a big hot choccy to sooth my sore throat. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend :)
Rachel xox


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

EBEW: Coloured trousers;)

Forgive me friends, for I have blog sinned. It has been over a week since I last blogged. Life just keeps getting in the way. Thank god I have google reader on my phone or I would never keep up with all your lovely posts. I grab 5 minutes where ever possible and submerge myself in lovely reads... sometimes it's when Neo's eating his crisps(peace for two minutes until the crippies run out), sometimes it's when I'm eating my lunch(more like inhaling food as speed is always of the essence in my job), sometimes it's on the toilet(sorry, but it's sometimes the only place I have 2 minutes peace lol!)

So I'd like to say I've finally found a few minutes to be able to give my whole hearted attention to this. But then that's not entirely true, I've actually got about a bazillion things to do(making 3 packed lunches, loading my dishwasher, doing an online shop, showering, bringing in the washing, and more and more and more) But screw it! I've wanted to join in on the Everybody Everywhere challenge since I started blogging, but I've always either A. chickened out(buck buck) or B. just haven't found the time. When I found out it was coloured trousers (or pants), I knew I wanted to participate as I had recently invested in these lovelies!
 So here I am, an EBEW virgin about to pop her EBEW cherry.

Top and Trouser both River Island
Shoes are Seychelles from Modcloth and they are the most comfortable boots straight off, that I have ever bought...worth ever penny.
Once again, I am loving all the 70's style clothes out for A/W. 
I don't own many coloured trousers, mostly just jeans in the usual shades. But I do love this burgundy/wine colour. I'm fancying pairing them with my denim shirt... we'll see!

So in my absence have you all been having a lovely week?
Here's a few snaps from our little lives :)

Love this material, want to make Curtains for my Kitchen

just woken up with adorable bed head:)

"ooo Mickey, that's a tricky question..."

Life line

Talented Sis

Talented hubby

Talented Son (or more likely fluke! lol)

Anyone wanna go?

Just aww.

kooky bag

My practically slippers boots

My beloved new chelsea boots, question for you.. How would you style these?

As if this boy needed any more energy!

Sorry, I feel like we haven't chatted for ages so got lots to show you!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Over and Out :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Party Aftermath...

I hate it, the cleaning, the tiredness, the general mess (crumbs in the kids beds,little plastic green soldiers in mine!?!) the ominous stains on the carpet, and this was a kids party, no alcohol was consumed at all!
I always feel a bit hard done by actually, 'cos I tidy like a mad woman pre-party, then have to do the exact same thing post-party! Too much cleaning in my books!

But having said all that, we're had an awesome weekend. Neo's first birthday party was a  big success and lots of fun. I was sooo pleased. I was stressed  right out in the morning trying to get it all ready, but it all turned out great. Neo ran from room to room all day and ate anything in sight.... so did I thinking about it! My boy is one and we celebrated his first year with fun, food, family, friends and laughter. Couldn't get much better right?

Today consisted of a little bit of shopping for mummy me, and obviously tidying(as little as possible).
Outfit today

Love my wide leg flares, so comfy and practical

Love this bird print

This top is from New Look and I'm wearing it backwards and open (crazy, I know!) But i thought it looked lovely like this, it also looks nice the other way too and plan on wearing it with my newly fixed orange necklace soon. But don't you just love multi way tops! I feel like I've got 2 for the price of 1, amazing!
Jeans and shoes are as previous posts (sorry I know that's really lazy but I'm reeeeallly tired from all the crazy partying. I''m so tired I keep spelling words all mixed up and it's taking me twice as long to type anything!)
Wanna see some pics from this weekend?

Mickey mouse sandwiches (thanks Sis!)

nom nom

Some of Neo's pressie's

Partying is hard work, rest time with Nanna

So funny, never work with animals or kids right?  This was the best pic of a bad bunch, the other picture had  Maddy picking her nose, the other pics had Lillie copying her. (I thought I'd spare you those, hilarious as they are!)

I wore a dress by Closet which was bright and cheerful, my mickey mouse ears have disappeared at this point (they were mandatory to begin with!)


Thanks for the decorations Sis

Stocked up on socks and accessories today

Loving this retro print fromRiver Island Outfit posts to come for this little beaut

New Vintage purchases for an ongoing project of mine

I've "acquired" (ok, bought) some lovely things lately can't wait to show you all with some new outfit posts! Also my lovely friend Estelle of twinkles tutus twirls came to the party in a lovely jacket/blazer that I also own(great minds ay!), she has given me a lovely idea of what else I can do with it (No I haven't had an idea as such I'm just stealing her style, but that's what friends are for right ;)  She is also one stylish mummy!

Ok I'm off before I my head hits these keys, I'm aiming for the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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