Monday, 29 August 2011

Holiday? Really?

Well my week off has now come to an end and I'm back to work tomorrow. Even though it was a "holiday" week, I wouldn't really say it was a holiday.
6am wake up calls
Cooking and cleaning up 3 meals a day for 5 people
Washing shed loads of clothes (and that's just mine haha)
Working/emailing/payments when baby sleeps
Night calls from Neo from 11.30 till 2.30am
Food runs constantly to feed 4 very hungry people who nearly ate me out of house and home more than once.
Now, honestly is that still classed as a holiday? 'Cos I'm not sure. I most definitely don't feel refreshed and revitalised, and ready to take the world back on by hopping back in to the rat race. In fact I feel like I need a holiday more than ever!!!
On Saturday, my Mum was so kind and had all 3 kids for us. We went out quickly shopped, ate and went to the cinema. It was nice to breathe!

my very own Kate Spade.. £20.00 from the wonder that is Ebay

Outfit all Next apart from the Kate Spade which was a complete bargain from Ebay. I was sooo chuffed. It's my  'going out without kids' bag as there's noooo room for nappies, wet wipes, toys etc.
The Shoes are Berry-tastic! I find myself looking for things that will go well with my berry shoes. 

Here's a few pics from today

Neo no longer likes to be fed, my little independant boy likes to do it himself. He will eat anything and everything!!

Quick egg sandwich in the car was a BIG mistake mummy!

My boy and his mickey blankee

Dude! not the Kate Spade!

My new Vintage top arrived from ebay and its prreetty!

Keeping Neo entertained whilst shopping, he loves the peppers. So funny!

Neo's current fav toy. He likes to walk round with the littlest one in his mouth  making bizarre noises. Hey it keep him occupied for 5, I'm a happy mama!

One productive thing done this week, i fixed my necklace that has been  broken for 3 years!

Just to give you a heads up! Neo turns one on Wednesday. Be prepared for a very emotional me! I'm just so proud(sniff sniff)!  Most days I still an't believe I'm a mummy, let alone a mummy to a one year old!! How and when did that happen??!

Currently buying everything Mickey Mouse that I can get my hands on for a little tea party we're throwing this weekend. I'm so excited!

Hope you all had a Happy Monday, here's to a smooth sailing happy week!
x o x

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Peter Pan...

...collars are just so pretty. They invoke thoughts of vintage and prettiness and also of a cartoon boy who could fly and was  kid forever (I'm jealous!)

I've only got a couple of peter pan collared articles, but this is my most recent favourite:

Next shoes... sooo comfy and practical too! Going to be wearing them a lot!

Belt was bought yesterday for a few pound from good old Primark
I love how I bought this belt and it depicted all the colours from the top perfectly.

I still love blue/yellow. The cardigan just pops against the blue.
The jeans are also from Next. These are the lovelies that, going back a few weeks, I burnt with the iron, along with my carpet. Well these are the new (smaller size!!) replacements. Bought for half price in the Next wonderful Sale!
They are my fav's they complete an outfit and are comfy  yet smart.

I do love this outfit, as I felt I could run around after my super  speedy son (rat up a drain pipe springs to mind, he sees an opening and he's out the room!) But yet I felt put together and pprretty.

Excuse the hair, I'm a bit stuck with it at the mo, I want a new cut but I don't want to sacrifice length as I'm only just growing out a "it's a bit short" doo. Last hairdresser was a bit scissor happy and now I've got the fear. But I'm fed up of the same old same old. I feel like I've had the same style for 14 years! Any suggestions?

Today consisted of me, having a banging tension headache, being miserably tired and short tempered. Not a good combo. I almost had a meltdown so hubby sent me out with strict instructions to buy "a frock". I wasn't refusing, I grabbed my purse and was out the door before he could change his mind.
As it was I bought a bag of chips and a savaloy, two outfits for Neo, jeans for Mia and a Sonic the Hedgehog Tee for Talyn. I feel a frock should still be bought soon as it can't be taken off the cards once it's put on, right?!
Stormy weather and stormy mood so it seemed. After I had an hour and half to myself meandering round a few shops, hubby sounded like he was on the staring a meltdown in the face so I drove home and being a nice wife brought him a red bull to give him some wings. (men are cheap and easy to fix!)
Only after 3 Nurofen and 2 paracetamol (crazy, I know!) did the headache decide to subside...
Mummy's don't get sick days.... or off days.... or holidays....

Here's a few snaps from today:

Thunder storms 

I do love a snappy dresser

I need to tell you all about this! I will get more pics soon, but this is the hand painted wall of Neo's bedroom by my amazingly talented husband. He's one of those clever types who can do anything! (thank god really cos I can't do much lol)

Just wanted to show you this,You can now purchase babies from Iceland lol!
Nanna and Bampa took the babies out and the heavens opened. Nanna improvised, you can tell she used to be a Girl Guide Leader!

Headache gone finally, I'm off for cuddles with the Hub's and a film...
Enjoy your day/evening everyone


Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Hello All!

I feel like it's been a while again since I last blogged, I always have such good intentions to blog most days, and then before I know it, the day has passed and I haven't even written a word.
But even though I haven't been blogging, I've still been reading all the lovely blogs I follow.

Last week I was over at Cheryl's blog just fab blogger and the lovely lady has only gone and given me an award! YAY me! :) I was so chuffed as I have really enjoyed blogging since I started a few months back.
So here they are in all their spectacular glory:

Awww aren't they pretty!!
Along with these little beauties I have to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass them on to 10 other lovely blogs.
So here goes:
1. I'm married to my lovely hubby, we've been together 5 years and married for a year and a half and he is 14 years older than me, but he's a big kid.
2. I am the Finance Director of our business SMS. I never dreamt in a million years my career would go this way and I would be in the CCTV industry running a £1.2million turn over company.
3. I won Young Entrepreneur of the year in South Wales
4. My sister, Rhiannon is my best friend, we fought like cat and dog growing up, but now we're sooo close. We speak probably 5 times a day and could still have things to talk about.
5.My favourite colour is green, but I hardly own any green clothes.
6. My favourite disney film is Up. (Squirrel!!) And my fav films are The Matrix trilogy (hence why my son is called Neo!)
7. I have a very short attention span, I've wandered off about 5 times since writing this. I get distracted easily!

Wow, I could have gone on and on then! lol, Can't shut me up once I get started!

The 10 lovely blogs I would like to pass these on to are:

That was actually more difficult than my 7 things as I follow so many amazing and varied blogs!

Been a busy old weekend/ week as we are off with the kids  and we have been trying to fill the days with fun. Fun for them, not so much for the parents. But it has been lovely.
Skirt: Vintage 1970's from ebay £6.00
Crochet Shrug: Warehouse, old
Sandals: Matalan, last summer
Wooden necklace: Primark

A lovely day in the park! The vintage skirt I'm wearing is just lovely, it's amazing, the quality of the cotton is so much better/ thicker than today's standards. I love wearing vintage, it always makes me wonder who wore it and where. Looking forward to wearing this through the autumn/ winter with thick tights and boots and wooly knitted cardigans.

Here's a few snaps from the week so far:

looks just like when i brought him home from the hosp, except bigger, a lot bigger!

New rain coat

New protege

Vintage Skirt

Favourite headband

1 of two new to me vintage pinny's

Brotherly love

pinny two

home made minestrone

Lillie loving my shoes, girls already got style!

Hope you're having a fabulous week so far!
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