Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful it is Thursday. I work Tues, Weds, Thurs, so technically its my Friday today in work. However as any mummy knows, even though my working week may be over, my home life carries on, and in many respects that's often harder!
I'm often more shattered after a day at home with Neo, with the constant housework, chasing after an over excited 9 month old who has found his feet but seems to have a magnet in his bum that keeps pulling him to the floor,its a constant battle.
I admire all stay at home mums (my lovely sister is one!) as no one realises quite how hard it is! It should be the highest paid job on the market. But being a mummy, the rewards outweigh any job, every time.

I am also thankful this Thursday for:

The beautiful weather we've been having (I think I was too much of an eager beaver there as it is now cloudy and my legs are cold)

My fabulous child minder, Neo dived out of my arms and into hers this morning. This as a mum is so reassuring that your child is happy when he's not with you.

My new black Wedges, which are tres comfy... pretty and comfy equals new fav shoes!

The coffee that has just been placed on my desk

The spaghetti bolognaise I’ve just ordered from the yummy cafe, mmm nom nom!

Not earth shattering stuff no, but thankful none the less.

Outfit today was picked first thing this morning when the sun was blazing and the sky was blue:

The sky is now grey, the sun has buggered off and I'm getting colder by the hour. I do love this dress with the daisy print,its cherry and pretty. My hubby on seeing me this morning said I looked like I was something straight out of Dallas... I personally thought Dallas was Stetsons and shoulder pads so I have no clue as to what characters he's talking about. If hubby had his way and dressed me in what he liked, I would probably look like an extra from Pretty Woman. Not a look a usually aspire too, so Dallas it is today....

Are you thankful for anything this Thursday??? Hope your's is a fabulous Thursday, however that may be!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

OOTD: my new fav dress

Just a quick hello, and my first OOTD (Outfit of the day) Have wanted to do this for a while as I just love clothes, fashion etc etc, but I hate having my photo taken. As soon as someone aims a camera at me, my face involuntarily starts pulling all kinds of funny jibs. My husband always asks what's up with my face, and I have no idea! It's gotten to the point where Im so awkward that at our wedding I requested only natural photos and no poses as i just cant do it! Someone may as well aim an AK47(wow I listen to my hubby play COD to much!) at me as it would have the same freaky faced reaction...
Moving swiftly on, this outfit is my new fav. It was comfy, cool and just looked lovely. Hubby actually commented multiple times on how nice I looked(Result!) My new gold/yellow cardigan goes with so many things and looked very striking against the blue floral dress. Chuffed to bits.

I would just like to add at this point how hard I find it dressing nicely with my son, within 5 minutes of arriving home from work my darling son had me, him and most of our living room covered in stinky, smelly poop! Yep, the delights of motherhood, we had a leaky nappy/ baddy bottom situation which ended up in baths needed all round.... soooo not a good look! My poor dress,I hope it's not offended. Neo was fine, he thought wriggling away from me mid wipe was hilarious!(sorry TMI?! you kind of become immune to these things when you have kids!)

Got some lovely outfits lined up, weather permitting *fingers crossed* this lovely sun we've been having won't be leaving any time soon.
So Britain's Next Top Model watch out!! Hahahahaha!
This piccy is also good for my Mumentum as the pot belly isn't really the look i'd like to be sporting, this is kind of like me pinning it to my fridge to stop me snacking. I'm pining it on the public instead.



Monday, 27 June 2011

I'm so sorry i've been a little out of action lately, my whole household had come down with the dreaded lurgys and up to our eyes in snot (delightful I know)
We've all been pretty poorly and generally feeling sorry for ourselves, well I have anyway, hubby's been trying to get on with it which was a blessing. And poor little Neo has had his first proper cold, his “sniff the flowers” trick was actually a blessing in disguise as it meant with out realising, he'd actually learnt to blow his little button nose. Better out than in I say!
I'd say we've been through a pack of 9 toilet rolls, 4 packs of Benilyn cold and flu, 1 pack of Lemsips and about 4 cartons of Orange juice. My kitchen also now looks like a part time Chemist(and part time sweet shop lol).
But thankfully, we are all coming out the other side of it today. (YAY!)

Today Neo and I attended our weekly Monkey Music class.
If you have little ones I highly recommend. Neo loves it, although most weeks he tries to eat the instruments and then yells at me when we have to give them back, but we laugh and giggle an sing and dance. Good fun! For me it's lovely to be around other mums. Where I live I’m pretty much on my own and its nice to mingle with other mummy's. I was a little chuffed as I seem to have made a few new mummy friends and got invited for coffee! Even as a grown up I still try and make friends with new people and often wonder why people don't seem to talk back/strike up conversation as much as I try. Often leads me to wondering “uh oh is there something on my face...? “or “oh no, is my skirt tucked in to my pants again? Bugger! lol.
So yes, this group has lots of lovely mummy's. One particular who I sit next to every week is a complete yummy mummy. Perfect outfit, slim, perfect hair, lovely make up.... well you get the point. Sat next to this lovely mummy I felt like a complete slummy mummy (bear with me, I am going somewhere with this!) And don't get me wrong, we are all yummy mummy's in our own way, shape and form. But lately I’m just not feeling it, or should I say I’m not feeling me!
Hair needs doing, weight needs loosing and wardrobe needs fixing.
So when perusing other blogs (one of my fav pass times) and I see people mention Mumentum, I thought PERFECT! Just the kick up the arse I need! I will now be publishing on the wonderful world wide web, my latest attempt at becoming the yummy mummy I so very much want to be. I'm not one to just moan about something and do nothing (but then I’m also not one to follow through once started, ummm!! if I were one of the Mr.Men I would be Miss. Fickle!)
So with the pressure of possibly millions(haha, I'd also be Miss.Funny!) of readers I am going for gold!
To Loose 2 stone
To Be fit an healthy to chase after my wonderful, slightly hyper, little boy.
To Dress like a yummy mummy
To feel Fabulous!

So on my marks, get set, Go! *Chants* MUMENTUM, MUENTUM, MUMENTUM!!

Right i'm off, got a pack of KitKats I need to get through before I can even think of being fabulous Haha I jest, honest!!!

On a side note, Neo had his first trip in the big boy seat in the trolley today... aww my boy's growing so fast....time is definitely a flying!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22 June 2011

Today I’m a moaning mess. I'm in work feeling like total and utter crap, and counting the minutes(115) until I can go home. My heads banging, my throat feels like really hurty sandpaper and my nose won't stop running. My husbands reply to this this morning was “Suck it Up”, Ever the charmer. I am used to this as we have run our own business for 5 years which has consumed our lives. But today I'm just feeling sorry for myself, and seeing as my hubby won't indulge me in any sympathy then I'm indulging myself.
On top of that I seem to have two pimples, which I have named pinky and perky,that seem to have taken up permanent residence on my chin. I have (at least) 2 day old hair which decided to protest this morning over not being washed and not do anything that remotely looked styled, also my shirt poppers keep popping open from over indulging one too many times lately.... did I mention I was feeling sorry for myself?!
I'm at the point where no amount of spanx can help. So on the recommendation of Karen at:
I have bought the Ab-tek to see if I can rid this jelly belly that I can no longer blame my son for as it has actually expanded more since he vacated.

Whilst writing this, I was thinking what a moaner I am(see I can't even indulge myself with sympathy, stupid brain!) so I started thinking of good moments of the day....
My son waved to me for the first time when I was leaving for work this morning and blew kisses. This makes me smile from ear to ear. It never fails to amaze me how wonderful he is and the amount of love you have for your children. His tricks include: Clapping hands, sniffing the flowers(where he screws up his little button nose and vehemently sniffs and blows), dancing, shaking his head for No, air kisses and now we have added waving to his repertoire, lol. I am ever the proud mummy, showing off my son's tricks, much to my dismay when he doesn’t cooperate and blows a raspberry at me. Its almost like it's his way of saying “mummy I’m not a performing seal!” lol.
My second happy thought of the day is that Dorothy Perkins are having a sale. I do love a bit of Dotty P's and got a couple of bargains.

Ok Ok,the lovely cardigan wasn't on sale, but it will go with soo many things I already have, and with the summer we're having so far I NEED a cover up for this chilly weather we're constantly having. ( yes, I am trying to justify it to myself) also the lovely floral dress was a bargain at £12!

I also have my eye, for practical reasons I assure you, on this little beauty!

It comes in beautiful primary blue, yellow or red, and I just adore it. It makes me think of being a kid, and being a major advocate of growing old but not growing up, I heart this coat very much! It makes me want to go jump in puddles and have lots of fun!
Its definitely on my “Must Have” list!
Plus, like previously mentioned (I do moan a lot about the weather!) British weather is as disappointing as ever. So this is my little bit of sunshine. It's practical and cheerful!

And of course my other ray of constant sunshine is my Neo xXx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Your “Go-to” item??

As a young(er) lady, a night on the tiles always meant a sweet outfit. And like most women I always had a trustee reliable outfit that I could always turn to( Kookai 60's style, striped wrap dress, gorgeous , size 10 that still sits in my wardrobe and winks at me from time to time. Would need an extra yard of material in both directions to make it even close to fitting me now, boo hoo:( )
Annyhooo, so now I’m a mummy and not “out on the tiles” any more, I still have a “go-to” outfit, admittedly its not an exciting mini dress to be wined and dined in, but it is an outfit that never fails to make me feel happy for my daily chores and that's what's important these days!
“Dressing up” to me has changed its meaning, I get “dressed up” to go to the supermarket or work these days as getting changed into anything other than joggers or baggy jeans and hubby’s t shirts is “dressing up”!
So my “Go To” item is my trusty reliable Denim shirt dress, it never fails me. It looks smart but casual and can be dressed up or down. I like trying different accessories with it, such as scarves, chunky jewellery, sometimes boots, or shoes, tights maybe leggings and even my trusty red converse.
What makes it even better is that I wore it to my office one day for work (I work in a predominantly male industry) I was told I looked like I had lost a lot of weight*, which as any woman I’m sure would agree, makes this outfit my winner every time!
*On a side note, the person who said this last saw me when I was heavily pregnant! So I kinda hope I do look at least 8lb 6oz slimmer as I had a whole other person growing inside me at the time! However as not many compliments come my way in this workplace, i've decided to take it as a nice man saying something complimentary for a change (On second thoughts, he did then go on to ask for additional time to pay his bill!! need I say more!)


Monday, 13 June 2011

First weekend away from my baby boy in 18months (9 in my tummy and 9 being out in the world)
and was having verrry mixed emotions(was blubbing like a baby in the car on our way to our destination, silly me !)
Funny thing is, I was at my complete witts end with him the day I was leaving... he was driving me round the bend! But come the moment I had to leave and hand him over to his wonderful Nanna and Bamps, it was like trying to tear a limb off.. no actually something more vital than a heart(soppy yes! Also slightly gross lol) Ridiculous I know!
But eventually I started to enjoy myself once we arrived and I saw how utterly awesome our apartment was! Stunning views over the harbour with a huge balcony... lushous!

Whilst packing for our trip I constantly checked the weather to see what would be best to take. Skirt, shorts, dresses, jeans.. my choices were a little endless and I think I probably put way to much thought in to it! It is the thing I hate about going away, only on the morning when I open my lil sleepy peepers and take a look at the weather and my mood, do I then know what I want to wear! So pre-empting this is always tricky for me. And not just that, good old British Weather fooled me again.... Forecast was heavy showers all weekend. Woke up to glorious sunshine! Yay, but nooo! I hadn't packed for that! I had packed a lovely pink linen skirt but unpacked it as Mr. Weatherman told me it would be pointless....Time I start seeing a new weatherman or woman lol!

Being by the water I finally decided to dress location appropriate and go for a nice nautical theme, black and white striped tshirt, jeans and practical for site seeing, trusty red converse!
I felt like a grown up, we went to a delightful market full of home-made produce, had yummy coffees and cakes in grown up coffee shops(not play gyms) and went on a small boat trip to a castle. Hubby and me had a fab time, topped off the evening with room service.

Something I've realised is, even though it was a nice break from reality, I will never have a true break again... I constantly had all 3 kids in my mind, wondering if they were ok....hazard of the trade I guess!

Got home and my son was in bed, I went upstairs and woke him up (naughty mummy) as i'd missed his smiles so much. Wonderful feeling having him back in my arms again(awww)

I feel like a better mummy for my break, I have found more patience and have discovered humour and laughter again! So best for baby and best for mummy's sanity!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Well hellooo,
Currently sat at my desk in work in need of a large coffee as the dreaded 3pm tiredness has hit me, I dont really have time to stop (and yet I find myself writing this, hmmm priorities may have gone array with the tiredness) I've got people screaming at me for money left right and centre and because I haven' been in since last Thursday, due to lack of childcare, I have a whole shed(or warehouse as the case is here) of stuff to catch up on. All boring boring boring. On to nice things to chat about.... :)

Dressing myself this morning and I thought my usual thoughts of how utterly rubbish UK weather is(especially Wales, drive over the Severn bridge and I can guarantee the heavens will open once one tyre hits welsh soil!) One minute it was glorious sunshine, and by the time I'd handed over my son to his nanna and bamps, made a quick cuppa and headed upstairs to tackle the issue that was my face (not a good look first thing in the morning!!) it was pee-ing down with rain!

So with that in mind, I turned to an outfit that I had been desperate to wear. My beloved new chino's :) To some (ok, most) this probably sounds a little (ok,a lot) over the top for a pair of trousers. But I heart CHINO's. I'm tempted to write it on my work pencil case, but fear I may look silly (which has never been a problem before) I digress... So yes, my lovely neutral tone chinos and a little skinny brown belt. Chino's to me just feel so stylish and lovely and versitile and sooo comfy. Need i say more! Then with them a cream button down, soft t-shirt material safari style shirt, a big chunky beaded long necklace and tan pumps. I feel comfy and practical and like I could really go on safari and look the part! Haha! But no seriously, I feel almost fashionable today and that makes me a happy lady.
Granted I'm in work, and if I were home with my lil' one, the necklace would be a no no as I would have a lil monkey hanging off it (my very own safari!!) orange hand prints on my nice cream shirt and hair scrapped back. Speaking of orange hand prints, why do they make baby food so orange and stainy(that's not a word but you know what I mean!!)? Seems so wrong to me!!

Times ticking on and as my home time approaches, so does my mummy outfit of joggers and t-shirt (I've upgraded from pj's!!) time for me to go put on my other metaphorical hat (it would be way cooler if it were an actual hat!) and crawl round the floor and clear up mess!

Hoping to upload some piccies soon, want to personalize my new online home

Over and out for now... :o)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Ok, So where do I begin????

I am a mother to my beautiful 9 month old son and also a step mother to my wonderful two step children(ages 8 and 5). I am a wife to my hubby and a director of our own business which we have been running for 5 crazy years. I am a sister and a daughter and a family gal.

And then in the spare moments between all of the above I am me :) a self confessed fashion addict with a love for clothes, bags, shoes and everything that goes along with it!!

I have loved fashion for years and used to sneak out in my lunch breaks to go shopping in Cardiff to fore-fill my fix of fashion.

As the kids have come a long and I have grown older I have had to change my outlook on fashion to “practical”, “easy” & “inexpensive”.
When my son was born and having to juggle soooo very much every day with just literally moments to pick an outfit I knew in my heart of hearts i'd let myself go, understandably so I guess with a newborn lil boy, baby sick, lack of sleep and a new body that I did not like. I honestly thought that once my baby was welcomed in to this world, I would be welcoming back my old body. Au contraire!
What I was left with was what felt like some one elses body.
Stretch marks that looked like an AA road map, water retention in places I didnt even think could retain water(face, thighs, upper arms!) and a jelly belly that was most defiantly not there before. I had completely lost my identity,(slim, fashionable and able to string a sentence together) and become a un-confident mess(crying, dithering, pj wearer) I didnt know who I was any more....

So after moping about for a few months I decided to give myself the well needed kick up the backside to get back to some kind of presentable self and to make me feel that bit better as I have well and truly discovered, only you can do that.

I soon discovered after having a baby, I have to dress for my shape, I cant buy whats hot this season, or sale items because they’re pretty. I have to work at it and dress to flatter rather than dress for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, fashion is totally involved, and there's nothing I enjoy more than perusing the latest fashion magazine or this seasons new catalogue being delivered(simple things excite me these days!), but what's far more important to me now is putting my best side forward and feeling happy and confident in myself.... and lets face it a good outfit always makes that easier.
So here I am giving my unprofessional, lay-(wo)man opinion on life, fashion and being a mummy... any reason to talk clothes/shoes/bags and I’ll take it. Besides,it also gives me a break from being a professional baby boogey picker and sick cleaner upper!
So here I present my escapism mixed with some reality!
And oh by the way, I'm Rachel... nice to meet you!! (if you've just read all that wow and thanks!)
© Rachel the Hat. All rights reserved.