Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear santa...This year I've been an extra good girl!

So here is my birthday (seeing as it's on saturday, woohoo) and  Christmas wish list all rolled in to one :)

This perfect plaid vintage skirt from Etsy shop Vintage and Gee Shop

These beautiful Poetic Licence shoes from Very

This blazer is just begging to me be mine.. I mean look at those awesome collars! And from a wonderful etsy vintage seller El Vintage

I'm always on the hunt for a perfume that smells just right. I fell in love a little bit when i sniffed this... and how pretty the bottles of Marc Jacobs always are.

I don't need any more coats... but if i were to get another, this would be my fav.. the sixties sweet note of this Oasis coat is just so adorable!

And this 60's vintage bag would go so perfectly with the coat... i would look swingingly sixties... amazing!Revolving Styles is another wonderful Etsy Vintage shop that i love perusing.

A birthday/ Christmas staple dress is always needed and this Oasis dress from Asos would see me through nicely.

A festive brooch and would still be beautiful after the festive season. The maker/ Owner of Sweet Williams is also super lovely and just launched her website and has a fab(hugely generous) giveaway going on right now.

I also love this tote from her site...infact i could buy a gazillion things from her.

And lastly i've just created my own little nook... a cosy chair for one and books... this sign would be perfect from Jolinne Etsy shop

Well.... i think i'm done!aha! 
So Father Chrimbles, the economy sucks, its been a tough year but if you could make my christmas wishes come true i would be grateful forever and i promise to leave extra mince pies and goodies in exchange.... deal? Great ;)

Do you have much on your christmas list this year?

x o x



  1. Oh wow! You are very kind. Thank you so so much for mentioning me on your blog and for adding a couple of my items to your wish list. FAB!

    Ps. I have now also fallen in love with those shoes! They are just gorgeous.

    Emma xxx

  2. That coat from Oasis is fab - maybe we can ask Santa for a 'coat-share' lol! I agree, those shoes are fab, hope you get all your wishes! x

  3. Huge hints duly noted!

    Love, your sister who wishes she could win the lottery!


    x x

  4. Cute items. I surely loved the sweet 60's coat! :)

    Anyways, I'm a new follower! Maybe you could visit my blog, and follow too? I'd highly appreciate it! Thanks very much! <3


  5. Rachel...thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am loving that plaid skirt! I love vintage feeling clothing as well, I just don't have enough of it in my closet!

  6. marc jacobs daisy thats really nice.
    hope u get it ^^
    wanna follow each other



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