Friday, 12 February 2016

Cream & Black (&Passion4Fashion Linkup!)

We're travelling back in time today folks, back about 2 weeks ago pre hair cut and when we were having a milder spate of weather. I saw this style of outfit on Pintrest (my arch nemesis..pintrest.. anyone else struggle with that highly addictive website?!) and thought at the time I have all the same sorta items that are needed to make that outfit, i could totally replicate it!
Of course mine looks nothing like that street-styled, papped gorgeous blonde with the expensive outfit, but I'm giving you the everyday girl styled version of it. We're ok with that, yes? Ok, good 'cos I've got nothing else to give to ya today.

Last weekend rained consistently (cheers for that Storm Imogen) and gale force winds meant taking outfit photos were a definite no no.  that storm gave Wales a good ol' beating, to the point i was actually a little bit worried my conservatory may not be attached come morning! Thankfully it passed and we are all safe and sound.

Annyway, back to the outfit (can you tell I have complete Friday brain, which is no excuse really as i actually write this on a Thursday, basically there's no hope for me), so yes, cream, white and black. Super simple, super effective. I got these joggers from H&M a few months back for around the costly figure of seven whole pounds and the cream cardigan is a Primark special from a quick hit and run back last year.
I couldn't decide whether to go with my New Balance sneakers or these lace-ups, well, you can see what I went with, but I made a mental note to try it out with the sport edge next time.
I'm actually a teeny bit jealous of two weeks ago when the temperature made it acceptable to bare your feet. Its dropped right back down again, and as much as i love winter and coats and knit wear, i'm kind of tiring of it now. I'm craving blazers and loafers, and what i'm actually doing is layering knitwear on knitwear and donning the thermals. There's me thinking February would be milder, man oh man was I wrong.

Cream Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Warehouse
Faux leather joggers: H&M
Tee: New Look


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Backpack, Backpack (A practical Bag post)

I spent all day Tuesday on a school trip with my son and 30 other 5-6 years olds at Bristol Zoo, it was fun (until one of the children I was chaperoning got stuck in a penguin play egg.. don't ask!).
It only occurred to me on the morning that I had no practical bags to carry the array of stuff that I needed to take. It was a full day out so it was lunch, snacks, flask of the all important coffee (although with reflection I wish it had been a hip-flask), plus your practical mum stuff like plasters, tissues, wet wipes for sticky fingers and then your vitals like purse, phone and lippy and a bit of touch up.

Like a fierce game of Tetris I managed to slot most of it in to place in my Madewell satchel, but of course there was more stuff to be added once we were there, like hats, scarves, gloves, teddy Lions, general Zoo debris (maps, pens and other junk), so ended up with my sons Avengers back pack balanced across one shoulder whilst carrying my own cross body bag whilst also trying to hold on to three 3 children.
That's when it occurred to me. I needed a grown up back pack.
Now its always been something I've shunned as they are just not me. But practicality sometimes grinds you down to the point where you think, why oh why am i making my life harder than it has to be (that moment was whilst holding said bags plus hoisting up a strapping 6 year old to see over the crowds to see those flippin' (ha) penguins). Talk about pack horse. I was more like a mule than a horse however.
Excuse my super cheesy grin
I am now well and truly converted and singing for the practical side, so a backpack searching I a-went.
Now the wonderful thing about fashion of late is that practical doesn't have to mean fugly any more. With the whole 'Ath-leisure' style still going strong, it means 'practical' no longer has you looking like you've completely forgotten your own sense of style.
Case in point: Sneakers (trainers) have now well and truly become a firm fixture in my wardrobe, and can be seen on street style pics at every turn.
Its finally cool to be comfy. Amen to that.
Backpacks are apart of this style that all the cool kids are wearing, and enabling mothers like me to be well prepared and also well-presented.
Am i getting you on side?

For me I'm looking for clean lines, minimal and in a black or navy. But i think a great tan backpack could work well come summer.

Here's my round up of the Best of the Best Backpacks

Now I'm starting with my favourites and the ones that made me think that maybe, just maybe backpacks are cool. 

I think I could actually get to enjoying carrying a backpack if they looked like this. Gorgeous clean lines, modern and plenty of room for my array of crap. The navy is a neoprene which looks rather modern and love the front zip pocket for your essentials.
The black triangular pebbled leather is just divine, slightly more expensive, but wow, what an investment piece right? That bag would still be going strong well in to my kids adult years.

Moving on to a bit of utility style

The Classic Fjallraven (left) which has been popular with students and travellers for years thanks to its sturdy construction and lightweight weave fabric. Also comes in an array of colours, so if the neutrals aren't your thing, check out their range of blues and yellows. The framed backpack has been a favourite since the '60's so definitely worth a look, and great price point too.
Next we have a Herschel bag in black, which is basically your standard classic backpack, my teen stepdaughter loves these, but given that they are a great size and major points for comfort factor, i can see that they would work for adult and teen. Plus: sharesies!

Next up, a little more pretty

Kate Spade manages to walk the line so gracefully between cute-kitsch and fancy-chic so extremely well. They've taken a fairly masculine piece and made it all girly and feminine.
Kate Spade Backpacks are perfect for those ladies who want to pack their things in to something pretty. I mean how cute is that bow?! Love the classic black and white stripes though, how timeless.

Back to a little designer utility style with some Marc by Marc Jacobs masculine masterpieces, these are divine, the slate grey or the quilted both look like they would go with just about everything and would definitely make being a pack horse a whole lot nicer. Slightly more on the pricey side, but boy will they look good on your back.

 Finishing on some bargains from Forever 21, faux leather but a great place to start if you fancy dabbling with the backpack trend. Similar shape to the Rebecca Minkoff (almost like a cross between the two featured above).

So there we have it ladies, the practical bag post.
I definitely want to invest in one before summer, as I know its perfect for days out and when we go on our annual trip to Cornwall. But decisions decisions.

What are your thoughts on Backpacks? Are you in or out on the backpack front?


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Treat Yourself This Valentines

Oh Valentines, sweet, sweet valentines. 
Now, I have a truly remarkable husband, he is rather marvellous to me, but he's not so great on the buying gifts and remembering special dates front. He leaves that to me. Which actually works out fine with me as it means I shop and he is happy to let me buy what I would actually like (within the realms of budget of course) So I think that's pretty win win all round, don't you?

This year the kind people at Rakuten introduced themselves to me. They sent me a good box of valentines goodies to help get me in the mood and let me choose a gift for myself this Valentines.. Take a look at these pretties...

Candles, hearts, sweets and choccies and then a little self preparation with some gorgeous body butter, red lipstick and red nails. Regardless of Valentines red nails and lips i think would be my signature. Instant mood lifters for me, making me feel so put together and just a little bit sassy ;)
With my voucher I considered treating Salvatore to a little treat, but then I got to browsing their amazing beauty selection and I found the stuff of beauty dreams...

A beautiful Dior palette and a Dior Addict mascara.
I had been after a travel palette like this for some time. I had one back when I was 18 and carried it in my handbag everyday, using it all the time for touch-ups. I saw this one and instantly knew it would be perfect. When we go away I don't like to take away all my make-up (because quite frankly it would need an entire suitcase of its own), this palette has the perfect neutral colours that will work for day-to-night.
Its love at first sight.
My perfect Valentines.

If you're looking for some lovely valentines gift inspo, be sure to check out Rakutens Valentines gifts, whether its for yourself or someone else, they have some fabulous items.

What will you be doing this Valentines? Do you treat yourself or do you let your significant other do the buying?


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Seven On Sunday 0.16

Why helloooo, and happy Sunday to you. I hope you've had a supper lovely week. February is definitely proving to be a better month than January was, thank God, but we're only 7 days in, can only get better right; trying that thing...what's it called again... Oh yeh positivity.
It seemed to skip merrily past me in January, but I've caught the skippy little bugger now and giving it a test run.
So far I highly recommend it.
Screw you negativity, you're not welcome here this month!

This week was rather busy and rather fun, I held my first Yosa stall and got to meet and chat to some fabulous ladies. I undid the ball and chain aka my laptop and desk, and set myself loose on the world. It went really well, and it was so nice being out and meeting fabulous ladies. I provided the sparkly shiny goodies, they provided me with inspiration and great feedback. Definitely something i will be doing again I hope.

How has your week been? Good I hope. (Do share, we're all friends here, I honestly love hearing about you and your week)
And so, here we stand at the beginning of a new week... Here's to a good one!

Things I've been loving this week are:

0.1 I can't pull off plaid/checked items at all. But this dress SO makes me want to try.. and God loves a trier right?

0.2 Love a bit of chick-lit fluffy reading, I do.. its my guilty pleasure, its how I like to unwind. I have just finished a few of Lindsey Kelk's books and now starting a Single Girls To-Do List. I just absolutely love how she writes. I feel like its just how my mind works, profanities included. Its refreshing and modern, especially in contrast to my other guilty pleasure of Downton Abbey, which I'm currently re-watching from series 1.. another guilty pleasure. Its all the pomp and ceremony and overstated formalities that are fascinating to me. My husband hates it, haha.

0.3 Anyone else dreaming of Spring? It seems as soon as we get to the tail end of January i start dreaming of blazers, slip on shoes (as opposed to sock clad feet in boots) and simple outfits of tshirts and jeans. I'm kinda thinking of style for Spring and so far I'm thinking preppy. I want blazers, oxford style shirts, comfy jeans and loafers. These would do nicely t start on my preppy quest.

0.4 Speaking of blazers, i saw this in my local store and tried it on, it's divine!!! Much nicer than the styling online suggests. Unfortunately they only had sizes 12 through to 18 in store. I am now fully prepared to press purchase as I have actually had sweet dreams about its loveliness.

0.5 Off to see Goosebumps today (for free thanks to my Clubcard vouchers, Thank you Tesco!) with the kids which I'm really looking forward to, love a bit of Jack Black i do, and then I'm *Hoping* with a capital H, that me and the husband can somehow manage a date day/night next week and see Deadpool (without the kids of course, that is not family content ). Have you seen any good films lately?

0.6 Speaking of Tesco or F&F rather, I saw this striped number in store and it is much, much nicer in the flesh. Lovely and fresh for spring, totally on trend right now, and for a teeny tiny price tag.

0.7 Made Slimming World vegetarian rmoussaka and it was delish! Husband polished off the whole pan and its being made again this week.. Another recipe to add to my rotation.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!XX

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