Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A chat about Blogging these days and an outfit i just really liked

I wasn't planning on posting these images as a blog post, they were merely taken for an insta pic, which i try to do daily.
I didn't deem them good enough for the blog, the lighting is dark, the poses are all a bit samey and it just didn't seem like the type of photo i would publish here.
But then i got to thinking. I really like this outfit so why not.

Here's the thing: There's something quick and easy and an element of instant gratification with instagram, likes come within moments, comments are easy to give and reply and then we all move on to the next photo. The easy access on our phone means we can pick it up and put it down, whether that be a quick moment on the toilet (yup guilty) or a waiting for the bus, its easy. And in a world where we are all a million miles an hour we often convenience is key.

Six and half years ago when i first started blogging i would blog an outfit 3 times a week, hardly ever missing an outfit day.
But with time i have posted less outfits here, content has changed and i have sometimes stepped back a bit choosing to micro-blog on Instagram over sharing here at the blog.
There's been talk on the social channels at the moment that perhaps blogs are slowing down and dying a little. But i don't think that's the case entirely. I think there will always be room for blogs as there is still for newspapers, magazines, books and informative websites.

I guess the daily chat on Instagram appeals to me, its easy to quickly explain about your boiler breaking (yup that was me) or that you fell over on some leaves (also me), but by the time i sit down to write a blog the moment has mostly passed and i've probably forgotten it as life just moves on so quickly.

So what am i trying to say here?
Um i'm not really sure. I'm not quitting blogging that's for sure, but just perhaps i'm going to make a conscious effort to show more outfits, whether the photos are perfect or not and maybe try a little harder for some banter and chat, as that is what brought me to blogging in the first place.

On to the outfit!
This dress is such a simple piece but i've worn it twice in the past 5 days. It's comfy, it has pockets and makes me feel nice when i wear it.
It was a bargainous £20.00 from H&M and comes in a number of colour ways i'm tempted to get it in the red and black as well as this green as its just so easy to wear.. and did i mention it has pockets?

I teamed it with my super old biker boots, my trusty biker jacket and my new Baker Boy hat, which is a trend i am sure pleased to see has returned. I love a hat (obvs) but the baker boy is possibly my favourite type of hat. Its easy on the old nonce and it keeps your face dry and hair out of the way when we have inclement weather (which is often shall we say).
The Baker Boy hat is £15 from Topshop and is generous (good for my large head), im super tempted to get it in the rust red colour as i really love it that much!

Simple outfit, but super happy. I love that i feel tidy in this but also comfy to sit at my desk all day, or even get the hoover out. Its an all rounder of a dress that i can see me wanting to reach for time and time again. I like the idea of wearing it layered with some faux leather trousers and a turtle neck underneath. But if i'm honest, i really just like it just like this :)

So tell me ladies, how do you feel about blogging these days? Do you still  love to read them/ write them or are you leaning more to social media such as Instagram?

Much Love

Monday, 20 November 2017

Winter Warmth Essentials

Ok i will warn you now, this is (obviously) not a high fashion post.. im talking cosy toes and all things warm and practical!

Low temperatures mean it is time to get cosy! I actually love this time of year when it gets super chilly and you need to bring out all the, scarves and hats, the warm boots and big thick coats. When i open the curtains and see a clear day with frost adorning the ground my heart is happy. I know.. i may possibly be mad, but there is nothing i love more than walking Cassy on a cold crisp morning.
On those lovely cold dry mornings I walk Neo to his bus stop (with Cassy of course) and we get all bundled up in our hats and big coats and gloves. We play don't step on the cracks and we chat as we walk. Its just one of my favourite things to do.
And I'll be honest, fashion goes out the window for me on those morning walks. Its all about the cosiest of coats and the warmest of toes.
I've teamed up with OD's Designer Clothing to bring you the very warmest of clothing (and still rather lovely too!)

The Practical & Warm Coat

Oh yes.. the first thing i pull out of storage when it gets cold is my warmest jacket.
I will always say invest in a good winter coat. I invested in my red one (above) two years ago and its still going strong. These here are all going to keep you warm for years to come. I love the Blue  and the red (which is by the brand Parajumpers) for standing out.

Add a layer

Sometimes if i'm hoping from car to shop and then home again i love to throw a layer on but nothing to restrictive (bizarrely i hate wearing a big coat when i'm in the car, i feel constricted and get too hot).  A long waistcoat or a throw/poncho is ideal for short trips, these are both Rhino & Pelle and would work perfectly for that extra layer.

Pretty Knitwear (of course)

Oh knitwear, each year i buy too much, but i can't help myself, its such a long winter i feel like lots of knitwear is needed.
Having pretty knitwear obviously helps too. I am  going to invest in a couple of special pieces this year and make sure i get the wear out of them. I think a new slogan jumper and maybe something pretty like the Ted Baker below, dress it up or down and it will be a great little workhorse of a piece.

Cosy Toes 

Love them or hate them Ugg's really do keep your toes the warmest of the warm. I have 3 pairs and come winter i will be living in them. I wear them around the house, if i go out and wear shoes i will often put my Uggs in the car to change back in to as soon as i can, and i love them to walk the dog in (not advisable in the rain however). Yes they are the marmite in the shoe community but sometimes practicality and warmth prevails, and these are by far the warmest shoes i've ever donned. And extremely comfy too. Tell me, do you love them or hate them?
Are you a cold weather enthusiast like me? 
What are you Cosy essentials this time of year?

Much Love

This post is a happily Collaborated post, thanks for supporting RTH and the brands who work with me :)

Sunday, 19 November 2017

My First Daily Vlog!

Ohhhh it took me some time to whip the camera out in public and start talking to it BUT i did it.. my first ever Daily Vlog!
Last week i went to Glastonbury for the day (as you may have seen from my Haruka Post, if you haven't seen it be sure to check it out in full as it has my Top Picks from the store and they are well worth a look) and Hung out with Amanda of Haruka and got to play dress up in her store. Amanda then took me for a gorgeous lunch and up the famous Tor!
Grab a cuppa and come have a watch of my first very daily vlog and see what i got up to that day!

Much Love

Saturday, 18 November 2017

What to Wear to an Interview

Did you know, just after Christmas is the time when people start to look for new jobs.. I guess it's the whole new year new start thing, plus the down time over the festive period gets us thinking about what we are doing and if we want to be doing something else.

First comes the job searches, then comes the interviews

Some may not think employers are judging you on your wardrobe, but quite often the way you dress and compose yourself can suggest a lot about you.
Its one of the questions I've been most asked (In real life) over the years:
What do i wear to an interview?
So here are a few tips that will make you appear organised and professional and potentially increase your chances of getting that new dream job.

Match the formality

It’s always worth knowing the dress code beforehand. If an employer doesn’t specify it in an email, ring them up and ask or do a little research. You don’t want to under-dress as this could suggest you’re not serious enough about wanting the job – if an employer suggest casual clothing, dress smart-casual just in case. Think cardigans and smart skirts but don’t go overboard and wear black boardroom attire. Overdressing is possible in some jobs, particularly those in a creative field or working with children. You may come across to conservative and not friendly or upbeat enough for the role.

Wear a watch

Watches are a great accessory to wear to an interview. They suggest good time management, making you appear more organised (you may be terrible at time management, but a watch will suggest otherwise, so long as you’re not late to the interview😂). You don’t have to fork out on a designer watch – there are plenty of cheap wristwatches that do the job. So long as it’s not scuffed up or damaged, it will help your image.

Shine those shoes

Did you know, many employers still look out for shiny shoes. Why? Taking the time to polish your shoes beforehand shows that you’ve taken time to prepare and not just slipped on the first pair of shoes you can find before going out the door. Employers like an applicant that has spent time preparing for the interview as it shows a passion to get that job. Ironing clothes and putting on make-up similarly shows that you’re a forward planner.

Bring a brolly

You don’t want to turn up to your interview looking like a drowned rat because you didn’t prepare for the rain. An umbrella is a great tool for showing that you’re organised and that you plan for disasters. Hats may similarly be able to stop wind from blowing your hair around. Just make sure that they’re not the type of hat that leaves you with hat hair which is never a good look frankly (a bit of volume mousses can work wonders).

Avoid overly distracting clothing

It’s okay to have bold statement piece. In fact, a brightly coloured item of clothing or a piece of jewellery or patterned cardigan may make you more memorable as a candidate and is a great way to show a bit of your personality through your clothing. However, avoid overly complicated clothing choices that could stop an employer from being able to concentrate on what you’re saying or take you seriously. You want to be seen and heard and not to distract them from your qualities with something that is possibly inappropriate (hello mini skirt/bodycon dress.. perhaps just keep those for another occasion) I would say, avoid slogans, faux leather and faux fur and sportswear.. just as a guideline 😉

All in all, just try to be the best version of yourself. Think of what you would want to see from a person who is going for the job and don't forget to smile (which i actually once did forget to do.. instead i hyperventilated in a board room.. yeh.. i've had my fair share of bad interviews too)

*Post written in happy collaboration*
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