Friday, 9 December 2016

Dressing for Christmas Day

Do you dress up on Christmas day? I know this question completely divides; some are all about the comfort, opting for Pj's or a onesie all day and stretchy waistbands are key. Then there are the Christmas jumper wearers and then finally, there are those who choose to dress up, sparkles, fancy pieces and prettiness. 

I am the latter. 
I love dressing up on Christmas day, we always have in fact. My mum, sister and I would always wear something fancy, usually one of our Christmas presents, and use the day to go all out, 'Cos when else can you walk around your house in your fanciest finery (but still potentially with slippers!)

What camp do you fall in?

I've started to plan my Christmas day outfit. We have my in-laws coming to stay which is always lovely as Christmas is all about family. We may go out or we may stay in, I'm not sure yet, but either way I'm using this jolly holiday to wear something pretty fabulous..

Shall we take a look at some of my favourite options so far?

DRESSES are usually what i go for on Christmas day. Love a good dress. This sparkly Dolly Sequin Dress is perfection. I think this would be so wonderful for Christmas and New Year. The flattering cut means it skims beautifully (which lets face it, hiding a multitude of sins is very advantageous with all the feasting!) and the sleeves allow some coverage and doesn't leave you feeling bare.
I think this is my most favourite dress I've seen this festive season. Elegant, detailed and flattering, what a wonderful outfit to wear for the festivities.

I actually really like the idea of a JUMPSUIT for Christmas for practicality reasons. I don't know what it's like in your house, but its usually quite a busy day with the kids in ours. Whether that be taking them out for a quick spin on that new bike that Santa left, or rolling on the floor building lego pieces and playing pie face. It can be quite demanding as a mum. I love the freeing feeling a jumpsuit brings that you just don't get from a dress. Dashing around the house becomes easy in a jumpsuit as you feel less restricted. But, a jumpsuit still holds that dressed up feeling. 
I adore the luxe feeling of the Velvet Moon Jumpsuit, and is bang on trend for both the culotte cut and the velvet fabric. 
The Tuxedo Junction Jumpsuit is a neo-classical piece. A modern item that will work for SO many events, I would lay money on this being an absolute work horse of a piece in your wardrobe. The tailoring is just divine with its cuffed hem and key hole split to the chest. How simple yet beautiful.

TOP and SKIRT options are of course the most versatile. Take a Sparkly Top and a Leather Skirt and you have instant glamour. change the top for a knitted sweater and you have cosy chic. Change the shirt for jeans or trousers and you have smart-casual. Easily done, you could in-fact change through the day.
Start the day in the skirt with a chunky cosy knit for when jack frosts nipping away, then as the day warms up, change to the sparkly top for a special Christmas lunch, and after the feast of the year change the skirt to relaxed black trousers . Beyonce and your multiple outfit changes, eat your heart out.

Choices choices. But all fabulous choices to have.

I've collaborated with the wonderful Great Plains for these Christmas day outfit options and I absolutely love every one. I actually think I'm personally leaning towards the Jumpsuit idea, dressed up with some jewellery, a faux fur coat and some heels

Which one is your favourite here?

And what will you be wearing this Christmas?


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

W7 Makeup Review (Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty!)

 I love to play around with make-up, I'd actually go as far as to say putting on makeup, for me, is one of life's little pleasure. I just thoroughly enjoy the process. And even though I'm not overly adventurous with my daily face, I love to find great products that work well, sit well and feel good.
Since turning Vegan, my choices are more limiting as I've previously mentioned. But when you find cruelty free, Vegan products then it makes me love the company all the more.

W7 Cosmetics are a fully Cruelty Free company which also have many Vegan products.

I recently got to test run a whole load of their products, and man oh man are they good!

W7 may not be a brand you're familiar with. Funnily enough, the week that i received the products my step daughter also came home from a shopping trip with a few of their items. Possibly aimed at the younger market (ahem.. oldie alert here), but don't let the branding put you off as the products really are very good, plus those youngsters know a good product when they buy one!
Again the price point is also very low and extremely reasonable for the amount of product you get and also the quality.
The palette below is priced around £9.95, when you consider other palettes are triple that, it really does seem good value for money.

I thought i'd share a couple of my favourites today and I have to say their 'Prep Work Products' are some of the best I've used.
Below we have
The Cover It for dull eyes and Colour corrector anti redness
Lemon meringue Eye primer
The Porefection primer pore minimiser.

The fist product I used was the pink coloured stick which is the Cover It for dull eyes, I was so shocked at how good it was I ran and shoved it in my Step Daughters face and told her to tryitasitssoflippin'good. Of which she then agreed.
It brings the undereye colour back from a dull grey to a normal face colour and hides the tiredness of too many late nights. Its not a reflecting lightener, its not meant to be. Its a perfect base though and really works well with foundation to give you an even complexion-even under the eyes.

My other two favourites are the Eye Primer which I've been wearing non stop, even on its own as it gives the eye lids such a lovely natural colour, but also helps maintain eyeshadow through the day. I still had a bit of creasing later on in the day, but I have some oily eye lids so i've come to expect that anyway and am yet to find any product, regardless of cost, that counters this.
And also the Porefection primer, which works just as well for me as the Benefit Porefessional, but at a fraction of the price. I have quite obvious pores unfortunately and the cream silky substance adds a slight blur to them, making them less pronounced. I also find that when using this, my foundation lasts the majority of the day.

Next up I have a couple of face product favourites
The Candy Blush
 The Contour stick

 The pigment in the Candy Blush is incredible, a little really does go a long way and can be blended beautifully in to the cheeks. They are really true to form colours, in that they come out exactly like they look in the sweet and cute packaging.
Now the contour stick was something I was hesitant to try. Call me crazy but drawing lines on to my face with a giant crayon is really not my style.
BUT, I'll totally admit I was wrong. The crayon like format makes it extremely easy to use and apply. The butter like consistency makes it easy to blend and it dries quickly without feeling tacky or pulling on your foundation. I found it blended in a lot and I actually went in and applied a little more, which i was happy to do as I'd prefer to air on the side of caution with dark brown crayons😂
I loved that it warmed my face up a little also, so when I have my foundation in place this is perfect for adding some dimension.

And finally a few lip products to give a try
Full Time Lip Colour
 Magic Matt Lipstick
Nude Kiss Lipsticks

I tried the Full Time Lipstick first which is in a beautiul natural, but better lip colour, which is really flattering. The idea is you apply the colour, leave to dry, then apply the top coat gloss and it will alst all day. I've worn it a few times and it really does stick like nothing else. I once had a balm on as well and it ended up a tad crumbly, but other times I've worn it and it was great and when it did fade, ti faded naturally and gradually over a long period of time.

The Matt lips are my absolute Favorite. The pigmentation is phenomenal, giving a gorgeous red lip, that isn't drying or crumbly. It stays for hours too and feels great on the lip

I have to say I am SO impressed with the W7 cosmetics I've tried and will definitely look to purchase more from the brand when i'm in the market for new makeup.

Have you tried anything from W7?
(I think they would also make the perfect stocking fillers!)


Friday, 2 December 2016

Dressing up Knitwear ( & Passion4Fashion Linkup)

The cold spell has reached us here in the UK and it has been as low as -5 degrees Celsius. I'll be completely honest with you and say, when temperatures get this low all i want to do is wear my dressing gown all day, rap myself in my duvet and hibernate. But life demands that we dress each day and doesn't deem my dressing gown as getting dressed. To say I'm a wimp in cold weather would be an understatement, and skimpy clothes are pretty much retired until warmer weather returns (or for special events only, like the wedding I'll be attending tomorrow!). 

So it's knitwear all round for me. 

Knitwear can however still be dressed up just as much as a dress. I bought this cold shoulder knit for my Winter Capsule as i love how it adds just a little bit of 'fancy' to an other wise jumper and jeans outfit. A week in and i've already worn this jumper 3 times as its perfect for those occasions when you do want to make an effort, but still need something cosy( and no if you're wondering my shoulders didn't get cold.. surprisingly!)
I had lunch plans last Sunday so i threw on my jeans, the cold shoulder jumper and jazzed it up with some red heels. It was perfect for a casual but lovely lunch date. Later i switched back in to my cosy boots (I actually keep them in my car)for warmth and comfort, but it was nice to feel smart and still warm whilst I was out.

Cold Shoulder Sweater
Red Shoes (love all these)
Topshop Jamie jeans
Biker Jacket 
Come winter do you still dress fashionably or for warmth? 


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Are you an emotional shopper?

Last week we had a scare. My baby (he's 6, but y'know..always my baby😉) was taken ill suddenly with acute pain which resulted in an emergency trip to the doctors then the hospital.
We rode a whole roller-coaster of emotions that day, from scared to worry, upset and thankfully relief.
Tears were frequent, stress was felt (i am now even greyer than last week, plus i had to cancel my hair colour appointment.. oh the irony.) and by the end of the very highly emotive day, I was exhausted, mentally and physically.

After Neo was safely deposited in to bed and snuggled within an inch of his life, I sat on my sofa, with Poldark on Netflix ( I know I'm a bit slow to the game on that one, but ooo its very good*.) my Tablet on, internet tabs open.
And i started to shop.
I browsed fiercely,  all my favourite haunts, Shopbop, La Redoute, Asos, H&M.... the usuals.
I added things to my virtual cart in each online store, I opened tab after tab and investigated piece of clothing after pieces of clothing.

At first i was just going through store after store, looking at item after item, before i stopped to actually think about what i was doing.

Internet shopping is my vice.

It is my comfort blanket. And when times get tough, i like to zone out and online-shop to ease the stress.

I think its because it feels like when i shop, i'm removing my minds clutter from the day. I start to think of outfits adding new items and things that would work well together.
It is my creative outlet, just as a painter would paint, I mentally prepare outfits and then imaginary shop for them.

Except sometimes the imaginary shop turns in to actual shopping.
And you end up with parcels being delivered to your door along with the impending guilt.
The couriers imparting packages as well as moral culpability (not sure they're acutely aware of that, although my local courier lady knows me on first name terms..), as when they hand over the goods there is of course a mixture of feelings: the rush of excitement over your next fix, delight over a bargain, but also the bitter thoughts of do i even need this, can i afford it and will i even wear it.

Then comes the trying on, wanting/rejecting and then keeping/returning with all the same feelings as above. Happiness over your new found glorious dress, guilt over the fact that you really don't need another dress and of course justification.."Well i've worked hard for this and it's been a tough week".
I have felt ALL the emotions.

I can only talk first hand about this. As a previous prolific shopper I know I'm a culprit to serial shopping, and emotional purchases are my Achilles heel. Consumerism is a vicious circle of constantly needing more and never being satisfied with what you have.
And even with my capsule wardrobe reigning me in a lot, I do still have those days when a purchase is what my brain craves to appease it.

Whats brought this more to light for me lately is Black Friday, which has now turned in to a whole week long event of sales and cheap purchases being encouraged by the retail trades. Multiple emails dropped in to my inbox hourly over the past weekend.
And yes I may have made a frivolous purchase or two.
But i'm going to mark it down as a learning curve.  Purchasing isn't always a bad thing and well, a treat can be completely harmless and enjoyable. But I think I want to be mindful of my purchases rather than finding myself cyber browsing for hours on end for no apparent reason.

I am just about to embark on my Winter Capsule and so will abstain from shopping so much, getting back on track with wearing and enjoying what i own.

And the next time I feel a bit emosh.. I'm going to try and pour that energy in to something else.

When do you shop? Are you an Emotional Shopper like me?

* Sidenote, period dramas are also my vice/comfort blanket apparently, Downton Abby is never far away.
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