Tropical Prints

Sunday, 19 April 2015

I like when a trend follows over from the past year. 'Tribal/ aztec' has been going strong for a good few years now, which makes choosing pieces easier when you know that you can pull them out of hibernation each year. 
I'm not one for tuning in to passing fads much, but i will admit to buying in to a few thanks to what i can only imagine to be subliminal messaging through excellently crafted advertising campaigns. 
So I was glad to see that that the tropical print was back this summer. I mean its the obvious choice for summer, right? Tropical lovely palm prints, you can't go wrong with on a balmy evening or a lovely beach holiday. This River Island palm print soft blazer was my weapon of choice last year, with me flinging it on with jeans and a tee and pronouncing myself dressed and heading out the door on many occasion.
I do love a good go-to item and this last summer was it. And it seems that may trickle over in to this year. 
This time around i've paired it with some ripped white jeans and black accessories. I love how black seems to tame the summery tone down; perfect for spring i find when the sun is out but the temperatures aren't quite reaching the hot times.
My new Michael Kors bag is never far from my arm these days, i have to be fair it is most definitely bag love and my verrryy comfy Naturalizer shoes from Lotus Shoes where the natural choice for  a comfy day look. 
I do love when an outfit comes easily together don't you?

In other news i got my hair did and i'm super pleased with it. It's funny to think i brought the new year in with raven black hair and now i'm getting lighter and lighter. 
By summer who knows, i may be full on blonde LOL... !
This time at the hairdressers i went for a sunkissed-balayage-type look, with the amount of black i had in there, i'm amazed by how much lighter we've managed to get it (by we i mean the hairdresser, i just provide the hair;)
Next time we are going to bring some of the blonde through to the front and top. Think i'm a bit addicted to this hair changing malarkey;)

Jeans: New Look
Bag: Michael Kors via Jon Ian
Blazer: River Island (last year)
Tee: F&F

Are there any trends/ styles you will carry over form last year?

Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

Friday, 17 April 2015

I like to take inspiration from pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I can be out shopping and see someone in a cute outfit and make a mental note of it, it can be a magazine or a fellow blogger, and sometimes its tv. I have major netflix marathons, what can i say i like a little tv action on in the background whilst i work, and a little late to the party i have been watching Gossip Girl (currently on series 4 and completely addicted by the way..) and the outfits...oh the outfits! But unfortunately my life doesn't call for many outings in glam gowns and to be dripping in jewels, more's a pity, haha, but sometimes its taking inspiration and making it work for you and your life. Serena and Vanessa, on separate occasions, wore a gorgeous neon lime colour that just looked so striking. I was instantly drawn to the bright summery colour and decided on a contrast with the black. 

The shoes have been on my want list since the #100daysnospend started back in January, proving that both patience and the law of attraction works. Want something bad enough and it will become yours. 
House of Fraser kindly let me choose a pair of shoes and i was spoilt for choice with their amazing ladies shoe selection, all my favourite brands in one place... thats my idea of mecca;) So i went for the pair i had lusted after for so so long. The two part shoe is hot hot hot this season, whether that be in flat form or heels. And these are ticking all the right boxes for me!

Michael Kors Bag: via Jon Ian of Cowbridge
Jeans: F&F
Biker: New Look
Cami top: River Island
Earrings: Yosa

Do you own any two part shoes? Flat or feels?

The Great Trainer Debate

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

the Great Trainer Debate

the Great Trainer Debate by rachel-the-hat featuring converse trainers

Trainers (or sneakers if you're from across the pond) have fast become the fashionables favourite choice of footwear, swapping heels for comfort and pairing them with everything from girly dresses to boyfriend jeans.
As an avid shoe lover i have to admit it has taken me a long time to actually liking the thought of a pair of trainers in my shoe arsenal, i spent most of my teenage years in trainers(lots of the above
infact!)and the thought of returning back to trainers felt like i was somehow shunning my beautiful shoes and returning to the practicality of my youth! But when you see trainers been rocked and looking awesome everywhere i started to think, maybe there is something in this for me? As you all know i am a mum who often spends weekends and summers in big parks and play gyms and generally non-heel pleasing places. I hate to admit it but i have spent many a morning wondering what shoes to wear trying to stay stylish and myself and also practical for that hike with the kids and the dog, often opting for a not -very-comfy, blister inducing ballet pump. Well not anymore. With the inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers and pintrest i have now decided that maybe a great trainer could be the answer to all my weekend dilemmas. 
And once i started looking, well,  i literally couldn't decide which would be best to go for.  The choices are vast and great. But i've narrowed down a few of my favourites . here goes

Adidas Stan Smith

very  popular with the fashionable, the Stan Smith offers a comfy white trainer with a pop of green. Classic trainer orginating from the 70's making it great for rocking a bit of that 70's trend.

New Balance Trainer
Going for a more classic trainer shape, NB look like they could be slippers they're so comfy looking.  You could quite easily break out in to a jog in these and be in the perfect shoe, although jogging isn't really at the top of my must-dos (except for when Cassy, our dog, makes a run for it across the field to go play with another dog/person/random object, which literally leaves me dapping it full pelt across the field after her every time.. entertaining for anyone watching i assure you, as i scream her name and she blatantly just ignores me... the little madam!)

I owned a pair of gazelle's back in the 90's when i was a teen rocking frayed jeans down at the skate park. I still really love these, they definitely have a masculine air to them.. i actually think Neo would rock these.

The classic Chucks, i have a pair in red that are really really well worn. I have been fancing upgrading my oldies to a new crisp white pair. Worn with ripped jeans a white tee and a black blazer they can look chic, or with cut offs and a summer vest top for perfect weekend wears. Converse will forever be a favourite in my household, with both my son and step daughter wearing theirs regularly.


And lastly the Superstar or what we used to call them; The Shell Toe. I wore these back when i was 15/16 which in my mind feels like only a few months ago (crazy time, where have you gone?!)
I remember loving them back then and nagging my mum constantly for a pair. I first had them in white with red stripes and then for my second pair i had baby blue stripes.
I have to say 15 years on i still think the shell toe Superstars are my favourites. The black and white are totally rocking my world and now i can't help but think how perfect they will be for all the dog walking/child-friendly days out. 
Pharrell recently launched a whole super colour rainbow shoe theme too, so they now come in practically every colour imaginable. But for me? I think it's the classic black and white. And i think i may have found what i have been looking for.

Here's a few of my fave bloggers that i'm inspired by:
My BBFF (blogging bestie friend forever) Catherine  styling up her chucks with a vintage skirt; genius right?

Francis showing us how Stan Smiths can look tres chic

Kat knocking it out the park with all white cracked leather Stan Smiths and a breton!

Jane   showing us that trainers are not just for with trousers, they also look UH-MAZING with dresses.

So there we have it i am totally converted. 
And i *think* i may have to invest in the Superstars.

What are your thoughts on trainers? Are you a fan?

Navy trench, With a Black Jumpsuit and Pops of Yellow

Monday, 13 April 2015

The jumpsuit was something i shied away from for a long time, but once i embraced the glorified onesie trend i couldn't help but love it. As always it's just about finding out what works for you. This is my second jumpsuit, my first being a utility Mango jumpsuit that carries a more casual air (which i must dig out come to think of it, it could be perfect for spring)  and now this new F&F one, which i absolutely love. The wrap detail, the D-ring belt and the exposed zip all add to this little gems qualities and it was on sale..need i say more.  Even though this jumpsuit is a little dressier with its V neckline i wanted to bring it in to more of a casual day wear . To counter the dressy i added in my navy long-line trench and some gorgeous lace up navy flats that i have been living in of late.  
Black and navy teamed together can be just so good, breaking the old rules of the two should never meet. Breaking the rules can be fun; dressy items for day wear, colours that used to be separated now coming together, living on the wild side over here folks ;)

The #100daysnospend is officially over (roll out the flags woohhooo) and this past weekend has seen me lucky enough to do a little shopping.. Oh yes , it has been delightful. more on that later in the week.

Shoes: Boden
Trench: Dorothy Perkins
Jumpsuit (soldout)
similar in navy which i also love: F&F
Sunnies: Primark

Do you own a jumpsuit? 
How do you wear yours? Casual, dressy, or both?
And if you don't own one, would you consider the jumpsuit trend?