Blush Pink with Burgundy and leopard print & P4FLinkup

Friday, 19 December 2014

Is it just me or is this festive period the most busiest time of the year, what with the day job, yosa, kids and their nativity plays and christmas parties, and shopping for everything in the whole world all for one day(!), life has been extremely busy. This Christmas i am very much looking forward to some time off. Some relaxing and snoozing and chilling with the ones i love most. I am in some desperate need of some down time after the craziness of this festive season and it couldn't come sooner in my eyes.
I can't believe i haven't blogged again all week. It literally has been all systems go on the christmas front. With my evenings filled with wrapping, or online shopping or cleaning and tidying the house (we have my in laws coming for christmas this year.. im excited!)
With 2015 already so very close i am already thinking of what i want to accomplish (i have my 30 before 30 update coming up soon too!), i am already thinking another 100 day no spend starting in January and ways i want to improve Yosa and things here at RTH, that is once the craziness dies down that is..

My most fave Boots: c/o Lotus
Scarf & Earrings: Yosa
Dress; Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: Primark
Bag: new Look
Tired sleepy face: All my own

What do you look forward to at Christmas? Is it the chill time or are you all about the pressies;)?
Have you thought about things you would like to accomplish in 2015 or is it a bit early for you?

Time for Passion 4 fashion the link up!!
I've shown you mine, now you show me yours.

Get linking up any style/fashion post and go visit some like minded lovely ladies.
Note Passion for Fashion will now return on Jan 2nd! See you then!

Passion 4 Fashion Linkup, and some Grey, Black & Houndstooth

Friday, 12 December 2014

I have thing for all greys and black outfits at the moment. Which is rare for me, a girl who is normally all about colourful outfits, but none the less i am very happy with the new monochromatic editions i've been adding to my wardrobe this winter. Life is so incredibly busy lately(anyone else find the Festive period crazy-hectic?!) and so i have been reaching for simple outfits more and more. In fact when i'm not going far and i'm home with the pooch and kids, i find i'm just chilling in skinny jeans and a chunky knit, and more often than not i'm happiest like this. Being surrounded by loved ones, in  simple and comfy clothes equals my happy place.
I know this won't last long, after a week of repeating the same outfit i get bored and look forward to mixing it up, the joys i guess of being fickle ;)
As for this outfit, this once again was from le birthday week and a meal out.. birthday and celebrations all seem to revolve around eating out for me.. good food and good company; Life doesn't get any better than that!

Scarf, bag & Biker Jacket: New Look
Dress: Primark
Boots: F&F
Earrings: Coming soon toYosa

Are you busy this festive season? Do you ever revert to super easy outfits?

If anyone would like to co host Passion 4 Fashion whilst Lena is on sebatical just shoot me a tweet or email! :) 
I would love to have some more co hosts!

An InLinkz Link-up

Comfy Clothes (to wear when hungover and such)

Monday, 8 December 2014

You know those days when all you want to do is wrap yourself in your quilt and stay in your pj's all day, but can't as you may have promised some little people (kids that is not elves, just to clarify;)  that you would take them out to buy new christmas lights and decorations? Well this is the kind of outfit that is the next best thing to pj's and a quilt. Cosy, comfy and simple. Perfect for those days when you may have celebrated a little too much the night before (birthdays are fun aren't they?!), but have commitments that you know full well there is no getting out of.
Sunday was this day. Shopping proceeded by Christmas decorations/tree being put up. Fun! Except for the wee hangover...eeek! Fyi, clambering around in the attic to find said decorations, banging your head on the beams, stubbing your toe  and cursing loud enough for the kids and neighbours to hear is not fun! Drinking hot chocolate and falling asleep on the sofa with the twinkly lights all around is rather nice though.
So, yes, this was Sundays outfit for all of that!
This beautiful scarf was from my kiddoes for my birthday and my wonderful step daughter picked it out, she has good taste, only problem is i fear it may go walkies and fins itself in her room in the not so distant future, the girl has a penchant for scarves almost as much as me ;)
The Duo boots are a God send, the perfect heel size, soft fabric and just so so comfy. The other thing i love about these boots is how well they work all year round. Come summer they're cute with dresses for the boho vibe, and in winter they're just an all round great boot. I do love a great pair of boots.
Lastly i threw on the hat to hide the nest hair left over from the night before, and i was good to go (ish). McDonalds and full fat Coke were consumed and then suddenly all ways right with the world once again ;)

 Boots: Duo Boots
Green Trousers ,bag & hat: Primark
Cardi & Top: New look
Scarf: Local Shop (The Potting Shed, Llantrisant)

Do you have any outfits you like for comfy (or *ahem*hungover) days?

The Blanket Wrap (& Passion 4 Fashion LINKUP)

Friday, 5 December 2014

In the a/w'14 shows Cara, Suki and Jourdan  sashayed down the catwalk in the beautiful monogrammed Burberry blanket wraps. Since then they have hit the shops by storm and now everywhere i go i see these wraps. I do love when a beautiful item gets filtered down to the High Street making them accessible and affordable for all to try, especially when it's something i wasn't 100% sure of. As much as they looked stunning on the super models and the likes of Olivia Palermo (who would look fabulous in a bin bag quite frankly), i just didn't know if i could wear it and pull it off. All that i kept thinking of was "Will i look like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western?"
The best way to answer a question is to just go ahead and try it out, and i have to admit, at first i did feel like a bit i'd just walked off the set off 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly', but after a wee while i came to really like it! Wrapped around it felt comfy and warm and snuggly and then when simply draped it felt elegant. I wore this on my Birthday where I went out for lunch with hubby to our favourite local pub and i felt like it was the perfect outfit for lunch by the open fireplace.

Blanket Wrap & Navy Bag: Matalan
Turtle Neck Sweater: F&F
Hat: Asos
Boots: c/o Shoeqtiue
Necklace: one of my all time favourite Yosa necklaces; Purple Pleasures, no photos ever seem to do this beauty justice!

The gorgeous Friendship Bracelet is from Links of London, i absolutely adore it,  it's rose gold and so  luxurious and pretty. My colleagues in work love Links of London and i can see why, the pieces make excellent presents with built in wow factor in every piece.

Have you tried the blanket wrap? If you have, how do you love to style yours? I would love some more inspiration!
And if you haven't tried one, have i tempted you to give a blanket a go? 
I have to say even when i'm not going out, mine is close by, just to wrap around and keep me snuggly and warm, making it a perfect winter purchase!

Ps THANK YOU to everyone who commented/tweeted/IG me with birthday wishes, you guys are like a huge extended family and i want to send you all BIG humongous hugs!
My birthday was wednesday but it's kind of been a week long event (still on going in fact!) So i would love to write a blog post about it and share with you all next week!
30 so far is looking pretty swell!!