Stripe Dress with a Black Gilet and Tan boots

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

 Is it really only Tuesday? REALLY world? it feels like at least a Thursday on the scale of knackered-ness, actually i feel this tired all the time lately, so days of the week are no measure.
Yes i am feeling rather sorry for myself today! (tiny violins at the ready people) I am on the third week of severely disrupted  sleep and i am just about ready to throw the towel in on this whole being a grown up malarkey..
Oh how much i would love to trade lives right now and become a bear, and just sleep this out for a whole season.. oh yes my friends that would be sa-weet!
However i can't, so i shall just don my favourite dress and gilet and carry on regardless.
Funny thing about this dress, i did not realise how short it was! At 5'6" I have fairly long legs, when i try a dress on and look down it normally looks great from my heads perspective, it's only when i see photos like this and i think
"Eeeeee that is SHORT.. how did that happen? Why did nobody tell me?!"
But i love it, its sweatshirt material is lovely  and comfy and it doesn't fly up keeping my modesty intact, even if it is on the shorter side;)
I paired it with my trusty gilet that has fast become a winter staple and hid my tiredness behind some classic pattern mixing.
What i can't hide is the fact that it started pouring down whilst we took these photos, i looked like a complete weirdo stood in the rain.. in a gilet.. posing for photos.. what an absolute crazy person!
Meh #bloggerwoes

 Dress: & Other Stories
Scarf; Yosa
Bag: River Island
Boots: F&F (super old)
Gilet: Next

So enough about me, how the heck are ya? (genuine question there folks) How's your January been so far? Glad to see the back of it? Or what a great start to 2015?

Pale Grey & #Passion4Fashion LinkUp

Friday, 23 January 2015

My love affair with grey continues. I'm very much in to minimal input with maximum output lately. Clean lines with the added extra of a great necklace and some nice finishing accessories.
Prior the spending ban i had focused on getting some really good basics, good bags and shoes and some versatile pieces.
This H&M grey dress is one of those pieces. Grey again, i obviously fell hard and fast for it. But when i saw that it was a super soft thick sweatshirt material with an exposed back zip, well i was doubley sold.
I haven't much been in to dresses lately, but this one got me back in my dress groove. It's comfy swishy skirt feels lovely on and makes it nice and easy to wear. Perfect for my first step back in to wearing dresses.
Yet again i kept it all simple, with block basic colour of grey and just the black shoes and tights. 
Simple formulas are nice to repeat, i find it makes for easy dressing for when you're running on about 5 hours a night sleep for the past 6 nights and can't string together a co-coherent sconversation even if you tried. 
But at least i can string an outfit together;)

Dress H&M
Coat: New Look
Necklace: Yosa
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Mango

Ladies and gents i have the wonderful pleasure of introducing the gorgeous blogger Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life as this weeks co-host.
Be sure to go check out her fabulous blog.. she literally was a wardrobe to die for, plus she's super dooper pretty and lovely to boot.

The want for grey boots

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The want for grey boots

I have been on the look out for the perfect grey boot to complete my grey obsession for some time.
Pre-spending ban, i hadn't quite found 'the one', or pair as the case may be,
so i have continued my search. Granted at the moment i can't actually buy any, its still nice to feed my shopping obsession with bit of window shopping... (what would i do without window shopping.. thank god it's free is all i can say;) 
So here are a few of the best i have found so far...
My problem is i don't know what i want, tall or short, high heel or low heel, pointy or round tow. Ladies, the choice of womens shoes these days is endless.. and i couldn't be happier... except for my lack of ability to make a decision and stick with it.
The shopping ban isn't the only thing that stops me shopping apparently i was born without the decision making gene..its a disorder i tell ya.

So tell me, if you were to buy a pair of grey boots, 
which would you buy?

Classic Camel and Black Outfit

Monday, 19 January 2015

 This is one of those everyday outfits that gets worn a lot! I'm besotted with the contrast between camel and black, and since buying this coat it seems to be an outfit that i reach for a lot!
Smart-casual outfits are high on my agenda of late. It's super cold here in Wales at the moment (hello -3 degrees celcius!) so comfy knits and thick jeans are all i can think of right now. I've been reading my weekly deluge of magazines and i have to admit i started to get a little bit excited for spring! The thought of not layering up so heavily became slightly appealing. I miss my light blazers and chiffon tops.
But having said that i do still love dressing for winter, i still love boots and layers and knitwear and coat, man do i love coats! Good job really, with it being a long ol' winter here in the UK!
So back to the outfit today, my be-loved black coated skinny jeans, teamed up with some camel on camel with the sweater and the coat. All finished off with a Yosa scarf, a camel hat and my favourite ankle duo boots.
I like to complete an easy look like this with red nails and red lips to take it from super casual to a little more chic. I find make-up can really make a big difference in a subtle way.

Are you looking forward to spring? Or are you relishing in the winter-goodness for a while longer?

And have you tried black and camel together? It really is one of my favourites!

 Coat: F&F
Sweater: Matalan
Dark Autumn Leaves scarf & Earrings(coming soon): Yosa
Boots: Duo Boots
Bag & Jeans: New Look
Hat: Primark