Adventures with a Black Gilet (& P4F LINKUP!)

Friday, 21 November 2014

This black gilet caught my eye in an advert for Next in a few magazines i've bought this last month. Infact the whole outfit is inspired(copied) straight off the advert. Sometimes i just can't help but copy-cat a good outfit. And this one was so comfy and warm and snuggly I'm so glad i did. Plus the purchase of the gilet has given me lots and lots of outfit inspiration for the coming months.
Before buying a gilet I did wonder how practical it would really be, i mean, it's got no sleeves, won't i be cold? 
But in reality, when i'm running from car to shops (who have their heating on super high!!) it turns out to be the perfect layering piece. When I wear a coat and a thick sweater, it can often induce a hot flush when you're diving in and out of the shops who have their heaters on full thrust. Gilets seem to be the answer! Warm but not sweat-fest! Perfect if you ask me. So in answer to my own question, yes Gilets are useful and practical.. perhaps just not when it's raining;)

Do you own a gilet? And have you found it useful?

PS please excuse my rather bloated tummy in this clingy skirt.. i had just over indulged in a lethal Mcdonalds.. and seeing as i usually don't binge eat fast food or eat bread, my stomach momentarily appreciated it aaannd then decided to bloat to twice the size.. lesson learnt.
Don't eat rubbish food whilst wearing a clingy skirt, LOL! (but for that moment, it was totally worth it;)
After loosing 3 stone i am quite the regulated healthy eater, but sometimes, on those long rough weeks (like this one has been) Junk food is just what you need.

Gilet: Next
Grey sweater: George Asda
Boots: F&F
Skirt &hat : New Look
Bag; very (very old)
Necklace: Yosa
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Wearing Red on Red

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Red on red has been red hot his season and being a huge colour red fan i thought this should be something for me to try out. Normally i wouldn't ever top a red sweater with a red coat, it would usually be a camel or black coat. But inspired by the catwalks and the likes of the fabulous Laura of Wearing It Today i went ahead and gave it ago with my gorgeous new Wallis Red Coat. And the result i have to say, was rather pleasing. I think red in general is so gorgeous that wearing both pieces together added a really luxe, expensive feel. It was perfect for my slouchy/smart look i was going for. With the casualness of the boyfriend jeans and the fun leopard print booties, i found my happy middle ground of comfy and smart.
As i mentioned the red coat is new ( i know, i know, i did not need another coat!) I had been on the look out for a new red coat for some time. I have a cute duffle type coat( which i sadly never wear anymore) that's just not the style i was after. I wanted something smart and that could look good with dresses and jeans. This gorgeous red funnel neck coat ticked all my boxes and when Wallis had 30% off coats i snapped it up, and i'm super happy i did. 
Its also rather perfect for the festive season..eeee:)!!
Have you ever tried red on red? Did you like it?

Red Coat: Wallis
Boots: New Look (old)
Jeans: Tui at Sainsbury
Red Sweater: last year... ummm?

Ps sorry about the radio silence here guys, life has been busy and complicated and nothing has run to schedule at all. I have beaten myself up for days over not getting things done, and things not going to plan. Till this afternoon, when i realised sometimes things don't go as you want them to, they will get done in their own time and when the time is right.
i think i need to be less of a control freak and just go with the flow
 (which as control freak that is far easier said than done!)
So there we have it, the confession of a control freak trying to loosen up ;)

Finding the perfect daywear LBD ( & P4F LINKUP!)

Friday, 14 November 2014

I had been on the hunt for years for the perfect everyday lbd. Not a fancy lbd like most women have in the armoury, and can be turned upon for any night out, but an lbd for day-wear. Something comfy but still smart and that definitely felt wearable and re-mixable. My search had proved fruitless for years; too short, too fancy, too frilly, too tight.
Until now.
I found the most wonderful lbd for daywear. And it was by complete accident.
Remember recently my new found love with & Other Stories through this dress? Well that dress has been worn more than anything in my wardrobe over the last few weeks. I loved the style, comfy fit and fabric. So with that in mind i went back to peruse the website to see what other possible lovelies they had there. And there it was. This perfect little black everyday dress.
And let me tell you, it is wonderful! (fyi, this isn't a paid/ c/o post i genuinely LOVE this brand) The dress is the same fabric as my stripy dress and its comfy and smart all at the same time.
This past week, i chose to wear it with this wine coloured biker jacket that i recently picked up in Primark, a leopard print bag and my new most favourite Yosa necklace....
The Heritage (the fabulous Sera named this beauty) isn't it just gorgeous?
Its the sister necklace to The Majestic which incidentally sold out after 4 days of being live on the site (its now well and truly back in stock now) and i am just in love with them both. The Heritage is just so regal and beautiful. On a plain black dress it really does steal the show. Yosa has just launched on Instagram too, would love you to come and follow so we can be IG buddies there too! We are just launching a Yosa friends 10% discount offer with code: YOSAFRIENDS 
So my friends there we go, shop freely with this discount!

Dress: &Other Stories
Boots: f&F
Jacket: Primark
Necklace: Yosa

this week i have the pleasure of hosting Passion 4 Fashion with the
Gorgeous Angele The European Malteser Be sure tow swing by my lovely co host to say hi!

Soft peach & tough faux leather

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The faux leather leggings make an appearance again. I think it'd be fair to say they have become a firm fixture in my wardrobe, i really like the juxtaposition between a soft peachy sweater and the tougher faux leather leggings, add in a faux fur fluffy scarf and well, it felt both pretty and edgy, which is just how i like things right now. I added in my favourite silver sequin Perfect Party clutch (even though there wasn't a party of course) which just adds such a fun implement. I think this outfit would be great for a drink at the pub of a winters evening with a friend, which reminds me i must arrange that with my lovely friend, a drink is well overdue!!
I finished the look off with my faux snakeskin shoes and the beautiful Dove grey drop earrings
Softer than Mondays look, but a change is always refreshing.

Leggings & cream faux fur scarf: New Look
Shoes & sweater: Primark
Bag & Earrings : Yosa

Do you prefer softer looks or edgier looks?

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