New hair doo, Faux leather joggers and Trainers

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

 I mentioned on Sunday's post that i'd had me hair done. Have lobbed off a fair few inches and gone back to my brunette roots (literally). From a year of bleaching it within an inch of its life it had begun to resemble a scouring pad and felt like one too. I would literally touch my own hair and be freaked out by how straw like it felt. Gone were my nicely conditioned locks.
So back to a nice warm brown and a lob style.
Now for me, and tell me if i'm wrong here, it felt like quite the change ( i shall refer you to my last outfit post for reference here), but IRL hardly anyone noticed! There I was casually flicking my hair in that 'hey look at my new doo' type way, and nada.
I even had to point it out to the hubby (bless, most intelligent man i've ever met, but alas, his observation skills are somewhat to be desired, which honestly, mostly plays in my favour when it comes to that new bag/shoes/dress.. well you get the point.)
When i pointed it out to Neo (my 5 year old son), he then realized and thought his mummy was changing it to someone else and asked if i could paint it back the colour it was.
Ok self indulged moan over.. I know, i know, the world doesn't revolve around this head of hair, but honestly i do wonder what it would take for anyone to notice.. a Brittany Spears circa 2007 possibly( i have a weird shaped head so that would never work)?
Its actually taken some time to get used to, the colour i love, but the length is kinda throwing me. I found it easy long, just throw the curling wand through it and bam, done.
But this length took some work and then i still threw a strop over it not looking how i wanted.
Anyway.. its just hair (its actually growing on me, 4 days in.. no pun intended)

Oh i should mention the outfit shouldn't i?!
Well.. trainers(or sneakers for my international buddies) What took me so long??
I freakin' love them. In fact i can't stop wearing them (see instagram for my daily trainer addiction) and now fear i need more.
I have the New Balance 420 in Black and grey and they go with so many outfits, and need i mention the comfort factor, no i need not, cos obvs.. they're trainers, its one step up from slippers.
But now from trainer virgin to trainer slut, I need more! I'm thinking colours too. First up a navy pair (with a hint of burgundy..ahh divine!!) would be ideal for jeans days and such, but also loving the idea of this orange pair and this green pair are on sale (love those green ones!). So yes. It took me a while to get to the trainers party, but i'm there now dancing my socks off in my comfy trainers.. oh yes.
So i paired it with my new bargain faux leather joggers and a grey wool maxi coat, which is basically like a dressing gown, and called it one hellova comfy outfit.

H&M faux leather joggers a bargainous £8!
Stripe top: F&F (similar )
Red Bag: Yosa.. eeee exciting.. coming soon!

What are your thoughts on trainers/ sneakers? 

Do you like? Have you liked for a while? 

Or like me, have you taken a while to warm to them?

And just for you: A selection of my favourite NB's.. I WANT THEM ALL!!

Ps i Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your kind words and support on my first Vlog.. You guys are AMAZING. Thank you for making me a very happy gal.

Seven on Sunday 0.4

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Well what a week!
If you didn't catch Fridays post (read it in full here) This week marked my last shift as a Travel Agent and becoming a full time Blogger/ Jewellery Boutique owner. I had my leaving doo which was both so, so fun and sad all at the same time. I will miss the camaraderie of working with the team of ladies, the banter the laughs and the tears. But it was time for me to move on.
Also in Fridays post i posted my very first Vlog!! If anyone has any great vlogging tips i'd really love to hear.

So this week has been a busy In real life kind of busy instead of online busy. But i've always time for browsing. So here are my 7 favourite things from across the web this week.

0.1 Beth's vlogs.. i love her fashion advice, she's a pro that's for sure, and seeing her launch into vlogging finally made me cave and just go for it too.

0.2 I really really REALLY want this jumper dress.. i'm obsessed with it. It just looks so snuggly. I'm picturing it with my black knee high boots and leopard print bag ( sneaky sunday purchase maybe?)

0.3 I've had my hair cut and dyed back a lovely warm chocolate brown. After a year of bleaching the crap out of it it was in terrible condition, like literally snapping off in my hands, so a big chop was the only answer. I'm still getting to grips with shorter hair (and throwing a few tantrums too as its just not going how i want it to if i'm honest!) So some pinning of short hair has been a must for inspiration. Have you got any shorter hair tips?

0.4 This necklace.. I'm obsessed with stars ( i feel a full blog post coming on ;) and this one is just perfect.

0.5 For the past 2 weeks i have been using some new skincare products and makeup. Shall go in to more detail soon but can i just say the Sk:n Clinic range is phenomenal. It has made my skin the nicest and softest, most blemish free it has been in donkeys years! Needless to say i am suitably impressed.

0.6 How cute are these navy booties? I didn't have a pair of navy boots in my winter boot edit but feel i may now need to add these in... I also didn't have 3 pairs of black ankle boots but that blatantly hasn't stopped me accruing them..oopssy.. what can i say, i love boots.

0.7 Lastly, currently reading The Beekeepers Apprentice By Laurie R King. I enjoy tales of Sherlock so this so far is really enjoyable!
Do you have any book recommendations? With the nights drawing in i find there's nothing nicer than curling up with a hot chocolate and a good book! (i am rock and roll personified, ha.)

EXCITING NEWS, My First Vlog & #Passion4Fashion Linkup

Friday, 2 October 2015

I don't know about you but i love watching vlogs, i love getting a feel for the person behind the words through hearing their voice and watching their mannerisms, and its fun and easier than reading (ha, lazy girl over here).

So finally i have taken the plunge an filmed my first vlog to announce my exciting news!!
So if you've ever wondered what my silly voice sounds like (i apologize now.. you know when you hear your voice and you think? Really is that me? Oh god help me... yep totally that) or if you would like to watch a grown woman look incredibly uncomfortable and ramble on a bit then i'd love for you to have a little watch.

I'd also love to hear from you, do you have any burning questions that you'd just love to ask me? What's my shoe size? Do i want more babies? Or am i really that ridiculous (easy answer to that would be yes, yes i am)? Then please ask away in the comments below. I'd love to film another vlog this week and answer any of your questions no matter what it is.

Or if you have any vlog suggestions then do leave them in the comments. I hope to make this a conversation as much as possible so lets get chatting my lovelies!!

Side note: This is INCREDIBLY rough, like literally very very basic first attempt blog. Shall we just say i wanted it to be as raw and real as possibly? Yes.. that sounds good doesn't it.
So this was literally the first time id filmed and i look a bit of a weirdo but bear with me, i really do hope to improve.

And also if you would like to subscribe to my ridiculous ramblings, well that would be swell.

Over at Laura Ashley Blog

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hi Guys.. no post here from me today because I am over on the lovely Laura Ashley Blog, which can i just say, is an absolute privilege. 
Would love you to come see my my post and the outfit i put together for them HERE

Happy Tuesday everybody!!