Festive Frivolities

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Yes i know, ANOTHER wish list, they seem to be everywhere across the blogging world right now. But honestly it's quite therapeutic to compile a list of everything that you'd stored mentally for future outfit hopes and dreams (tad dramatic perhaps),in hope that someone one may want to gift that to you for, oh i don't know, a forthcoming birthday perhaps or Christmas maybe, or just for being a super dooper wife/partner/friend (delete as appropriate).
Either way i do find it nice to put these things down on to paper(or uh..blog post) as a handy guide to all who are looking to buy me something nice.
There may also be some special finds here that may help you buy for someone this Christmas too.
Or like me, you could forward this blog post to your husband with URGENT in the subject line...
What can i say, sometimes those loved ones of ours just need a little guidance.

Festive wishlist

Inadvertently I ended up with a glam side and a casual side. I like to cover all bases, i'm just that kind of gal. Also both are equally important over the festive season. 
You need the glam for all those parties and fun nights out, then the casual for boxing day and chilled family days.
Starting with:

The Glam side (left)

Ted Baker goodies (Scarf, Purse, Dress)
I love Ted Baker pretties. It's one of those brands that just makes for a spectacular gift. Their pretty prints and luxe fabrics never fail to impress. I've found all the above at M&M direct  (and they're reduced too! Your shopper will be grateful for your savy money saving skills.. deserving of another present surely?)Or if the shopper is in-fact you, you will be able to purchase yourself a little treat too, a sort of one for them, one for you trade off, for doing all the hard work.

I love this coat. I think it would make the perfect all-rounder coat, a real workhorse for winter. 
I've paired it over the light blue Ted baker dress here, and heels for a night out, but it would also work tremendously well with trainers and jeans. 

Ohhh pretty shoes really are this girls best friend. Because i don't tend to wear heels much on the daily (dog walking, working from home and school runs just don't call for 4" stilettos..pitty) i don;t tend to buy them much any more. But all the better for making a special gift. 

Perfect little stocking filler. Also the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Can't go far wrong with a fabulous lipstick.

Then time for some chilled relaxed vibes. I'm thinking chilly walks to in attempt to shift all those quality street chocs I will have consumed, board games with the kids and vegging out watching re-runs of Only Fools 7 horses (sounds heavenly to me.. God bless christmas)

The Casual Side (right)

Another coat, i know i know. But each serves a purpose and a girl can never have too many. This brightly coloured coat would make a perfect statement coat. 
For those days when you can't even be bothered to think of an outfit, this pretty baby does all the talking for you.

Crockett & Jones 
Navy Boots. Aren't these boots simply divine? The ribbon bow just makes them for me. And as i mentioned the other day, a girl really can't ever have too many boots. There's just no such thing surely. boots are seriously one of my most favourite things in life, along with cheese, my son and Chanel foundation.. in no particular order of course.
I found Crockett & Jones via twitter recently and instantly fell in love with the hand made charm of their company.These are pure indulgence, long wearing, lovingly made boots that would simply make anyone, man or woman, very happy if these were under the Christmas tree..(hint hint husband)

Kate Spade Backpack
I'm feeling like i'm lacking on the backpack front. Late to the backpack game here, yes, but still better late than never. I love the minimal lines of this one and of course the practicality of it. I'm thinking perfect for days out with the kids and the dog for storing all the paraphernalia that is related to the aforementioned. Plus Kate Spade.. swoon!

Whistles Sweater
This year has been my year of rediscovering Whistles. 3 dresses and 2 shirts later and i have developed a full on school girl crush for this brand. A piece of their cashmere range would be superb but any of their sweaters would also make a girl(OK this girl) smile this season. 

M.I.H Jeans.. love love love. But these particular Paris cropped jeans are the exact pair that i've been after. Black, cropped, amazing fit. These will look fabulous dressed up with heels and some sparkle as they will with some casual boots and a sweatshirt.
The perfect practical present, but way better than say, a kettle.

Because its Chanel dhharlling. Receiving a little bit of what epitomizes luxury to me in my stocking would be a sure fire way to a pretty perfect Christmas. Classic red lips and nails are my absolute favourite.

What's your favourite piece?
And what's on your list this year? Do share in the comments as I'd love to see if there's anything I'm missing out on .. you know FOMO and all that ;)

Mixing Textures with Black & Navy

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

As each year ticks on by quicker than the last (hello last few days of 30!) i find my wardrobe to be evolving in to a mass of navy, black and greys. There is then the occasional pop of colour with a cobalt blue or tomato red and of course my undying love for all things khaki. But generally speaking, my happy clothing place is my body submerged in navy and black. Preferably together.
It's just one of those combo's i never seem to bore of, and yet for some its the ultimate clashing offence.
Well lock me up and throw away the key, because if navy and black together is a crime i don't want to be innocent. Give me the life sentence and that'd be grand. A life of black and navy with a hint of grey seems like a life i could totally do.
Until Friday's post that is which is full on pink fluffy..i kid you not.

But back to the present, this ensemble is from a day of shopping Saturday with the step daughter. The joy of finding suitable school shoes for a teenager.. i shall say no more and leave you to your own devices with that. What i will say is that evening, wine was consumed. Lots of it (And also that i may have slightly turned in to my own mother and realised instantly when the words 'Its just school shoes not a bloomin' fashion parade' fell out of my mouth... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!) 
But as one who gets joy out of getting dressed each morning (small things folks) i adored mixing the different textures together for this winter get-up.

The coated skinny jeans are perfect for day wear. I find myself saving my faux leather trousers for evenings out and the coated jeans for day wear. It just feels more wearable on the daily.
And then my brand new poncho that i had searched high and low for, which incidentally i neededn't as this one is sublime. Waffle knit, thick wool, arms holes, which were an actual vital part of my poncho search. I have a cream poncho that doesn't have any arm holes and it does make the whole using your appendages thing slightly more taxing. Don't get me started on how to wear your bag. But this beautiful poncho makes wearing it easy peasy. It has that sort of batwing, arm hole type thingymajig, making it slightly more structured and just generally better in my books. Plus you can still wear a shoulder bag easily with it.

Also new to the game.. another pair of boots. This is coming from the girl who, earlier this year said, you could quite easily live with just two ankle boots for a/w.
Well my friends i am the first to admit when i am wrong.
I lied.
I now have 6 pairs of black boots alone. Not counting the tans, berry's, navy, grey or wellies and uggs.
But when an ankle boot is as comfy and practical and gorgeous as these? How can a girl say no!? (answer is she can't)
These Clarks buckle ankle boots from Shoetique are like chicken soup of the feet (that sounds both disgusting and wrong) I un-boxed them on Friday and bar the Uggs for cold morning doggy walks, these have hardly left my feet. They're like butter (i'm sorry, i do not know what is up with all the food references), so soft, so comfortable and even withstood an entire day of standing around whilst darling step daughter tried many, many shoes. I came home feeling like i'd worn my slippers out all day. 
What a treat for the feet!
Plus i love the buckle details and the tan sole adds a little interest. 

If you're in the market for some comfy ankle boots, look no further ladies. These will most certainly keep those tootsies happy all winter long.

 A very quick mention.. Do you like Yosa's new bags? This is just one of what will be a small exclusive line of bags we will be introducing.
Its grey. Of course i love it. Plus its a little bit Chloe esque but at a fraction of the price tag, which is never a bad thing now is it.

Clarks Boots: Shoetique
Coated Skinny jeans
Black Poncho
Navy Sweater underneath, its actually Mens size small, but it fits beautifully and it has a really nice feel to it too
Grey Fedora

So 'fess up and make me feel better, 
How many winter boots do you own? 
And would you add more?

Seven On Sunday 0.9

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Oooh another week down, and another week closer to my birthday (eek!) and jolly old Chrimbo.. how exciting!
This week has seen me working at a more relaxed pace and splitting the days up with lovely coffee meet ups with friends.
I've finally decided that being chained to my laptop for days on end is sometimes counter productive... who knew that coffee and catchups were actually vital to ones sanity?!

This week around the web i have been loving:

0.1 These shoes... pretty huh? I'm thinking with a black smart jumpsuit and statement necklace for the Christmas Knee's up.
What d'you think?

0.2 I'm a huge fan of Mumford and Sons.Huge. But strangely i'd never watched this video. I love the song, but i just find the video absolutely superb. Maybe something to do with Idris Elba (You're welcome.)

0.3 Speaking of Youtube and Videos, i have binge watched all of Honest Mums Vlogs. Vicky is a Super blogger, mum and model. I love her to bits and love seeing this little insight into her day to day life. She's a delight.

0.4 Ugh my diet is horrendous lately. I've eaten out so much, and i just can't seem to get back on track. Maybe I'm like a bear and storing for the winter.. either that or I'm just blatantly a fatty who loves food (the latter, definitely the latter)
So shall be trying this  as I've heard really good things about it. Have you tried any of their recipes?

0.5 I've been really trying to up my eye makeup game this week. I'm usually a lipstick girl,as you all probably know, but i've been trying some new eye crayons, mostly because they are easy. You can apply more or less and blend them nicely. I'm dying to try this one as its for blue eyes, which seems like a brilliant idea to me. I also like the look of this one too. I think its great that Charlotte Tilbury designs the colours as per eye colour for an excellent flattering impact.

0.6 i'm a huge geek, true story and the thought of the new Star Wars movie makes me want to pee my pants with excitement(i wont, i promise) So i saw this in the mens department and made in mine for my casual days. Are you jealous? ;)

0.7 I'm nearly done on my christmas shopping.. God bless online shopping i say! I managed to bag some brilliant fancy dress and toys for Neo (Thors hammer, spidey stuff etc) and  a lot of it was reduced. I am one savvy shopper this year, i tell you, I've outdone myself. I'm usually the one still running around like a crazy lady, shouting profanities at other shoppers on Christmas eve. Not this year my friends. I'm going to be chilled at home sipping a chilled Bucks fizz. I'll save the profanities for my husband this year as i will undoubtedly forget where i have hidden half the pressies.

What have you been loving this week?

Star Blouse (& #Passion4Fashion linkup)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Well I've been banging on about this star blouse for weeks now haven't I?! Its been on wish lists and star posts and in the shopping list that constantly lives in my mind (just me?).
And finally I'm giving it it's starring (heh) moment here on the blog.. hurraahh!
I say hurrahh because its honestly a stunning blouse that i thoroughly enjoy wearing.

Do you have any items that you just slip on without much thought and yet feel a million dollars ( or pounds or euros.. feel free to delete as appropriate).

This star shirt is exactly that to me. I mentioned in my star post how i've worn in for multiple occasions since i received it as it really is a versatile little number. It looks cute with boyfriend jeans and my beloved NB trainers, its great with berry tones and lovely with red. It can also be dressed up with a bit of faux leather, some heels and a blingtastic necklace for an evening out.

I paired my lovely star blouse with my river Island fluffy longline trench, that was a spur of the moment purchase a couple of months ago, but has already been worth every penny. I don't think i realised how much i would wear it when i bought it, its honestly like wrapping yourself in your duvet and leaving the house.
I just have two problems with it.
1. It malts more than the fluffiest fluffy Canine companion
2. No good in the rain. Unless i want my lovely fluffy woolie trench to become a ball of fizz... like my hair.

But problems aside (and avoiding all rain showers like i'm made of sugar) i do love it.

Coated jeans: F&F (These ones are even nicer and a bargain)
Equipment Shirt
River Island Trench
Ankle boots F&F (love these)
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab bag