Blue Grecian style maxi dress

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I had a really long lovely chat i wanted to have with you all about the beauty of this dress, but after having maaajjor blogger upload issues all freakin' day{edit: i wrote tthis last night and then still gave up and have come back this morning}, i'm kind of exhausted... thanks blogger, I needed that stress like a whole in the head i tell ya.
Now i have that off my chest i will briefly just tell you that this is my new maxi dress love. I picked up this cobalt maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and i just bloody well love it. Its tshirt material so super comfy, but the neckline and the cut of the sleeves reminds me of the beautiful Grecian gowns. Because of that Grecian style i think it just adds such an elegant touch to such a simple dress. I've been pairing it with white and tan for a smart summer look but as its is such a great blank canvas i am excited to remix this baby up!
When the dress first arrived late one Wednesday afternoon i tried it on and immediately fell in love. It was a really warm afternoon and i was going out to the school to see my beautiful step-daughter in her leavers assembly. So there i was stood outside loads of parents at the school waiting, pleased as punch with my dapper new dress feeling rather Grecian and suave, when a gentleman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "'Scuse me love, you've still got the label on your dress"
The excitement obviously overcame me and i completely forgot all about he stupid tag. Needless to say i know longer felt Grecian and suave.. #fail!
I quickly ripped the tag off and replied "its new, can you tell *cue over eager false laugh*"

Couple of other things i just wanted show my love for; my new white quilted jacket, it's just so pretty!! I haven't captured it in all its glory here ( i shall try better next time, pinky promise!) But it feels so beautiful on and is such a nice change from my denim jacket. 
And lastly my new Coin & Pearl necklace.. i just LOVE this necklace, bang on trend, not heavy, beautiful and pretty much just perfect in my eyes. I have wanted a coin necklace for some time, this one is the new apple of my necklace loving eye.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (£16.00 on sale)
Gladiator Sandals& Clutch: F&F (£10.00 & £7.00 on sale)
White quilted jacket: Peacocks

Have you ever had any epic fails when getting dressed? Please ease my mortification by sharing your stories!!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

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my (british) summer uniform ( & Passion 4 Fashion LinkUp!)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer here in the UK can be really unpredictable, its been blazing sunshine one minute then showers the next, chilly in the morning but super warm in the afternoon. All this does make for more of a challenge when getting dressed in the morning. But lately i've perfected my summer uniform forumla and it seems to work really well!
Add one comfy striped dress, a pretty scarf, the quintessential denim jacket, big clutch and easy to wear wedges. There you have an easy summer uniform.
This has been my go-to most mornings lately, i'll substitute in different dresses but the general ensemble is the same.
It just works. When its cool in the morning (or whilst in the supermarket, those refrigerator isles are bloody freezing) the denim jacket is the perfect companion and so is a scarf, plus scarfs scream 'i made an effort dahhling', even if you didn't really, hahaa.
The stripe dress is the kind of dress that never goes out of style and one i always reach for. Effortless chic, I LOVE a great striped tshirt material dress, and the sizing on this one from BlackFive was again spot on (rare from an international company, but these guys have it spot on, i think i mentioned in in my last post with the stripe skirt, an i continue to be very very impressed).
I also find as long as my arms are covered my legs can deal with it, plus it's not particularly cold.
The wedges are another summer essential for me. I'd been after a great pair of tan wedges for a couple of years. I was being particular fussy and knew i didn't want there to be a front platform part, like many of the wedges have these days (they make me look like a giant and i tower over everyone and feel  stupidly big) I wanted an everyday pair and these Sainsbury's ones do the trick perfectly. Supermarkets are really knocking out some great clothes and shoes these days. I can not fault them!

So there we have it, my (British) Summer Uniform.
Whats your summer uniform? 
Do you have bi-polar weather to deal with or is it just sunny sun-sun?

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A Kaleidoscope summer (3 Summer Outfits)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A couple of months ago Kaleidoscope got in touch about a summer project they had in mind; #bloggersabroad.
As me and hubs had planned a trip to the beautiful city of Bruge i said a big yes please to count me in.
Each blogger got to choose some items from Kaleidoscope's holiday shop that would suit their holiday destination.
Then a couple of weeks ago i pulled out my passport excitedly and gave it the once over..
It had expired!!
How can these even be? I'm a travel agent for crying out loud, i advise people about this very thing every day!! Pfft!
After many cursory words were used and a lot of stomping around like a bear with a  sore head, i soon came to terms with that fact that we wouldn't be going abroad any time soon (umm.. delays much UK passport agency???!!) Big sad face.
So what do you do? Well you choose somewhere a wee bit closer to home but equally beautiful and you make that your holiday. but more on that in the next month or so.
For now i have these beautiful holiday clothes that i get to trial run before my holiday. Thankfully my choices were for a chic city break so i found them easier to incorporate into everyday wear (rather than say a bikini, that may have been aww-kward!)
So here we have my Summer holiday choices:

First up

The Multi Stripe Dress

 This is the prettiest lightest dress, perfect for twirling and swirling. I can just imagine me wearing this for a night out with some yummy food and drinks.. I'm actually wondering how i will style this in a more casual way for my impending British break, but i do love a good challenge.
The raspberry clutch is also the perfect little bag to take away for evenings out. I'd been after a pink clutch for ages so this one goes well with so many outfits which makes it perfect for taking away. And ya know, i kinda love pink!

Shoes:c/o Lotus

Second UpThe Casual Stripe Dress

Made from a comfy cotton stretch like fabric (technical term there haha) this makes the perfect day dress, great practical length, doesn't blow up on a breezy day and can look good with comfy flats.. Perfect for wandering cobbled streets and stopping for lunch.

Necklace: Yosa
Bag: F&F
Shoes: matalan
Sunglasses: peacocks

 Third Up

The Lace Biker Jacket

 I wanted something chic but lightweight. When the jacket arrived i did ponder as to how i would wear it.I guess i just didn't think it was really me. But after trialling it with s few items i absolutely loved it. I've already worn this for more casual days and i can't wait to show you more outfits with it. The lace arms really are quite the show stealer with this jacket and by keeping it simple everywhere else it really shows them off in all there glorious lacy glory.

 Jeans: New Look
Hat: Peacocks
Blouse: Matalan
Shoes: c/o Daniel Footwear
Necklace: Yosa

So there we have my 3 summer holiday looks pre-summer holiday. I'll hopefully be showing you some more styling of these after they come with me on my British holibobs later on in August.

So tell me, what is your must have item of clothing for you holidays?