The Perfect Dress for a Wedding (and more)

Sunday, 5 July 2015

I love a good wedding as much as the next girl, but there is a couple of things i dislike.
Firstly the stress we go through before hand trying to find the perfect outfit (Just me?).. I went through 4 completely different outfits before finally settling on this one.
Secondly, i don't go to a lot of formal events, weddings etc. So for me to have a beautiful and potentially expensive dress just sat there after the event kind of irriates the b'jesus out of me.
If i'm investing my well earned cashola in to a dress, then it needs to me somewhat functionable in my wardrobe and not put in storage with the other 'occasion frocks' never to be looked at again, apart from to reminice over what a lovely day' xxx 'was.
So i trawled and trawled and trawled and scoured the web high and low. I went to my usual haunts and i also went to some different for me shops.
Nothing felt right.
Until 4 days before i was browsing the Wedding Guest section on Asos and i stumbled across this beautiful dress. I instantly loved the colour, i've totally got a thing for teal, i liked the fuller skirt as apposed to straight and clingy- a 3 course meal and multiple drinks will make this belly pop out like a 6 month gone pregnant lady- so floaty rather than clingy also ticked the boxes.
The V neckline i find is uber flattering and perfect for showcasing some wedding style bling a la Yosa.
So with next day delivery i bought it.
And finally, FINALLY i freakin' LOVED it.
The Dress is from Whistles via asos (here) and is worth every penny.
The fabric hangs beautifully, Its elegant and comfy yet i can actually see versatility with a pair of sandals and a little jacket. Heck, I'm actually excited to wear it again! I've just washed it and it's drying as i type (there was a lipstick stain from my clumsy/tipsy accident.. i had lipstick on my glass and then accidentally rubbed my glass on my boob.. d'oh. what a plonker, but hey i was quite a few glasses of rose/champers/pimms to the wind so all was fine.. )
So anyway, back to the outfit, this was just after the amazing wedding breakfast (3 course beautiful meal) and even though there's a giant food baby under there, nobody was any the wiser due to the excellent cut and fabric of the dress.

I paired the dress with some grey and silver accessories. I borrowed the facinator and pashmina off a friend which worked out perfectly, it went well with the dress and it meant i didn't have to invest in something i wouldn't necessarily wear again.

Shoes and purse were bought an hour before the wedding.. last minute Rachel , as always.
A sparkly box clutch bag which was actually really annoying, as you couldn't fit anything in it for, y'know girly makeup provisions, and it was annoying to open (again made even harder due to the aforementioned multiple drinkies,lol)

The shoes were on sale for £15 and are actually a low block heel.. controversial for me, especially for a wedding, usually i go for a super high, super schexy heel.
But for this wedding where we were there from 12.00, i knew i wanted comfort as well as something purddy.
I found these mid block heels with a silver simple band across the toes and a light snakeskin effect to the heel and strap. They added a bit of interest and were beyond comfy.. seriously, i think i'm a mid heel convert (that and i fear i may be be getting old.. old but comfy at least).
Also being a tally plus a fascinator and add in any large heel would have made me tower above everyone (including most men) making me look like a giant.. giant style is not my thing.

The necklace just set everything off perfectly. How much is this Crystal Clear Collar made for weddings? It just brought the whole outfit together and finished it off with some pizazz. I loved it.

Smooches and selfies with Mr Rachel the Hat haha ;)

 And lastly , one picture of me and the beautiful bride. Hayley has been one of my most dearest freinds for the past 12 years. We have so many memories together and have really been through so much together. I can't even begin to tell you how overwhlemingly happy i was to see her getting married to such a great guy.
Plus she looked stunning ( I cried, like a baby when she walked down the isle ).

So there we have it, the perfect wedding look, all last minute and all verstaile to be worn again!
Have you got any special occasions this year?
Shop the wedding look

Summer Look for Under £50 (& Passion4Fashion Linkup)

Friday, 3 July 2015

I love a bargain. And i Love a challenge.
So when the good people at Think Money posed the challenge to me: "A Summer Look for £50", well i sure jumped at it.
Being quite the savvy shopper i knew this could be done. I love a bargain and so started my hunt for a full outftit for £50.
With it being summer, i find it a lot easier to dress and look nice for less. First off we're talking of a lot less layers than those cold winter months making my 50 quid outfit much more attainable.
Secondly, at this time of year a great summer dress maketh the outfit, that really should be like some sort of summer proverb( maybe one day when i'm long gone, young people of style will quote me on that,haha!).
Basically all i needed was a fabulous dress, low enough in price to still be able to get shoes and a bag but yet be a show stopper in its own right..
And ladies did i find one. I stopped in House of Fraser, where i could spend my allocated Love to Shop Vouchers and headed straight to the Warehouse section, knowing so far this summer, they had done me well.
Their latest dress most certainly stole my dress lovin' heart. It was instant love. I knew i would be able to dress it up or down, so a summers day with flats (a la above) or paired with some heels and a clutch for night to give a low key smart summer look.
The Warehouse dress is £32.00 so taking up a huge chunk of my budget. But where there's a will there's a way, and so off i trotted to a cheap and cheerful favourite haunt of mine.
New Look is great for that instant hit of on trend goods, when you don't want to spend a great deal.
There i found these cheap and surprisingly comfy T-Bar gold and tan sandals for a whopping £7.99, which since last week i have worn loads, cost per wear will soon be pennies i'm sure.
Then finally finished my look off with a gold clutch bag for just shy of a tenner.
All in all i got my full outfit for £49.98.
Challenge complete. Oh Yes!
And i really really love it. Its another corker of a dress from Warehouse (i told you i'm trouble), but they keeping bringing it and i keep buying it. It can't be helped.
Especially when you can get a whole summer outfit for less than £50.00.
So how d'you think i did?

Do you have a summer dress that's just an instant outfit maker?
Could you create an outfit for £50? 
Be sure to go check out the other Summer Looks for £50

 And kisses and cuddles and piccies with my boy.. absolutely priceless ;) love 'im

H&M Summer Dresses FTW

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I binge shop at H&M.  I'll go a couple of months without buying anything and then place a big order: big being 3 dress and 4 tops on sale, which i don't think the whole lot came to more than 60 quid. But yes, a nice bundle of goodies arrived which i was most impressed with. If you've shopped at H&M before you will know their sizes are a little bizarre. Bizarre in that there is no continuity. At.All.
But i took a wild stab at it and everything turned out well (this time, i've also been known to send 90% back!) 
So in my bundle of goodies came this cotton weave, striped dress. It's just so perfect for a summery day. It's light and airy and has stripes. How beautiful would it look on say, the island of Zakynthos, amongst the white washed walls and the little blue shutters. Perfect is what it would look. But alas i am not going anywhere remotely close to the Greek islands this year. Its another British summer for me. But at least i have pretty dresses like this to make me feel better.
Also in that order i got a couple more shirt dresses, which i am more than sure you will be seeing soon, because as we all probably know by now, i am a leetle obsessed with shirt dresses. That is until the UK has a freak heatwave and sleeves seem like torture. But once those high temperatures inevitably dip back down i will be ready with my shirt dresses once again. 

I paired my stripe dress with my comfy-hardly-left-my-feet Boden lace-up flats(which are on sale!) and my gorgeous Navy Radley bag for a smarter summer look. I reckon the dress would still look fab thrown over a bikini (not on me however) with some little sandals and tan bag.
Then of course i finished off with a super favourite necklace from the shop: The Colour Pop Collar. So much fun in a necklace. Orange, yellows and blue, its like a party for my neck, Hahaa!

This Dress: H&M
Exact Shoes: Boden
exact Radley Bag (which i've also found out you can personalise.. i LOVE this idea!)
Colour Pop Collar Necklace

Have you shopped in H&M lately and found any gems? 
Or do you have any current favourite summer dresses?

Summer Edit

Monday, 29 June 2015

This summer i have found my style has simplified. I guess in summer it always gets a little easier, for the pure and simple fact that when its warm you don't want to me faffing about with multiple items and getting all hot and bothered.
But if i think about it it's not just that. My whole outlook on dressing as definitely simplified, or streamlined shall we say. Having previously had a wardrobe filled with pieces that were not the easiest to remix (read: nye on impossible) i have started to build a wardrobe that i go to each morning and i'm happy to choose my outfit. And with it being summer ( i say that loosely, its been sunny for 3 days here in Wales, i fear this may be our summer) there is nothing i love more than throwing on a sweet dress and calling it an outfit.
The peripherals are important too; great sandals, the odd jacket and some lovely finishing touches with the accessories all to complete the summer look.

Here's my edit of things i can't do without this summer

Starting at the bottom ;

All from Clarks
Simple but great shoes. One tan, one black and one leopard print. Flats, mid heels and a higher heel. I find these are perfect for covering off all eventualities of the foot variety. The black block heels are perfect for smarter occasions, the tan are great for both smart and causal and the flats are great everyday wear but with the added pizazz of the leopard print (my all time favourite print!)

Next up we have

I could literately live in this handful of dresses. It would pretty much cover off all eventualities of my life (bar wedding guest.. but as i've experienced lately, that's a whole other field of speciality shopping that i can't say i've enjoyed.. gimme smart-casual anyday!)
All these dresses are from Esprit, i could easily just kit myself out for the dress season with all of their marvellous frocks. I've mentioned it before, but i just love their selection this season.
From casual little black dresses and stripes, to maxis or patterns and embroidery. These 6 dresses are all this girl needs all.summer.long

Then we go on to
Jackets and cover ups 

 All available from New Look
I have a lot of blazers/jackets/cardigans. But to simplify there are really only a few i need for summer.A denim jacket is a summer must. For those casual days, perfect with dresses, shorts and tee's and pretty much anything. I don't think i could go through summer without a denim jacket.
A navy blazer is also a must have for me. As good as a denim jacket but that little more smart, perfect for lunch dates and such.
For smarter occasions i can't help but love a cream (or white) blazer. so smart straight off the bat. Put a smart tuxedo jacket or blazer with anything and you just look the biz.
And then finally a pretty floaty kimono, perfect causal throw on, i love the lentgh of this one. Great with shorts or floaty boho dresses.

Finishing off with some

All available here

I am a huge lover of accessories, as you probably already know. With simplifying my wardrobe, i have found adding in great statement necklaces and accessories can really mix things up and keep them from looking plain. Just at the hairdressers today i had so many comments on the necklace i was wearing (this one incidentally), they really can make all the difference. My key pieces this summer season are bright and fun. I am in love with orange this summer, and the contrast it brings between say the green Espirt dress above. Great combo that's easy to wear. I really do swear by statement accessories. They add that individual element that is much needed with a simpler outfit.

So that would be my summer edit, a capsule of things i want to wear all summer long.

What would you put in your summer edit? Could you limit it down to just a few items?